The Chastisement of the Hidden Secret
Excerpts of a speech given at a Rosary Rally in Cleveland, Ohio By Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

 I am sure that you have all heard about the Third Secret of Fatima and, no doubt, you've also heard that it's been said that the Vatican released it all in the year 2000. Not everyone is convinced of that, including this Apostolate.
One thing we know is that the disinformation, the silencing of Our Lady's urgent Fatima Message comes from the top of the Church hierarchy itself. But, how can that be?

A Mental Reservation

Cardinal Bertone, as well as other Vatican officials, are using what is called a mental reservation. Catholic moralists tell us that mental reservations are sometimes allowed and sometimes they are not allowed. If, for example, a sailor was summoned to board a naval ship, his orders and the ship's time of departure would be a security issue. So if a neighbor were to ask what time his ship was leaving he can use a mental reservation by saying "I don't know" because no one knows the future. After all, the Captain might be a second late. You can evade telling the whole truth to someone if that someone doesn't have the right to know, but you cannot tell a direct lie either.
There are times when you cannot use a mental reservation. When the person asking you the question has a right to know, you cannot use some sort of vague phrase hoping he is going to misunderstand you so that he doesn't know the truth he has a right to. That's when using mental reservations are wrong.
Some people think that mental reservations are always right and can be used anytime, anywhere. That is false. But it seems quite clear that Cardinal Bertone and other Vatican officials are using a mental reservation. This is what they are doing today with Fatima and the Third Secret.

You see, they do know that there is a second text of the Third Secret. They do know that Sister Lucia wrote something else. They do know that it is on one sheet of paper and it is twenty-five lines long. And they do know that Archbishop Capovilla is not making anything up when he says there is another text.
But they don't want to tell you any of that. The real text, the full text, the part they have hidden from you is the part that the Blessed Virgin really wants you to know. It's the part that will put an end to the confusion in the Church from the Second Vatican Council to the present day. It's the part that will destroy the Modernist destruction that has been going on within the Church for the last forty-seven years. In order to not tell you the whole missing text, they have, with self- deception, persuaded themselves that this text is "not authentic".

The Apostasy in the Church

They put their own opinions and heresies higher than the words of the Mother of God. Cardinal Bertone, on a television program, suggests "How could the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of the Church, the Help of Christians, possibly suggest that there would be Apostasy in the Church?" He asks this question but the fact is, it's mentioned in Sacred Scripture itself.

The word apostasy needs some explanation. Apostasy
is a Greek word which means revolt or rebellion. Pagans cannot apostatize. Why is that? Well simply, because they have never been Christian. Therefore, they cannot revolt against Christ if they have never accepted Him in the first place. So apostasy can only happen among Christians, and really it can only happen among Catholics, because the other so-called Christians are not really Christians since their teachings are heretical.

Thus, the apostasy has to be within the Church. St. Paul says the Antichrist cannot come until the Great Apostasy. There is only one Great Apostasy, and that is the one we are living in right now.

We can take Cardinal Ciappi at his word when he says "In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the Great Apostasy in the Church begins at the top". 1 So those guilty ones at the top do not want us to recognize that they are part of the apostasy either by their silence, their connivance or their positively promoting heresy and schism.
Cardinal Bertone and his friends persuade themselves that the still hidden text in which Lucia wrote the words of Our Lady in which She speaks about apostasy in the Church coming from the top, is not authentic. They say, that's just Lucia's ideas, that's not from the Blessed Virgin. And, without telling you that definition is in their mind, they say there is no other text, meaning there is no other text that they consider authentic. So this is how, by using such a mental reservation, they feel they are justified in saying that the whole Secret is released. This is the text, nothing else.
But this thinking is false. As I explained, you have a right to know because the Blessed Virgin gave this Message to you, the faithful. By your Baptism you have a right to the Secret and you've a right to ask for it. And that is defined by the Second Council of Lyons and the First Vatican Council. 2

In matters pertaining to ecclesiastical jurisdiction, every member of the faithful has a right to a ruling from the Pope. That includes everyone who is a Baptized Catholic. You have a right to that and you should ask for your rights. In fact the Second Vatican Council, in paragraph 37 of Lumen Gentium---which, in English, is a document called The Constitution of the Church---tells you that you have a right to ask and to make your wishes known, especially those things that concern the good of the Church. (See also Canon Law, Canons 212 and 213.) If anything qualifies in all of these things, it's the Third Secret. You have a right to know it.
Now if Pope Benedict is of the same opinion, that it's not authentic, then you have a right to a ruling from him to say up front there is another text, but that he judges it by his papal authority to be inauthentic. You have at least a right to that. You can't command him but you can tell him if he doesn't give you what belongs to you for your own salvation, he is putting his own salvation in danger.

How can that be? Because when the Pastor of your parish accepts the commission to be the Pastor, every Catholic living within that parish has a right to the Sacraments from him. So if you were to fall into a deep well and there is a chance the well might cave in on you and kill you, the parish priest has the obligation to go down in that well at the risk of his life to give you the Last Sacraments. St. Alphonsus says that at the peril of his life a pastor of souls has to do that.

This obligation also applies to the bishop. The bishop is also the pastor of your soul. And so is the Pope the pastor of your soul. Each one of them has an obligation in strict justice to take care of your soul.
So if Pope Benedict has information that you need to save your soul, especially a message from the Blessed Virgin talking about the dangers that you are in today, right now, then you have a right to that information. Even if it costs the Pope his life to give it you, he must give it to you. You not only have the right to ask for it, you have an obligation to ask for it.

The Importance of Releasing the Secret

We may not like what is in there. I am sure the Third Secret will tell us things that we all do not want to hear. But these things are all useful for our salvation. We should hear them and pay attention to them. Father Malachi Martin, when he was on the Art Bell radio show the year before he died, said that when the Secret is finally released, the churches will be full and people will be on their knees beating their breasts, and there will be long lines for Confession.
The Third Secret is not about who is right and who is wrong, but it is really about all of us in today's world, that we are all in grave danger. I think I know pretty well the contents of the Secret after having read about it and published material about it for so many years. Certainly, we have had enough witnesses who have told us a good part of it. But the words of Our Lady, that She chose to give to us, are still more important. They carry more weight than any of us can give and are more easily believed and they are more effective. So you should ask for the Secret to be released to you.

The Hand of God

We must thank Our Lady for moving things forward such that Cardinal Bertone, despite his efforts to bury it, actually shows more and more that there is another text.

Cardinal Bertone studiously avoids certain questions, even when they are asked of him by the friendly interviewer in his own book. Bertone avoided in his book dealing with Archbishop Capovilla's testimony that there is still a second text of the Secret yet to be revealed, even though Capovilla has stated this plainly. As for the Cardinal's statements regarding Sister Lucia's testimony, I will explain, in light of his propensity for using mental reservations, what transpired.

Sister Lucia was always very obedient and very respectful, especially of the Pope. And so when Cardinal Bertone visited Sister Lucia and claimed something like: "The Pope says that other text is not authentic", her response would be something like: 'Well if the Pope says it's not authentic, then it's not authentic. In which case this is the only text.' The only problem with that is that the Pope has never said that in his capacity as Pope. He may have said that privately to Cardinal Bertone but it's a far different thing for a Pope to give a public pronouncement knowing what he's doing and making a ruling to the Church. And that, no Pope has ever given us.

So whatever Pope John Paul II privately said to Cardinal Bertone, or what Pope Benedict XVI privately said, it doesn't make that Third Secret document inauthentic.

Cardinal Bertone allegedly had ten hours of Sister Lucia's time. He tells us that he talked to her---with no tape recorder, no stenographer, no video camera---and we have the equivalent of about four minutes worth of discussion. What happened for the other nine hours and fifty-six minutes?

Mr. Socci asks that very question and suggests that maybe they didn't record this because they were putting her under pressure to agree with their theses. He also suggests that question came to his mind when he read that Sister Lucia, at a certain point, said to Cardinal Bertone "I'm not going to Confession, you know." What provoked her to say that? Well, Cardinal Bertone can't seem to remember what caused her to say that. However he certainly remembered the answer. Did he say something like: "Well if you don't go along with us we could refuse you absolution, you know"? Of course her response to that could have been: "I am not going to Confession, you know." There are a lot of things here between the lines, but the fact remains, the Secret is the key to bringing about the consecration.
Why Will the Message Become Clear by 1960?

ère Michel at the first symposium we held in Rome in 1985, stated in effect:

"In 1960 the Vatican was supposed to release the Secret and they did not do so. As a result of that they publicly despised Our Lady. Therefore, there must be reparation made for that despising before She will grant the grace of the Consecration of Russia. And the only public reparation that will be acceptable is the release of the Secret of Fatima."

I can't argue with his reasoning. He could be wrong, but as time goes on it appears more and more that he is right.
What we see unfolding in Rome, in Italy and in the Vatican is the fact that indeed, a mental reservation was employed to claim that the Vatican had released the whole Third Secret. Such a claim is deceptive. It appears to be a bold-faced lie. The only way Cardinal Bertone can justify such a claim is for him to persuade himself that the actual words of the Blessed Virgin Mary contained in the Third Secret are not "authentic". The words of Our Lady that predict a crisis of Faith in the Church coming from the top are deemed by Bertone and those like him as "unauthentic". They do this because the words of Our Lady confute the diabolical disorientation that they stand for.

They think they know more than the Mother of God and they think that their way is right even though we are in such a pickle in the Church. Before 1960, 70% of Catholics in this country went to Mass every Sunday. Today, only 25% attend Sunday Mass. Here, in this diocese, the new bishop is selling off twenty to thirty churches, yet there are more Catholics "in name" than 40 years ago. And, unfortunately, this isn't unusual. The fact is, the apostasy is here as well as everywhere else.

Our Lady's words in the Secret will at least give people one more chance to realize that they don't have to follow the guy on their right or their left, or their bishops or their priests, as many of them are going to Hell in a hurry. At least you will know what to do to get yourself to Heaven. You will also know what you can do to help those around you to also go there. When the full text of Our Lady's words is finally revealed, we will all be left with that choice.

That is why Father Malachi Martin would say, that when the full Secret---I'll add the word "full" because what they released was only the least part of it---is released then the churches will be full, because at least if the clergy don't get it, the lay people, enough of them, will get it: that the Blessed Virgin is talking about me, and I better change my life, I better go to Confession, I better make reparation, I better get my act together before God, before it's too late for me.

That is why Sister Lucia says:

"My mission is not to tell the world of the material chastisements which are certain to take place if we do not amend. No! My mission is to tell everyone that we are all, indeed, going to Hell if we do not amend." That is what the Secret is
about. And yes, the Secret will also tell you to be on your guard against certain kinds of clergy who are not upholding what the Church has always taught. That's what Pope John Paul II makes reference to one-third of the Catholic clergy working for the devil. That's shocking but it's right in Sacred Scripture. So Cardinal Bertone and his friends should not be claiming it's impossible to happen.

The Catholic Church Will Not Fall

The definition Our Lord gave that the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church does not mean that the Church in Cleveland will always be here. After all, the Church in North Africa was flourishing during the time of St. Augustine and yet, within fifty years of his death, the Church was wiped out in North Africa. It hasn't recovered to this day, some sixteen hundred years later. So just because Christ promised He will be with His Church doesn't mean you will be in the Church or that the Church will still be in your area. In the Old Testament, Jeremiah warned: "If you don't reform, the enemy is going to come through the hole in that wall over there and take you off into slavery." And the priests said, "Don't listen to Jeremiah, he is causing dissension and disunity."

Jeremiah was a true prophet. He came from God. But they did not listen to him and just as he said would happen, the enemy came through the very wall and carried them off into slavery where they remained for forty years.

The priests had said, "This is the Holy City. God cannot allow that to happen."
Many Catholics say, "Well, God promised He is going to be with the Church for all time so you don't have to worry about the Catholic Church." No. Let us not presume that we are going to stay faithful. If we leave the Church, we are no longer members of the Church, and any Catholic who becomes heretical or schismatic---or even worse, apostate---leaves the Church and is no longer Catholic.
So the promise is not to us individually. It is to the Church. We have to stay faithful to our baptismal vows to stay in the Church, at least the vow of keeping the faith.

There are three things to being Catholic. First is to believe the faith and keep it, second is to be Baptized and third is to recognize legitimate authority, that is the authority of the bishop and the Pope. If you fail to recognize his legitimate authority, that is what is called schism. However, if even the Pope goes beyond his legitimate authority, you do not have to recognize his illegitimate authority. And it's easy to fall into schism today, as well as heresy. Schism also can be brought about by the Pope or the bishop, as we shall see.

What Does Schism Mean?

Schism does not mean disobedience to the Pope or the bishop. Schism means a breaking of unity. The sin of schism usually refers to people not accepting the Pope's or the bishop's legitimate authority. But it can happen in reverse. The Pope or the bishop can also be schismatic.

That sounds almost like a contradiction. But let me give you an example: If a father of six children told half of his children to paint the living room green and the other half to paint it red, what would happen? A fight would break out among the children all because the father gave contradictory orders. Even if the father had only suggested it, the effect would be the same. The children would still fight over whether the room should be red or green.
Now this is not just a parable. The fact is, this is what is going on in the Church today and it comes from our Holy Father, the Pope.

How is that? Well I've been asked: I thought that the Latin Mass was forbidden? I thought that the priests who continue to say the Latin Mass were just being rebellious."
Well let's just talk about the Latin Mass for a moment, and the Pope's involvement with it. You see Pope Paul VI, when he gave the new Missal in 1969, did not forbid the Old Mass. Now you might have that impression that he did "forbid" the Old Mass, and you might think that to be the truth, but if you study the matter closely, he did not. And Pope Paul VI knew he did not, and even admitted the fact privately. Why is this important? Just like that example of the father in his living room, there are Catholics who think that they must obey by going to the New Mass and not going to the Old Mass. And there are Catholics who think they must obey by going to the Old Mass and not the New Mass. And so when these people get together they say "you are disobedient." "No" they reply, "it is you who are disobedient."

And so we have a schism among the faithful. We have disunity among the faithful. This occurs because there has been the impression given, of an order that was not really an order.

I'll give you another more personal example. In January 1967, the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Montreal put out a letter saying that you cannot promote a certain not-yet-approved apparition in this diocese.

I was in the seminary across the street and when I read the letter, I said to myself: Well, it looks like I can't promote this anymore. For whatever reason, I read the letter again and I realized that, in fact, it didn't say what I thought it said. It did not command me to do anything, but gave the impression it did. I went to the Vice-Chancellor, a friend of mine, Father Willard, who later became Bishop Willard, and said: "This letter published recently by the Chancery Office seems to give an order but yet it doesn't give the order. Did I miss something? Do I understand?" His answer was most enlightening:

"You read it correctly. That is exactly how they intended to write it."
So they intended to give me an impression of an order but they wouldn't take the responsibility for giving the order. Therefore, I, knowing what it actually said, was not bound by any obedience to that so-called "order". However, my mother, unknown to myself, read it the way I read it the first time and thought that I, along with everyone else, was commanded not to do a certain thing. So when I continued, she made the judgment that I was being disobedient. It was some five years later that I found this out and all that time the Chancery office had caused a schism, a rupture to some extent, on my mother's side and I became the victim. It was not my mother's fault and it wasn't my fault. It was the superior's fault.

The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy

That is precisely what is going on in the Church today, albeit on a much bigger scale, about the Sacrifice of the Mass, about the order to not use the Tridentine Mass. The fact is, there is no order to not use the Tridentine Mass. There never has been. Not only has there not been, but it is impossible for them to give such an order.

How could I be so sure about that even prior to Pope Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio? I can be so sure about it because it's defined Catholic dogma that the Pope cannot forbid the Tridentine Mass. If you want to know more about it, you can read it in the book by Father Kramer, The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy.

 However, I can give you the essence of the one argument very simply. The 13th Canon of the Seventh Session of the Council of Trent says:
"If anyone says that the received and approved rites of the Catholic Church customarily used in the solemn administration of the Sacraments may be despised, or may be freely omitted by the ministers without sin, or may be changed into other new rites by any church pastor whosoever, let him be anathema." 3 In other words, "a pastor of any rank whatsoever" includes the Pope. The Pope is the Pastor of all pastors, but he's still ranked as a pastor. Neither the Pope, nor the Cardinals, nor the bishops, nor the priests can change the Rites that the Sacraments are solemnly administered in. Not only can they not do it for the Mass, but for all seven of the Sacraments. And that is a definition of the Council of Trent.
In other words, it is an unchangeable dogma of the Catholic Faith that a Pope, a Council, a bishop or a priest is forbidden from changing the Rite of the Mass into another "new" Rite of the Mass.

You have that codified by Pope St. Pius in his papal document Quo Primum in 1570, when he says "This Mass", meaning the Tridentine Mass, "is the received and approved Rite for the Mass and no one, not even a Cardinal or a bishop or a priest, can change or forbid a priest from saying this Mass." And he proclaims it as binding, both in law and in dogma, in perpetuity, which means not even his successors can change it. It's not just him making a law; he is witnessing to the fact that this is what the Council of Trent was referring to when it said you cannot change the Rites. And that is why Pope Paul VI did not---nor could he, had he wanted to---forbid the Old Mass. However, he gave the impression that he did. And that is what's caused the problem in the Church ever since.
Therefore, it's not so inconceivable to believe Cardinal Ciappi when he tells us that the apostasy in the Church begins at the top.

The Dogma of Our Faith

The same argument applies to the documents of the Church. The documents of the Church, especially official documents proclaiming teachings of a Church Council, need to be written in such a way that everyone understands them in the same sense. The Second Vatican Council documents are ambiguous and equivocal in some places, meaning that they would be understood in many different senses. That was precisely the intention of the authors who formulated the words. But, whether it was intentional or not, the fact is, various teachings of some of these documents are certainly disputed. As such, those documents lack something that needs to be there. The very nature of evil is: "The lack of something that God intends to be there." If the documents lack the necessary clarity it is not unreasonable to say the documents, by that lack of clarity, are ipso facto evil.
Pope Pius VI, in 1794, condemned the Synod of Pistoia for various reasons, but one of them was that the documents they drew up were unclear and called into question things that were already defined dogma.
That is the reason for condemning ambiguous documents in the Church. And that is reason for saying the fruits of Vatican II are evil. Now, if the fruits of the tree are evil, then by Our Lord's Own words "Can a good tree bear evil fruit?", we can deduce the Council itself is evil. That is what the Third Secret says about Vatican II. Is it heresy to say such a thing? No! Of the 21 councils we've had, we have had another council with evil fruit. In 553 A.D., the Second Council of Constantinople took place. Pope St. Gregory the Great, some 40 years later, told his bishops who had a problem of conscience to give their consent to one of these ambiguous documents, to just ignore it, pretend it never happened, carry on with the faith.

And that is what we need to do with much of the Second Vatican Council.

That is why Our Lady spoke of the Council in the Third Secret and She said that an evil Council would come that would do a lot of harm. And that is why they call Her words "inauthentic". They don't know Catholic Scripture, Catholic dogma or even Church history well enough. They should know a "Great Apostasy" in the Church is foretold in Sacred Scripture.
But, rather than listen to me, listen to the Blessed Virgin. Ask for the text of Her missing words yourself, because it's important for the salvation of your soul. You see it's not just about personal preference, about Latin or otherwise. The Mass itself enshrines the faith. And the institution of the Mass tells us what our faith is about. The law of faith is the law of prayer. What you pray is what you believe. And what you believe is what you pray.

Where Have They Taken Him?

If you are formed in a Protestant service, after a while you start thinking like a Protestant. If you receive Communion in the hand, you get the idea that it's not that important. In fact the Arians and the Protestants both introduced Communion in the hand for that very purpose. The Arians who did not believe that Jesus is the Son of God, equal to the Father, wanted to express their lack of belief in such a way that the people could understand daily and that's when they brought Communion in the hand in, in the Fourth Century.

And when the Protestants wanted to deny the dogma of transubstantiation, they brought Communion in the hand back again. The purpose was to influence the way people think, how they pray, in order for them to believe what their leaders wanted them to believe. It's a very profound, but very simple example that hopefully you will understand.

Let's take another example. If the roof is being repaired over the Tabernacle on the high Altar and the Pastor is worried that a repairman could drop a hammer on it, out of respect, he would move the Blessed Sacrament temporarily to the side until the repairs were done. However, if there are no repairs going on in the church, if there is no reason for moving the Blessed Sacrament on a permanent basis but he does it anyway; he has not said a word but he has just given a message to the average person that the Blessed Sacrament is unimportant. People come in and they genuflect to the chair and they don't even pay attention to the Blessed Sacrament.
That's what's been going on in our churches for the last forty years. And it comes from the top. That is in the Secret. Pius XII, speaking in 1931, before he became Pope, when he was Secretary of State, said as follows:

"I am worried by the Blessed Virgin's messages to Lucia of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the Church is a Divine warning against the suicide of altering the faith in her liturgy, her theology and her soul. A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God. In our churches, Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them. Like Mary Magdalene, weeping before the empty tomb, they will ask, 'Where have they taken Him?'" 4

What Can Catholics Do?

That is what we have seen before our eyes in the last forty years. Here he is predicting it in 1931, and he says it comes from the Message of Fatima. It must be contained in the Secret they haven't given you, because you cannot find mention of this anywhere else. The fact is that for those few persons who have enough faith to realize, to ask the question, "Where have they taken Him?", there are tens of thousands of Catholics who don't even realize that they are becoming Protestantized by the day, by the week, as they go to these ceremonies and services that have been Protestantized from the top down. That's how the English Catholics---between Henry VIII, who died around 1540, and Elizabeth, who died around 1600---were taken out of the Church: by changing the liturgy gradually and Protestantizing their way of looking and thinking and acting in church. And within a generation or two they were no longer Catholic. The Protestant leaders never had to say a word. All they had to do was implement the new doctrine in liturgical practice.

So it's not about your preferences. It's your faith, it's your soul that we are talking about. It's in the Third Secret. You have a right to the release of the full Third Secret. So what is it we can do ourselves? We should not just become prideful and say, "Well if only I had a good Pope, a good bishop, a good Secretary of State, or a good priest, or whatever,  then I would be okay. But because they are bad, I am okay just as I am, since it is not my fault." The fact is, the chastisement that we are suffering through is for our own sins. It's not for us to get up on our high horse and say, "Well if I were Pope I would do it better."

It is Up to YOU

The fact is we are where we are, where God placed us. It's for us to do the penance and the job that God has given us to do. That's what's up to us, and all of us can pray the Rosary every day. Our Lady insists that we pray the Rosary every day. Lucia tells us that "there is no problem in the world, either national or international, either physical or moral that cannot be solved by the Rosary." So we should be praying the Rosary and asking for God to give the graces to our bishops, and our priests, and our Pope, and our Cardinals, to become good if they are not good; and if they are good, but lacking in courage, like the Apostles before Pentecost, that they may obtain the courage to stand up for the truth in public.

That's what you need to pray the Rosary for.

We pray the Rosary for our own understanding. It may be that the lies that we have received and accepted is partly because we wanted to believe them. We pray that we see the truth and we live the truth always and everywhere.

We must pray the Rosary frequently, and fervently, and get others to do the same, for our own salvation primarily, but also for the salvation of our neighbors, and friends. Ultimately, we pray for the salvation of not only Catholics, but everyone in the world. Our first faithfulness has to be to God.

Pope Leo XIII points out to us, all grace comes to us from God the Father through the sacred humanity of Jesus Christ, through the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to us.
It comes in that order: God, Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin, and then the Church.

 That's the order, and that should be the order of our priorities also. We should be praying for our priests and our bishops and our Cardinals and the Pope. All of them are in need of our prayers. Help those by your prayers and sacrifices who have been placed over you. That is from Scripture (cf. 1 Tim. 2:1-3). I also urge you to be informed and to be well read on the subject because you are being told half-truths and the part you are missing is the part you need. That's why I urge you to read the literature that we publish but at least, certainly, any good literature on the subject.

The Hour is Late

Our Lady of Fatima has told us that entire nations will be annihilated. So it is important for us to realize the hour is late and we can't do everything but each of us can do something.

And God expects us to do what we can.

The 50 people who came to Fatima on June 13th, 1917, told their friends and neighbors. That's what God expected them to do. Those 50 people turned into 5,000 in July and 15,000 in August and 30,000 in September and 70,000 in October all by word of mouth.
Each of us can qualify in that regard. Each of us can tell others. Each of us can be informed. Each of us can pray the Rosary. Each of us can do the Five First Saturdays. There are other things we can do. Remember, pray the Rosary every day. Our Lady insists upon it, it is your life line to Heaven. Sister Lucia says "you'll please Our Lord and Our Lady, you will save your own souls and you will help save many other souls by praying the Rosary." God bless you.

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