Our Lady of Fatima

The Third Secret: Your Right to Know It
Your Obligation to Seek It

The question has been asked, "Do you exaggerate when you say that the Pope has a grave moral obligation to release the Third Secret to the Faithful?"

Answer: The short answer is, if the material of the Third Secret is important for us to know and if it is addressed to us from the Mother of God; then no one, not even the Pope has the right to keep it from us. If the material is so serious that just even one soul upon hearing it promulgated will make a difference for him, that he will repent of his sins, go to Confession and lead a life of grace after that so that he goes to Heaven, then for the sake of that one soul the Pope must release those prophetic words, no matter what, even if it costs him his life to do so.

What about the lay person; does the release of the Third Secret concern them? Are they less blameworthy if they do not know the contents of the Third Secret? Does not this new knowledge bring with it more responsibility? And, therefore, should the Pope not do us the favor of not telling us?

Answer: The short answer is No. Lay people need to be warned, today, to what are the dangers to their Faith. If a person loses his Faith, even if it is because the scandal given by a bad priest, bishop, Cardinal or even a Pope, he will (unless he repents of it before he dies) be condemned to Hell for all eternity. This is because, if we do not believe in Jesus Christ, we are already condemned for our sins. Our Lord said, "For if you believe not that I am He, you shall die in your sin" (John 8:24).

It is through the merits of Jesus Christ that we are saved. These merits cannot be applied to us if we do not believe in Jesus Christ. So since it is our faith that is threatened; and the Third Secret makes us explicitly aware of this threat to us, and no doubt tells us how to overcome the danger with Our Lady's help, we all need to know the Third Secret. We need it now.   . . .

Should the lay people, or could the lay people be involved in the release of the Third Secret?

Answer: The lay people have a right to it. The lay people have a right to ask for their rights. This is explained in the petition below. Canon Law 212 proclaims this so does Vatican Council II (L.G. Par. 37) So, too, does the Traditional Definitions of the Faith---Vatican 1, 1870 A.D. and the Second Council of Lyons 1274 A.D.

How can the laymen be involved?

Answer: a. Be as informed as possible. Read over current material on the Third Secret. Ask for a list of all our materials on the Third Secret. Go on the Web and use our search engine to look up the Third Secret.
b. Pray for its full release as soon as possible.
c. Pass on these articles to other lay people to get them involved in realizing the importance and urgency of the Third Secret.
d. Sign the petition for release of the Third Secret.
e. Give these articles and petitions to your priests. Ask them to read them, to sign them; to pass them on.
f. Phone your bishop; email and/or fax the Vatican requesting the Pope to publish worldwide the Third Secret, whole and entire.
g. Pray the Rosary often for this intention and get others to do the same.

 "My mission is not to indicate to the world the material punishments which are certain to come if the world does not pray and do penance beforehand. No! My mission is to indicate to everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain obstinate in sin."
---Sister Lucy to Father Fuentes

---The Fatima Crusader