Conformity of the Human Will to the Divine

"The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away . . . blessed be the name of the Lord."
Job 1: 21




Devotions from the Book: Page 1


May God's Holy Will Be Done 

O Lord, do to me whatever shall seem good in Thy sight. If Thou wilIest that I should be in darkness, blessed be Thou! If Thou wilIest that I should be in light, still blessed be Thou! If Thou deignest to comfort me, blessed be Thou! And if Thou wilIest that I should be afflicted, equally blessed be Thou forever! I will willingly suffer for Thee, O Lord, whatever Thou wilIest should come upon me. I am ready to receive alike from Thy hand good and evil, sweet and bitter, joy and sadness, and to give thanks for everything that befalls me. Keep me only from all sin and I will fear neither death nor Hell. Cast me not off forever, nor blot me out of the Book of Life, and whatsoever tribulation befalleth me shall not hurt me. 

Imitation of Christ, Bk. III, Ch. 17 

Prayer Of Job 

The Lord hath given, and the Lord hath taken away. 
Blessed be the Name of the Lord! 

[Job 1: 21] 

Prayer Of St. Alphonsus 

My Jesus, grant that I may love Thee always, 
and then do with me what Thou wilt. 

Words Of Our Lord Jesus Christ 

Not My will, but Thine be done. 

[Luke 22: 42] 

Prayer To Do The Will Of God 

Grant me, Most Kind Jesus, Thy grace, that it may abide with me, and labor with me, and per severe with me, to the end. 

Grant me ever to will and to desire that which is most acceptable to Thee, and which pleaseth Thee best. 
May Thy will be mine, and let my will always follow Thine, and agree perfectly with it. 

Let me always will, and not will, the same with Thee, 
and let me not be able to will or not will otherwise
than as Thou wilIest or wilIest not. 

Imitation of Christ, Bk. III, Ch. 15 

An Aspiration 

May the most just, the most high, the most lovable Will of God be in all things accomplished, praised, and magnified forever! 

Acceptance Of Death 

O Lord, my God, even now I accept from Thy hand, willingly and with submission, the kind of death it may please Thee to send me, with all its sorrows, pains and anguish. 

Prayer From The Psalms 

Teach me to do Thy will, for Thou art my God. 

[142: 10] 

Act Of Surrender To God's Holy Will 

O good Jesus, Thou didst so love me as to surrender Thyself wholly to the fury of murderers to be nailed to the Cross; and what great thing is it if I yield myself wholly to Thy hands, not indeed like the hands of those cruel men, but hands which truly belong to a Father. 

I am sure that all things tend to my profit. Deal, therefore, with me, O Lord, according as it seems good in Thine eyes; for all things are Thine, neither is there anyone who can resist Thy will, "for Thou, O Lord, hast done as it pleased Thee!" 

Heliotropium, p. 394 

Act Of Confidence In God 

O sweet and tender Providence of my God, into Thy hands I commend my spirit; to Thee I abandon my hopes and fears, my desires and repugnances, my temporal and eternal prospects. To Thee I commit the wants of my perishable body; to Thee I commit the more precious interests of my immortal soul. 

Though my faults are many, my misery great, my spiritual poverty extreme, my hope in Thee surpasses all. Though temptations should assail me, I will hope in Thee; though I should break my resolutions, 
I will look to Thee confidently for grace to keep them at last. 

Though Thou shouldst kill me, even then I will trust in Thee; for Thou art my Father, my God, the support of my salvation. 

Thou art my kind, my tender and indulgent Parent, and I am Thy loving child. 

I put my trust in Thee, and so trusting, shall not be confounded. Amen

[Blessed Claude de la Colombiere] 

Prayer for Conformity To The Will Of God 

O Lord Almighty, Who permittest evil in order to draw good therefrom, hear our humble prayers, and grant that we remain faithful to Thee unto death. Grant us also, through the intercession of Most Holy Mary, the strength ever to conform ourselves to Thy Most Holy Will.