Our Lady of Fatima


An Occult City Emerges:
Is the Antichrist Coming Next?

by Fr. Nicholas Gruner



Sister Lucy of Fatima told us that the devil is in the mood for a final battle. We can see evidence of Satan operating here and there on television, in Hollywood, in the corruption of morals and standards of dress, in dishonest business practices, in over-reaching government, and in numerous other ways, too many to list here.

But now we have evidence that the devil is showing himself more openly. His trick, for the longest time, was to pretend that he doesn't exist and that we can just have a secular humanist society, a society that doesn't acknowledge God or any Supreme Being or any spiritual power.

This lie, this falsehood, this disinformation is being dispelled by Satan himself. Twelve years ago, unknown to most of the world, a city in the remote area of the Russian Empire, in Khazakhstan, was renamed Astana. Over the past twelve years, there has been a massive construction venture to build this city into a futuristic metropolis rife with Masonic themes and symbols. The London Observer on August 8, 2010 called the city a Space Station in the Steppes", but the city's architectural designs are more correctly described as occult themes steeped in Masonic symbolism.

Dominating the city is a huge pyramid, a long-recognized symbol of Freemasonry. The pyramid houses a conference center as well as the offices of the institute, which is dedicated, as the London Mail reported, to "building bridges of friendship, understanding and mutual cooperation between the great religions of the world," which is another long- established Masonic theme.

The new Presidential Palace is flanked by two gigantic pillars, which appear to be thematically connected to the two pillars Boaz and Jachin found in Masonic symbolism. ... With such a diabolic collection of architecture hailed as a model "city of the future", can the Antichrist be so far behind?

The coming of the Antichrist is predicted in Sacred Scripture as well as in the Third Secret of Fatima. And the Message of Fatima tells us that the only way to prevent the Antichrist from ruling over all of us in a global slave labor camp---here in North America as well as in the rest of the world---is by obeying and getting others to obey the requests of Our Lady of Fatima.

As Sister Lucy tells us, the devil is in the mood for a final battle and we must choose sides. We are either for the devil or for Jesus and Mary. There is no middle ground. There is no fence to sit on. We have to choose one side or the other.

We do know that in the end the Blessed Virgin Mary will win. She will triumph over the devil; but the question for us is, will we be on Her side or will we end up serving the devil in this life and in Hell?
There is still time to prevent disaster from taking place---disaster and chastisement such as the world has never seen before---even worse than the Flood.

The Benefits We Will Receive From the Consecration of Russia

As you will see ... we are focusing on the Consecration that the Blessed Virgin Mary specifically asked for, to which obedience by the Pope and the bishops is guaranteed peace and prosperity for the whole world. And to its disobedience, is guaranteed enslavement, death, destruction and annihilation of "various nations".

For the longest time, I have wondered why the Pope and the bishops just don't do it---that is, do it properly as Our Lady requested. When I asked that question of Father Kramer, he said: "The fact that they don't do it is proof that the devil exists," that "there is the mystery of iniquity at work."

How can we draw such a conclusion? It is very simple. There is every benefit---natural and supernatural---we can obtain by this act of obedience by the Pope and the bishops:

Instead of spending over one hundred billion dollars a year worldwide on arms; on military might; on soldiers, navy and air force and all the wasted fuel and resources and material going into the industrial military complex (as Eisenhower called it); instead of the trillion dollars a year going to military spending, they would be used to feed and clothe and educate the peoples of the world so that there would be no more extreme poverty.

The health care for problems that can only be solved with huge sums of money would then be available to all the needy.

A period of peace given to all of mankind. People would not be fighting and nations would not be fighting. There would not be riots or food riots.

All these benefits that mankind yearns for, longs for; anyone of good will towards his fellow man would want them all to live in peace and prosperity. All this could be had by a simple act of obedience by the Pope and the Catholic bishops which would take approximately ten minutes of each one's time.

In other words, 5000 men would say a common prayer, solemnly and publicly, either together or in their own Cathedrals, at the same time, and on the same day. The prayer would last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and that is all that would be required to achieve this goal of world peace, harmony, prosperity and goodwill. It would make everyone's eternal salvation easier to achieve and it would give everyone the benefits of natural prosperity in this life.
It would not be paradise on earth such as Adam and Eve had before they sinned, but it would be hundreds, if not thousands, of times better than what this world is groaning under today. The Message of Fatima also says: If you don't obey, if My requests are NOT granted, that the whole world---every country in the world, with no exception---would be enslaved; not in a benign slavery, but under the rule of the Antichrist.

Big Brother of the New World Order Would Control
Every Aspect of Your Life and Your Loved Ones

It would be a cruel slavery, one to drive many, if not all, to despair, to give up all hope of life and freedom and goodness towards their oppressors and even towards their neighbors. Everyone could be a potential spy against everyone else---their friends, their neighbors, their children, their parents. Big Brother of the New World Order (NWO) would dictate every aspect of your life---if you live, where you live, if you eat, what you eat, if you work, where you work, if you travel, how far and where you can travel to, if you can associate with anyone else and who you can or cannot meet or speak to, and that only touches the tip of the iceberg.
Big Brother would also decide if you lived or died, how you died and when you died. It would be oppressive and cruel, the NWO would be constructed to last forever.

Big Brother would have you believe that the only way for you to get out of the worst of this hell hole would be to sell your soul to the devil, and even then you would not escape entirely.
Why Do They Not Obey?

Faced with such a choice, why is it that the Pope and the Popes before him, and the bishops and, for that matter, the priests have not done their part to bring this peace and prosperity promised by Our Lady? The priests could, in a major way, promote this by either preaching or teaching it. But they have not put their shoulders to the wheel, have not put their noses to the grindstone, have not shouted this from the rooftops in season and out of season.

In short, they (priests, prelates and Pontiff) have not done all that they could by leading a crusade of prayer, of sacrifice, of conversion for the faithful who look to them for leadership.
Instead, much of the clergy have given up or told themselves that they have to wait until they become the Pope or a Cardinal or a bishop and have delayed and temporized and not stood up for the truth.

Neither have they spoken out and tried to encourage their brothers in the episcopate or in the College of Cardinals, or encouraged their fellow priests to do their little bit of spreading the word of making the Fatima Message known, of praying themselves and getting others to pray the Rosary.

From amongst many of the clergy is heard the excuse: "I can do nothing. It is not my job. Go and talk to this person or that person. Don't expect me to do anything."

What is the Real Obstacle?

What is it that prevents this movement of prayer, of knowledge of Fatima, of conversion from welling up from the grassroots, from coming down from the top? What is it that prevents them from simply obeying the specific command to consecrate Russia in the manner specified?

There are a number of reasons. The first reason is that all of us have been affected by the age we live in. I am talking about those faithful, those fervently faithful Catholics who, themselves, are the best of our time but nevertheless are somewhat touched by the apostasy of the age.

As Sister Lucy said: "The Blessed Virgin Mary is very sad because neither the good nor the bad pay any attention to Her Message."

And so it is also the good that need to convert, that need to listen, that need to obey, that need to embrace the truth of Fatima; and even those who already do that, need to do it better than they are doing up until now, including myself.

Some of the faithful say: "What can I do?"

"I am not a Cardinal, a bishop or a priest. I am not important, I'm so small, I don't count. I don't have any special abilities. I haven't gone to grade school, high school, university. I don't have a post-graduate degree. I am not anything special. I am not a captain of industry or of commerce or in the government or in the bureaucracy of the Church or State. What can I do?"
So they do nothing---even if they are informed!

First of all, we all need to pray more, all of us have to do our own praying. No one can do it for us. It is true that others can pray for you but then you are not contributing to the need for prayer, and as the Angel of Fatima said: "The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplication."

 They want you, you personally. Please do your part. Help us by your prayers.

Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Especially during these dangerous times of wars and threats of wars, Our Lady's children turn to Her for protection and consolation.
A friend of the Fatima Center who lived in London, England during World War II told us this beautiful story that fortifies Lucy of Fatima's statement: "Our Lady will take care of Her dear ones."
Amidst the horror and destruction from bombs, she organized a prayer group to meet once a week, praying for the intercession of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. A few came but many did not. Although a large number of people were killed and homes destroyed, not one of those who came and prayed to Our Mother of Perpetual Help were harmed, nor were their homes or possessions lost.

O Mother of Perpetual Help ---We place our trust in Thee.

The Continuing Plot to Silence Our Lady

There is, of course, a plot to silence Our Lady and Her requests. We have exposed this time and time again over the years.

(1) Silencing Our Lady of Fatima:

The first plot to silence Our Lady is, of course, to not talk about it, to tell no one about it even in our Catholic schools including universities; to tell no one from our pulpits; or from our so-called Catholic newspapers; to basically treat it with the silent treatment. If no one hears about it, talks about it, learns about it, then no one will know that the only solution to the problems in the Church and the world is by obedience to Our Lady of Fatima.

(2) Causing Confusion and Disunity:

The second line of attack against Our Lady of Fatima by Satan is to cause confusion and disunity among those who do know the Fatima story and the Fatima requests. There are several groups of people who, in good faith or not (only God knows), think or claim that they are serving the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima by claiming that the Consecration of Russia is done, by claiming that the whole Third Secret of Fatima has been released.
They say these things, they state, out of loyalty to the Pope. God is not served by defending falsehoods; and besides, Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI are on public record as contradicting the claims of these self-professed "loyalists" of the Pope. Also the light of faith and reason demonstrate to anyone who thoroughly examines these questions without prejudice that Russia is not consecrated as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Nor is the whole Third Secret released.

Clearly, their claims are false and we have answered them over and over again. But, for some people, they think that they must promote and stand by these false claims rather than promote and stand by Our Lady of Fatima.

I have written a short essay on False Obedience ... It is a very important article for you to read because part of the confusion, part of the disinformation that endangers us all is the misunderstanding of the difference between true obedience and false obedience. ...

 Satan Manipulates the Vatican

It is important for us to understand how, in fact, Satan has managed to manipulate the Vatican---the Pope's advisors and others---into avoiding and even obstructing obedience to Our Lady of Fatima. We might ask, why is it important for us to understand this?

Let us take a recent example in the Church. On the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of this millennium, Pope Benedict XVI decreed and declared, by his own hand, that the Latin Mass was not forbidden, that the Latin traditional Mass had never been forbidden and that no bishop or Cardinal or religious superior could prevent a Catholic priest in good standing from offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Latin Tridentine rite.

That is a matter of public record even though some people still ignore this fact. In the last three years since that decree, most priests are still not saying the Latin Tridentine Mass---the one they are bound to offer [1], the one that has a definition of Faith which says that there are no errors in the Liturgy of that Mass. Whereas, in the new "Mass" there are significant errors and there is no definition that says there are no errors.

The truth is---in English, Italian, and Spanish, among others---the vernacular translation of the consecration of the wine makes it of doubtful validity---in other words, it is doubtful that there really is the change (the transubstantiation) of the wine into the Blood of Jesus Christ, as has been demonstrated by Father Paul Kramer in his book, The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy, available from the Fatima Center. [2]

We know that the Third Secret warns against the changes in the Liturgy; [3] yet everyone goes along as if it makes no difference, and everyone goes along even after it has been clarified by the Pope that the old Mass has not been forbidden and never was forbidden---and, in fact, could never be forbidden, in the past nor in the future!

Why is it then? Is it because the people have no understanding? "My people perish," says God, "because no one reflects in their heart."

Sacred Scripture also tells us: "The lips of the priest are to guard wisdom." That means the priest must know the truths of the Faith and must defend the truth and rebuke error. But most priests today are not doing that. As St. John Eudes tells us: "When God is thoroughly angry with His people, His worst chastisement He can send is to send bad priests."

So, in this time of the worst apostasy the Church has ever seen, which is just apparently before the coming of the Antichrist, when even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, Our Lord says we must inform ourselves. We must listen to the prophetic Message of Fatima because it is God's mercy for our time---to send His Mother to explain to us what must be done in order to save our souls at this time.

The full truth of the Message of Fatima is being blocked in the Chancery offices, in the so-called Catholic School Boards, in the so-called Catholic journals and newspapers and magazines, in the universities and high schools, and in the parishes.
That is why it is so urgent for everyone at every level of the Church---lay people: rich and poor, learned and simple, influential and less influential; people who are well known and people who are hardly known---to do their part, wherever the Message is being blocked, to find a way around the blockage to let the truth be known.

  We Must Love the Truth Ourselves

We are told in Sacred Scripture, "The truth will make ye free." Obviously, lies and falsehoods enslave you. We are also told by God in Sacred Scripture (2 Thess. Ch. 2) that the Antichrist comes because of one fundamentally wrong attitude of the people which leads to thousands of other sins. That fundamental crime is that they do not love the truth. We must love the truth. We love the truth by seeking to know the truth, by living by the truth that we have, by defending the truth when we can, by passing it on to others who are seeking the truth.

We must realize that in our time, in places and institutions around us, the truth is not always loved. Seemingly good people profess to be promoting the truth when, in fact, they knowingly spread lies, falsehoods and half-truths. Then there are truly good people who really mean well but are deceived, but we should not be taken in when they become conduits of falsehood.

What Can We Do?

What everyone can do is to pray. Jesus tells us it is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary. In other words, even though today, it is very late (more than 80 years since the Consecration of Russia was requested and still not obeyed), we are not abandoned. We are not powerless. We can do what Jesus said: "Pray, pray a great deal for the Holy Father." We can take to heart the words of Our Lady at Fatima when She said: "Only the Lady of the Rosary can help you."

In other words, we must pray the Rosary---frequently and fervently. Sister Lucy tells us that there is no problem in the world, either natural or supernatural, whether local or international, in our Church, in our community, in the world, that cannot be solved by the Holy Rosary.

Join us in our 12 Million More Rosaries Crusade.  Call 1-800-263-8160.

We have seen the effect of the more than 19 million Rosaries prayed for the Holy Father. He has already reversed himself from what he said in the year
2000 as we have shown you in Issues 94 and 95 of The Fatima Crusader.

And so, in summary, what can we do?

  • Pray, sacrifice, live the moral life in all aspects according to what the Church has always taught.
  • Keep Our Lady from being silenced. Be informed of the Fatima story, of the Fatima solution, Learn Fatima and teach Fatima and get others to learn it and teach it also. Pass on books, pamphlets or videos from the Fatima Center.

Start today if you have not already. There is always one more thing we can do, something we can do better for love of the truth and Our Lady. We can all take a very active part in bringing about the triumph of Our Lady of Fatima---no matter who we are. God bless you and Our Lady keep you.

1. Read Father Paul Kramer's The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy for the basis of this assertion.
2. See this book, pp. 85-88.
3. See Father Paul Kramer, The Devil's Final Battle, Second Edition (2010), 2-volume version, pp. 25-26; 1-volume version, pp. 36-37. See also Father Kramer, "The Secret Warned Against Vatican Council II and the New Mass", The Fatima Crusader, Issue 92, May 2009, pp. 7-11.



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