After 79 Years:
Our Lady Is Still Waiting

"Make it known to the Holy Father that I am always awaiting the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart. Without the Consecration, Russia will not be able to convert, nor will the world have peace." ... Our Lady of Fatima to Sister Lucia

Our Lady will triumph is by you and me cooperating with Jesus and Mary. THEY will do all of it. Yet, we must do our part to bring about the Pope and the bishops to obey the command to consecrate Russia as Our Lady of Fatima prescribes. How Jesus and Mary do it all---and yet we do something essential---is the mystery of grace---we cannot do any good act without grace---yet when we cooperate with grace---God prompting, working, sustaining and helping us complete the good act---then the good is achieved.

But the good is not achieved without grace. Nor is the good achieved without our willing cooperation. We, too, must do our part. We must Ora et Labora. We must work and pray. We must work as though it all depends on us and we must pray as though it all depends on God. Because, ultimately, it does depend entirely upon HIM. But it also depends entirely upon US.

For 79 years now, since June 13, 1929, for those who have the eyes to see, we can see the failure of many good lay people, priests, bishops, Cardinals and Popes to achieve the peace that Our Lady promised us at Fatima.

She promised at Fatima that if mankind would repent, amend and obey the specific Fatima commands, that World War II would not have happened. But it obviously did happen so the good Popes and people at that time did not do enough. This is not to claim that we would have done any better. Rather, it is to point out the facts so that we can learn the obvious lessons of history, so that we do not repeat the foolish mistakes of the past.

NOT Lack of Grace

It was not the lack of grace, nor the lack of the will of Jesus and Mary to bring us peace and avoid the war. The lack was entirely on mankind's side, and more precisely, it was especially the lack of cooperation with grace by Catholics who are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. They did not pray enough for the Pope, for the bishops and the priests.

As a result of the clergy's own sins and the lack of prayer for them, the clergy did not do its part. It did not promote the Five First Saturdays enough. It did not make the request for the Consecration of Russia sufficiently known, understood, appreciated or obeyed. It did not explain the consequences of disobedience. It did not listen to the voice of God commanding it.

As a result of all this, the Vatican functionaries did not help the Pope to consecrate Russia. The Pope at that time (Pius XI) had more confidence in his policy of appeasement and then later on having more confidence in his power to persuade the world by the force of his words and influence, rather than relying on the plan of God to establish world peace and devotion throughout the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

As a result, he didn't obey. That policy of Pope Pius XI to rely on anything that the Pope and his immediate collaborators in the Vatican might concoct, rather than obey the simple, yet profound, command of God has resulted in the prophetic, terrible words of Jesus to the Popes and the bishops and to those blind and ignorant priests who confirm the Pope in his disobedience. Jesus said about Pope Pius XI and his followers down to today:

"Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command (to consecrate Russia), like him they will follow him into misfortune."

That policy of choosing to obey their own whims rather than the clear imperative to consecrate Russia followed in the reign of Pius XII; even though Pius XII saw the Miracle of the Sun performed for him personally several times in the Autumn of 1950; even though Sister Lucy had a special vision of Our Lady of Fatima in the Spring of 1952 in which She said:

"Make it known to the Holy Father that I am always awaiting the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart. Without the Consecration, Russia will not be able to convert, nor will the world have peace."

Pope Pius XII did not consecrate Russia in the manner specified by Our Lady of Fatima.

Pope Pius XII, on July 7, 1952 actually consecrated Russia but NOT with all the bishops. In fact, he didn't even invite them to join him. According to some, he did not know because those he relied upon around him in the Vatican, did not tell him that he had to have all the bishops join him. Thus, the need for all of us to widely publish the whole truth about Fatima---so that next time the Pope sincerely tries to obey, the conditions for its exact fulfillment will be widely known.
In 1960, John XXIII went ahead with Vatican Council II rather than release the Third Secret which warned him against holding the Council---the Council which he himself regretted calling on his deathbed and he had hoped to end in 1963---but death overtook mm. We again see the lack of cooperation with God's grace. We see not enough prayers for the Pope---we see the plans of God and the counsel of God being ignored. As a result, man was left to his own counsel and the disasters of the past 48 years in the Church and the world are experienced by all.

We could recount the wars of Korea; of Vietnam; of Gulf War I; of Gulf War II; of Afghanistan; of the Arab-Israel Wars; of the war on the unborn every year with 50,000,000 (50 MILLION) victims per year and 50 million mothers who are scarred for life and many of whom will go to Hell forever. Altogether the price of this disobedience is ONE BILLION victims and still ongoing.

We could talk of the disasters of the over 100,000,000 (100 MILLION) victims of Communism in Russia, in China, in Cambodia, etc. These are victims of Communist wars and of Communist "Governments". The victims of Communism are still suffering to this day.

Truly the needless human suffering, the needless death and violence, all as a result of not obeying Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, should cause all of us to pause long enough to consider the one and only way out of this dead end street. If we do not reverse ourselves, we will end up with the rule of Antichrist over all mankind---and leading to the hunting down of all of the faithful Catholic believers. We shall be driven underground while we are picked off by the Masonic New World Order imposed upon all by the all-seeing eye of Big Brother seeking to exterminate the memory of Jesus Christ from the collective memory of mankind.

What Will it Take to Wake People Up?

What needs to be explained? What needs to be done by those of us that God has graced with the knowledge of His peace plan?

First: We need to recognize it is up to each of us to do our part wherever God has placed us in life. It goes without saying we must, first of all, pray. We must pray at least five decades of the Rosary every day. We must all do our daily duty and keep all the commandments of God and the Church. There is much more we could do in this regard. We could all pray more fervently. We could all consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We could all do the Five First Saturdays. We could all do an annual retreat, at the very least doing it on our own with St. Anthony Mary Claret's book, The Golden Key to Heaven.

There is much more we could do spiritually. (Perhaps with your prayers, we could publish a separate article on this later on.) Let's remember that in our prayers and our spiritual life, God expects more of all of us---lay people, priests, bishops, Cardinals and Pope. Obviously, there were many good people in the 1930's 1940's, 1950's and beyond; yet they collectively did not do what it took to bring about the Consecration of Russia and world peace. So something was deficient then. Not only were there more nuns, brothers and priests in those days than today, even though the Catholic population in 1965 was about 700,000,000, now it is over 1,000,000,000 people. Yet there were 50,000 more priests and maybe 500,000 more Religious men and women. So the prayers and sacrifices of all these missing priests, nuns, brothers, are lost to this generation. So all of us need to do more to make up for it in our own prayers and sacrifices.
But aside from the prayers and sacrifices of our everyday duties, there is more that is needed. It seems to me that if only the people understood the facts, the message, the command of God and Our Lady, that they would not hesitate to do all they could. Everyone would ask their own bishop, their Vatican officials, the Pope, to do their solemn duty to consecrate Russia.
"Because no one reflects in his heart the land is laid waste." (cf. Jer. 12:11)
Spiritually, the Great Apostasy is going on right now in the Church. Millions of souls are going to Hell---without ever realizing it. "Neither fornicators, nor adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor murderers" will enter the Kingdom of God (Romans Ch. 1). St. Paul did not say they would be excused on Judgment Day if they did not know any better.

The fact is the law of God is written in their hearts and they know (unless they willfully blinded themselves) that murder, (including abortion---which is an unspeakable crime) fornication, etc., are all sins that merit hellfire. That the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance---which are sodomy, murder of innocent blood, defrauding day-laborers of their earnings and oppression of the poor---are all practiced widely today. The chastisement keeps growing and no one seems to notice, or do much if anything to stop it.
If we came close in 1952 to the Consecration of Russia but did not succeed, it was because the truth was not widely known.
If it seemed to the wise men of the 1930's that they did not need to obey Our Lady of Fatima---we, today, with the benefit of hindsight, can see that WW II, the UN, that the USA or Moscow can not bring us peace. That the threat to mankind is greater today despite the fact we have tried everything. That we have spent TRILLIONS of dollars trying for peace with military might, with weapons of mass destruction, with secular means, BILLIONS of dollars in foreign aid for man-made solutions that do not work.

What is Lacking? Can we, that is, can a sufficiently large and sufficiently committed group of people not see, not commit, not act, not carry through with their plan to finally implement a winning strategy to bring about the peace plan from Heaven? What is lacking? It is not grace. What is lacking? It is you; it is me. It is your friends, neighbors, everyone. It is all of us Apostles of Mary who need to do what we must to bring about the victory, the triumph. What is the pathway to victory?

First and above all, is your commitment. You must sincerely pray to Our Lady something like this:

Dearest Mother Mary, I choose today to obey thee in all things. I choose to dedicate, consecrate, give to thee all that I have, all that I am, for now and from this day forward, irrevocably, in time and in eternity. Whatever it is thou dost want of me I shall give thee, in everything---in my time, in my resources, in my relationships, in my eating, drinking, in my work and my recreation, in my writing and speaking, in all things, everywhere, all the time. Just help me, guide me, lead me, bless me, protect me and urge me on to achieve all thou doth expect of me. Help me above all to do what I can, to bring about the Triumph of thine Immaculate Heart and the Consecration of Russia as soon as possible.

With your commitment to Our Lady, to Her plan and to Her guidance of yourself in this Great Crusade, we dedicate this issue of The Fatima Crusader to you.

We give you in this issue what else you need to know to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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