No, Father, Russia Is Not Converted and the Fatima Decade Prayer
"in the Canon" Period!
by Pauly Fongemie

The Pilgrim Fatima Statue came to our little town sheltered in the Lakes Region of Maine with a record crowd, ignoring the blistering heat, turning out to welcome the enchanting image that bears the likeness of Our Lady of Fatima as Sister Lucy described Her to the sculptor who was commissioned to make the first statue, of which ours was a replica from a studio in Pennsylvania. We have lots of images of Our Lady on this web site, but nothing compares to the breathtaking Pilgrim Statue in person, so to speak. One can scarcely take one's eyes away.

There is a priest whom I am acquainted with who is quite ignorant due to a very faulty seminary training that excelled in the errors of Modernism, the synthesis of all heresies as Pope Saint Pius X taught. He is kind and just wants to love others; he does not know that he does not know what he ought. He is one among many who are more victim than victimizer. Some days I can't seem to stop weeping. All I can do is pray, pray for priests, over and over again. The intentions of the Rosary this afternoon included intercession for priests.

 One of the more modern errors of Modernism making the rounds in some Catholic circles among other species of wishful thinkers, is that Russia is converted, the cold war is over and Communism is dead as in kaput for good. Ah! how clever is the devil and how naive is man. The priest, whom I pray for on every Rosary is an apostolic adherent of this delusional ideology and a member in good standing of that latter day clan, which seems to be exceedingly large if not exceedingly wise. He honestly hasn't a clue, and it is like pulling teeth sometimes. It is easier to take authority over an unruly child than such a priest of the Americanist seminary era, between the 70s and 90s. They just don't get it as the expression goes, and they are ill-prepared to want to.

Now, Father has made much progress, for he has learned to say the Rosary, and quite well, too, for a relative novice: he led the Sorrowful Mysteries for us. I have been talking to Our Lady about him, asking Her to win his heart and lead him into Tradition. So have others. One of the graces I petitioned for was that he would come to be devoted to the Holy Rosary.

When we had finished the first decade, we all, save one, intoned the Fatima Decade prayer as requested by Our Lady. Father piped in with "That is not in the canon." This is a first for Father, I am sure, worrying about the canon of anything as he has been inculcated through his seminary deformation with the idea that he is free to change sacred things as he deems. So I suppose I ought to be grateful that he led the Rosary, but as with all modernists, "the canon" appears to have little to do to with preserving Tradition and the rule of faith by which we pray, but in promoting the tenets or "canon" of Modernism otherwise known as deconstructionism. We ought to just delete the con from the word. For instance, Father sees nothing wrong with the Illuminati mysteries or whatever they are called, I can never remember for some reason. They are not "in the canon" for sure, not by Our Lady and St. Dominic. It is Her Rosary and she is Her Son's ambassador: she never does anything that would meet His disapproval. So if she told the three children of Fatima to say the Decade prayer, then, it most certainly "is in the canon". Period. This is her prerogative and not man's, not even the Pontiff's. Period.

Mr. Joseph Ferrara of Tradition, Family and Property's America Needs Fatima apostolate gave a talk after the Rosary in which he addressed the errors of Russia and Communism, that we must continue to storm Heaven with our Rosaries and penances to save souls from Hell and those evil ideas---the errors of Russia---that lead souls there.

Father did not agree and said so. According to him Russia is no more a threat, that Communism is over and that we do not need to pray for the conversion of Russia [the end to Communism according to him] and that the Church does not name those who go to Hell, so we ought not judge individuals and so forth, which included the Islamic Jihad as the greater threat to mankind, confusing matters even more by adding, "and they believe in God, the same God we do." Then he quickly made his exit.

Whoa, back up, just a few several minutes, Father, let's think this through shall we? You are mixing the proverbial apples and oranges.

Let's begin with last things first for a change of pace, shall we?

Using any criteria, the Moslem deity is certainly not the Blessed Trinity, Three Eternal Persons of the same substance in one Godhead. They say triumphantly, "there is but one God and he is Allah." Allah is not a Triune Godhead, but the focus for a war cry that proclaims Jihad ["holy" war] and the so-called martyrs of this war in violation of the natural law will go to "heaven" to win vestal virgins for their own pleasure. How can Allah be "just like the One True God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Who command us to love our enemies, to not kill the innocent, to bring all men to the Church, the Catholic Church, and if war is necessary it must be just and waged justly, etc.? Heaven is the Beatific Vision wherein the Blessed Saints and Angels adore the Holy Trinity forever. There is no venereal pleasure, for the Saints have been purified and are worthy to behold the beauty of God. Bodies are glorified and no longer are subject to concupiscence. Islam is a type of synthesis of heresies also, combined with much blasphemy, objectively-speaking; it has joined together and distorted---rearranged elements from the Old and New Testaments and believes in forced conversions and the enslavement of women and so many other vile and cruel practices. Christianity as a dynamic, universal force, has lost its savor because of the weakness and sins of men who were given the gift of faith and in so many words threw it away to be lapped up by the dogs. Islam is on the ascendancy and God is permitting it now as a scourge for our own infidelity. Father is correct in his assessment of the threat, but only so far. Russia is bankrolling some of the Jihadists also to weaken further the West. It is now ruled by the same KGB in better suits and with PR agents; Russia is not only not converted, it is worse than ever, albeit soft-peddled for disguise. Even Mikhail Gorbachev, who heads a policy think tank in the USA in California is still a Communist. He boasts of it. He would smile to hear Father's declarations. Gorbachev's endeavors are to help install the one world government with a one world religion, which will not be Catholicism, not even close. The religion is one of man's making, to enslave the world for subjection to the elites who hate Jesus Christ and His Most Pure Mother. Period. This is a bit over-simplified but you get the idea.

When Our Lady spoke of the errors of Russia, she was referring to more than just geographical-political sway, although that is part of it. Errors are a mind-controlling ideology that deceive man into deceiving himself that God, the Holy Trinity, and His commandments are not important. That the state controls whatever religion it decides will be and that man is freest without God actually. This priest said something startling to us that betrayed the Catholic Church. He suggested that the secularists may be right in saying that religion is dangerous. Well, of course it is if it is not Catholicism. But he was including the Church, I think, because he is always downplaying the Church's triumph. First he fears Jihad then almost appeared to defend it in a round-about way, that is, by way of an impression. I say this because he started to take the side of Islam by proffering the rationale of some of the spokesmen. Like all modernists he walks in murky waters and speaks more so. Confusion only begins to describe their utterances. Almost as if to have it both ways at one and the same time. I think you know the sort of spurious argumentation I mean.

Another of the pernicious errors of Russia is that marriage is not a necessity, that divorce is a good thing, along with abortion and contraception. The state must control education, that parents have no say in the matter past infancy, that private property, except for the elite few in power, is an evil thing and not part of the natural law; that most men are suited for slavery, a means to an end. It is the state that gives rights, not Almighty God. If anyone thinks that Russia's ideology is dead, think again! Just where do you find these errors most widespread today? In the West which is committing spiritual and actual suicide. What is unjust income and inheritance taxation but the destruction of a living wage and family property, part of the natural law? Abortion on demand! in Russia and in the West, as well as Communist China which has perfected in a most cruel way the ideology of Russia and made its own. Where is the ideology that the state controls education most widespread outside of Russia and China? The West. In Europe now home schooling parents are under grave threat and the hurdles in the USA are growing. The errors of Russia dead? They have been resurrected and are in their ascendancy. Modern western societies have adopted them to their detriment, their decay. The errors of Russia are their own unholy Jihad, if I may borrow the name.

Now let us deal with Hell. After the children saw the vision of the hideous multitude of souls in Hell, they said that they almost fainted from fright and that so many souls were going there so fast it was like snowflakes falling. Hell is real, it is physical and it is forever, a place without hope. Our Lady and the three Fatima seers never mentioned the names of actual individual souls in Hell. Of course not, that is not our purview. The only name Our Lady mentioned was a young girl from their village, whom the seers knew and who had died. She was in Purgatory until the end of time. A young girl there until the end of time! Please pray for the relief of her Soul on the Rosary---always. No argument with Father there. But what does this have to do with the reality of the many who go to Hell? By agreeing with Our Lady---and the teaching of Christ---we are not sitting in judgment of particular persons, this is why we pray for the deceased. Father centers his attention on this so as to imply that by saying many go to Hell we are being judgmental, by definition. Thus Hell ought not be our concern. If I say most people speed on the highway, have I accused you, who may be the exception of doing so? Of course not, I am speaking of a general reality. In fact, it never occurs to me that you are a speeder unless you tell me. Whether a specific person speeds or not in no way alters the statistics. To accuse me of such a judgment about you or your neighbor is a way of denying the reality, rejecting it because the facts are too much to accept, for whatever reasons one may have.

In truth the one person we ought to be concerned about going to Hell is ourself. There is a general belief among many of the Saints that those who do not trouble themselves about Hell are in the gravest danger, while those who often meditate on the horrors of the flames of Hell are most resolved to avoid it.

Father, I am so thankful you can say the Holy Rosary of Our Lady so well, and I pray that you will come to say the Decade prayer also, as She requested; that you will come to full devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and that you will make your total consecration to Her, be a true Marian priest. Then you will preach on Hell, too, and the evil of abortion, contraception, yes, Father contraception! and homosexuality and sodomite rights, pornography, almost all of television and the film industry, so many bad books. And that you will come to understand that the most dangerous force to man now is government itself which murders its own people by many means and makes war on Christ by passing laws designed to permit any and all religion that fosters the cult of man and restricts the one true religion, the Catholic religion. Such as in Communist China and Russsia which persecute the Church: that Our Lady's words are not empty and not to be dismissed. There is no peace and Russia is not a Catholic country, yet. Period! Her Immaculate Heart is still sorrowful . . .

Update: Please pray for the soul of Father who died in the autumn of 2010.


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