Most Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI
Please Release the ENTIRE Third Secret

Dear Holy Father,

The Sacred Constitution of the Church (L.G. 37) and the Code of Canon Law (Canon 212) affirms that the Faithful have the right and, indeed, sometimes the obligation to make their spiritual needs known to their pastors. Both Vatican I (1870 A.D.) and the Second Council of Lyons (1274 A.D.) have solemnly declared our right to have recourse to Your Holiness in matters pertaining to ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

Mindful first and always of our duty to Jesus and Mary, each of us comes before Your Holiness now in deepest reverence and respect, to beg that you will publish the whole Third Secret, that is, all the words that Our Lady spoke that follow "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc."

Your Holiness, everyone knows that Mary, the Mother of God, does not start a new subject with such a sentence and then end it with the word "etc.". What then are Her actual words that follow "always be preserved"?

Apparently, the contents of the Third Secret concern the present "silent apostasy" in the Church which Pope John Paul II spoke often about and that is ravaging souls. Why else would the eminent Cardinal Ciappi, Papal Theologian to five successive Popes, say "In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top"?

It is clear that to prevent this great apostasy, to prevent the massive falling away of millions of souls from the true Faith into eternal damnation, Our Lady wants Her message to be revealed. Otherwise, why would She give it in the first place and then command it be written down and released to all the faithful?

The great apostasy in the Church is ongoing, and ever-worsening. Many, many perish for lack of knowledge of Our Lady's words. Only Your Holiness can fulfill your most solemn obligation and release the entire Secret that will bring a halt to this great apostasy and thus save millions of souls.

The future of the world and the salvation of billions of souls are in your hands. The charity of Christ urges that you be told the danger your own soul is in if you refuse this request. Our prayers are with you, Holy Father, to help you carry your heavy cross. Humbly and respectfully submitted by:

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