His Prodigies on Behalf of the Sick

Certain Saints are given the power by God to cure some illnesses, particular ones to one Saint over another; in the case of our Saint, God is liberally predisposed. Innumerable cures testify to this.

Lady Antonietta de Vallo fell very sick.  She had a kinsman who was a priest; he placed a relic of the Saint beneath her pillow. Then after some time, Gerard appeared to her, making over her the Sign of the Cross, saying: "Behold, you are cured!" Since she did not know who he was, she was shown images of some Saints  and when she saw Brother Gerard, she proclaimed "There, that is the one who cured me!"

Lady Maria Giordano of Corbara was steadfast in her pleas to Gerard: One day she was praying in the church of Caposele, when the Saint appeared to her also and said: "Prepare for great tribulations, but have courage. God will assist you." Shortly the truth of his startling words were revealed for it came to pass that she indeed had much to suffer, but Gerard came to her anew to support her in her tribulations.

Victorina Coccione fell from the top of a ladder resulting in one leg being badly injured, so much so, that she could not move without horrid spasms of pain. A relative gave her a relic of the Saint. When she applied it to her leg, she was instantly cured.

In 1780, Leonarde Miocore was immediately cured of eye trouble which had left her almost blind. When she went to her physician soon after, she told him: "You could not cure me, but I have just been consulting a doctor who knew how to do it."

He did not believe her and thought she was jesting with him. So she showed him her eyes and after he examined them, he realized she was healed. She then showed him a picture of the Saint, calling him her doctor.

Five years before a Father Mansione was at the bedside of a dying man who had been attacked by a putrid fever when the man's friend, Pasquale de Silla came into the room and placed a picture of the beloved Redemptorist on his chest, saying: "Brother Gerard, I have heard of the wonders you everywhere perform. But if you do not cure my friend, I will not think you a Saint." Immediately, in Father Mansione's presence, the dying man was rid of his deadly illness

There are so many instances of such cures, that it would take pages more. Suffice it to say that the extent of the kinds of cures, from hemorrhages, cancers, stomach wounds and so forth, such as disfiguring burns, is indeed breathtaking.

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