Our Lady of Fatima


"In the Third Secret we read, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church begins at the top."

---Cardinal Luigi Ciappi, Papal theologian for 40 years to five popes

Based on what those who have read the Third Secret have said about it, we can deduce the warnings it contains...

It warns that the dogma of the faith will be lost in some parts of the world,---possibly most of Europe, and other places too.

It warns of the subsequent loss of morals, both as a cause of loss of faith and then as a result of the loss of the faith.

It predicts that as a chastisement, God allows the Church to be infiltrated by bad clergy and the bad clergy then accelerate the apostasy of the faithful. Diabolical disorientation results in the Hierarchy and in lay people.

One of the sins that brings upon the diabolical disorientation of the lay people is the sin of contraception, as St. Raphael the Archangel explains to Tobias:

"Do you want to know over whom the devil has power? It is over those who go at marriage like the horse and the mule." (Tob. 6:16-17)

The Third Secret tells how the large masses of Catholics are deceived in their own hearts with diabolical disorientation. They in turn accept the wrong leadership that comes out of the ambiguous passages of Vatican Council II, especially regarding the New Mass, as well as the false theories of Ecumenism, Collegiality and Religious Liberty.

The betrayal known as the Vatican-Moscow Agreement (1962) allows Communists, radicals and Masons to enter our seminaries, our ranks of the priesthood and even be promoted to be bishops, both at home and abroad, even to enter the Vatican itself.
The Third Secret makes it plain that, above all, this is a spiritual war waged between the Blessed Virgin Mary---the Woman of Revelation---the Woman of the Apocalypse (Ch. 12) against Satan, Lucifer, the devil, and his followers. The only way we will be, and stay, on the right side is to stay close to the Blessed Virgin Mary. (See article following, click the forward jewel.)

The ways we will distinguish between the good and bad clergy are by seeing if they uphold dogma, if they uphold Tradition, if they uphold what the Church has always taught and always stood for.

We need to look for these things in their words, but above all, in their lives. Do they make us follow Jesus and Mary, or do they draw us after themselves?
We must be careful not to judge by appearances but we must be on our guard against even bad bishops and Cardinals. We must even be on our guard to respect the Pope but be careful to not follow him if a reigning Pope were to give a bad example.

The Secret warns us of all these things and does it with an economy of words. Quite possibly it points us to certain passages of Scripture, notably Apoc. 12:1-4 as applying to our time with Our Lady's brief explanation of it.

It is most notable that Sister Lucy said that the Secret is contained in chapters 8 through 12 of the Apocalypse. This appears to be verified by Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul VI who both, in reference to Fatima, quoted from Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse.
There is nothing in the already published texts on Fatima about the Apocalypse. Thus, Fatima's most apocalyptic warnings must be contained in that part of the Secret that has yet to be released.

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