Reparation to the Holy Face for Blasphemy

On the 41st anniversary of the illicit Roe v. Wade decision, January 22, some abortion supporters ran a blasphemous ad, featuring an actor playing Jesus Christ and the well known comedienne, Sarah Silverstone, who asks, "Jesus, when does life begin?" The man representing Jesus flippantly answers, "at forty." He then adds that an eight week old "fetuses are not people, people are people." Or words to that effect. The fact that he later appends an exhortation to Silverman to not think she is better than pro-lifers who are also people, does nothing to mitigate the blasphemy because the actor portrays Christ as stating blasphemy itself, an untruth, thus leading people who are susceptible to this type of campaign astray from Truth.

The ad was designed to appeal to young adults and teens; this means that the abortion fanatics are desperate - the young describe themselves as pro-life more often than the other way around; College students, in particular, according to polls are giving the sanctity of life movement added momentum. The growth in pro-life activity is from the younger set. The abortion is dying, not as fast as we have hoped and prayed for, but definitely dying out; as the aged feminazis increase, the death of the abortion pushers is also on the increase; since they are having fewer children than pro-lifers, without intending it so, abortionpliliacs are rendering themselves obsolete. Technology and the advances in fetology are playing a major role as well.

The March for Life in Washington drew the largest number thus far, and in artic weather, which was not a deterrent. Surveying the major media outlets, one would have scarcely any idea at all. If it weren't for talk radio, the internet, EWTN television and FOX News, the event would have been relegated a nn-event for all practical purposes. In the secular field FOX News was a shining star, from THE FIVE to HANNITY.

Greg Gutfield of THE FIVE had this pungent, penchant insight: The left "sucks humanity from humanity." All of the observations from all of FOX News' hosts were compelling with one exception; true to FOX News' corporate commitment to "fair and balance" the abortion purveyors were not left out; however, the focus was on the media blackout in general. The exception was from one of the hosts of THE FIVE, who while exclaiming the growth of the pro-life movement, emphatically added that in her opinion abortion would never be outlawed. I presume she does not expect a majority to have any power at all, which says much about the tyranny of the Supreme Court, which is no longer populated by just judges who are originalists. She did not have to say this, it was implied by definition, or what else could she really mean?

All blasphemy requires reparation from those who utter it, if they repent; if they are ignorant, and I am assuming that the actors are ignorant, no matter how malicious and insulting they came across as, then reparation on their behalf ought to be made by us who adore and follow Christ. Since we are approaching the season of Lent, Catholic Tradition is asking that the reparation be made to the Holy Face of Jesus in His Passion, since the male actor clearly dressed to appear as Christ is often depicted in art, including his beard and long hair. Such blasphemy adds to the crown of thorns that all devout Christians assume today in the fast-paced discrimination against them and the widening gap between secularists and Christians. Below you will find a brief explanation of the merits of devotion to the Holy Face, its fruits, two traditional accounts of miracles of conversion through the image of the Holy Face of Jesus accompanied by devotions. We ought to especially intend in our prayers the conversion of this actor and the comedienne.

All excerpts are taken from DEVOTION TO THE HOLY FACE, Mary Frances Lester, TAN Books with Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, 1934.

Merits Derived from Meditating On the Passion of Christ

THE devotion to the Passion of Our Lord and Saviour is, of all forms of Catholic devotion, the most ancient, the most venerable, the most universal. Jesus Himself has written the remembrance of His Passion deep into the hearts of His faithful. In order to imprint most deeply in our souls the remembrance of His Sacred Passion, Christ instituted Holy Mass, the unbloody renewal of the Sacrifice of the Cross.

For what reason did Jesus leave the impression of His bloody and disfigured Countenance on the cloth that Veronica presented to Him? Why did He take care to have the instruments of His Passion preserved, such as the Cross, the nails, the crown of thorns and the winding sheet? Was it not that we should keep vividly before us the remembrance of His bitter Passion?

Tauler, one of the great mystics of the Middle Ages, says: "Once when a venerable servant of God asked Our Lord what a man merited who exercised himself devoutly in meditating upon His Passion, Christ answered: 'By such meditation he merits:

1. To be cleansed from his sins. [Mortal sins must still be confessed.]
2. To have all his negligences supplied by the merits of My sufferings.
3. To be strengthened so that he will not easily be overcome by his enemies.
4. That My grace will be renewed in him as often as he reflects on My sufferings.
5. That I refuse him nothing that is profitable, if he earnestly ask for it.
6. That I lead him to perfection before his death.
7. That I assist him in his last hour, protect him against his enemies, and give him an assurance of salvation.' "

Promises To All Those Who Honor the Holy Face of Our Savior:

F1. "All those who meditate frequently on the vision of My Divine Face, attracted by the desires of love, shall receive within them, by the virtue of My Humanity, a bright ray of My Divinity, which shall enlighten their inmost souls, so that they shall reflect the light of My Countenance in a special manner throughout eternity." - Our Lord to St. Gertrude

2. Our Lord, having been asked by St. Mechtilde to grant that those who celebrate the memory of His sweet Face should never be deprived of His amiable company, replied: "Not one of them shall be separated from Me."

The following are taken from the writings of Sister Mary of St. Peter:

3. "Our Lord has promised me that He will imprint His Divine likeness on the souls of those who honor His Holy Face." (January 21, 1847). "This Adorable Face is, as it were, the seal of the Divinity, which has the virtue of reproducing in souls God's image." (November 6, 1845).

4. "By My Holy Face you shall work miracles." (October 27, 1845).

5. "By My Holy Face you will obtain the conversion of numberless sinners. Nothing that you ask in making this offering will be refused you. Oh, if you but knew how pleasing is the sight of My Face to My Heavenly Father!" (November 22, 1846).

6. "As you can procure in a kingdom all you wish through a coin marked with the king's effigy, so in the Kingdom of Heaven will you obtain all your desires through the precious coin of My holy Humanity, which is My Adorable Countenance." (October 29, 1845).

7. "According to the care you take in making reparation to My Face, disfigured by blasphemers, so will I take care of yours which has been disfigured by sin. I will reprint upon it My image and render it as beautiful as it was on leaving the baptismal font." (November 3, 1845).

8. "Our Saviour has promised me," said Sister Mary of St. Peter, "that He will defend before His Father all who in this work of reparation defend His cause by word, prayer or writing; that at their death He will purify their souls, effacing all stain of sin, and restore to them their primitive beauty." (March 12, 1846).

Prayer of Bl. Pope Pius IX

O MY JESUS! Cast upon us a look of mercy; turn Thy Face upon each one of us, even as Thou didst upon Veronica; not that we may see It with the eyes of our body, for we do not deserve this; but turn It toward our hearts, that being sustained by Thee, we may draw from that powerful source strength for the combats we must ever wage on earth.

Eternal Father, we offer Thee the Adorable Face of Thy Well-Beloved Son for the honor and glory of Thy Holy Name and for the salvation of all men.

Prayer of Reparation to the Holy Face

O LORD Jesus! After contemplating Thy features, disfigured by grief; after meditating upon Thy Passion with compunction and love, how can our hearts fail to be inflamed with a holy hatred of sin, which even now outrages Thine Adorable Face? Lord, suffer us not to be content with mere compassion, but give us grace so closely to follow Thee on this new Calvary, that the opprobrium destined for Thee may fall upon us, O Jesus; that thus we may have a share, small though it be, in the expiation of sin. Amen.

Invocations of the Holy Face
Approved for private use by Pope Pius IX, January 27, 1853

O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face Mary and Joseph worshipped with profoundest reverence, have mercy on us.
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face ravished with joy the Angels, shepherds and Magi in the stable of Bethlehem, have mercy on us.

O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face wounded with a dart of love the aged Simeon and the Prophetess Anna in the Temple, etc.
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face was bathed in tears in Thy holy infancy,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face at the age of twelve astonished the doctors in the Temple,
W Jesus, whose Adorable Face is white with purity and ruddy with charity,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is more beautiful than the sun, brighter than the moon and more brilliant than the stars,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is lovelier than the roses of spring,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is more precious than gold, silver and gems,
O Jesus, the charms and grace of Whose Adorable Face win all hearts,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is most noble in Its heavenly features,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is the admiration of Angels,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is the sweet delight of the Saints, HOLY FACE HOLY CARD 2
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is the masterpiece of the Holy Ghost in which the Father is well pleased,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face was the delight of Thy Virgin Mother and of Thy holy foster father St. Joseph,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is the ineffable mirror of Divine perfections,
O Jesus, the beauty of Whose Adorable Face is ever ancient and ever new,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face appeases the Divine wrath,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is the terror of the evil spirits,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face is the treasure of graces and blessings,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face was exposed to the inclemency of the weather in the desert,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face was scorched by the sun and bathed in sweat on Thy journeys,
O Jesus, the expression of Whose Adorable Face is wholly Divine,
O Jesus, the modesty and mildness of Whose Adorable Face attracted both the just and sinners,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face gave a holy kiss and blessing to the little children,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face sorrowed and wept at the grave of Lazarus,
O Jesus, Whose Adorable Face was brilliant as the sun and radiant with glory on Mount Tabor,

V. The light of Thy Face has been shed upon us, O Lord;
R. Thou hast given joy to our hearts.

Let Us Pray

I salute Thee, I adore Thee, I love Thee, O Adorable Face of Jesus, my Beloved, noble seal of the Divinity!
With all the powers of my soul, I apply myself to Thee and most humbly pray Thee to imprint in us all the features of Thy Divine likeness. Amen.

-------HOLY NAME