Our Lady of Fatima

Father Nicholas Gruner, S.TL., S.T.D. (Cand.)

The following article was taken from Father Nicholas Gruner's opening speech at Fatima: Your Last Chance Conference in Rome - May 14-18, 2012. Father Gruner heads one of the largest Fatima apostolates in the world and publishes The Fatima Crusader which is the flagship publication of his apostolate. The apostolate has now launched Fatima TV in Rome and the Lazio area and Fatima TV WorldWide on the Web.

In this edited transcript of his speech, Father Gruner addresses the importance of Fatima in our lives today even though Our Lady's urgent Message began in Fatima, Portugal 95 years ago.

Good morning, God Bless you. I'd like to start with a Hail Mary because I know that Our Lady makes up for the lack of sufficient preparation or ability On my part. (Hail Mary recited.)

The Fatima apparitions took place a long time ago in the estimation of many people. It is exactly 95 years ago on May 13 (yesterday) that Our Lady first appeared. And there are people who think that maybe there should be something more recent than a message 95-years-old. But the fact is, this message is more relevant, as Pope John Paul said, and more urgent today than it was when Our Lady first appeared there. I'd like to just review a little bit of what Our Lady did in order for us to understand how it refers to us today.

The Blessed Virgin was asked by Pope Benedict XV to show him the way out of the First World War. Pope Benedict XV, by May 1917, already was Pope for almost three years. Prior to that he was experienced as a Vatican diplomat. He tried everything he knew to bring about world peace at that time. He recognized that it was impossible, that human efforts alone were not enough, that he needed the help of Heaven to bring this about.

He wrote about this in a letter to the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, and he pretty well insisted with Our Lady that She show him the way. That was on May 5, 1917. And eight days later, on May 13, the Blessed Virgin, came. She came over the next six months to explain what must be done and that there is no other way - not even some new message from any where or any place would contradict or replace this message that She gave at Fatima. The message itself is very simple, but having worked at this now for 35 years, it's amazing to me how many excuses men - both in the clergy as well as lay people - have for not obeying.

Members of Parliament and Voters Have an Obligation to the Unborn

I am reminded of when I wrote to the Canadian Members of Parliament about the Constitution - that they needed to pay attention to protect the unborn in the new Constitution in 1981. 1 was amazed that, although my letter was very simple, how misunderstood it could be. So I decided to write a very short letter the second time, "Dear member of Parliament, if you don't protect the unborn, you are going to Hell." They understood. That was essentially the message that Pope Pius XI, in his encyclical, said - that the legislators do not simply have the option to not positively protect the unborn, the - innocent.

It is their obligation. Before God they do not have Party politics to excuse them. They have taken on the obligation to protect the unborn, to protect all the innocent by their laws and appropriate sanctions as Pope Pius XI pointed out in his encyclical Casti Connubii in 1930. And that rule doesn't change because so many years have passed.
 Similarly, the Message of Fatima is something that Our Lady has told the Holy Father and the bishops - that by accepting the job of becoming Pope and bishops - that they have accepted this job, this responsibility of obeying Her in this regard, that there is no other way around this.

We Cannot Call Good - Evil We Cannot Call Evil - Good

It's no more than 15 years ago that I wrote an essay - which no one, not even any theologian, has ever answered. Now, I am not here to judge anybody - not the Pope, nor a bishop, nor a priest, nor anyone else. Other than when I am hearing confessions, it's not my job to judge anyone. But I pointed out very carefully in the objective, moral order that Scripture tells us we must not call good - evil; or evil - good. And in the objective moral order, it is a mortal sin, it is a gravely serious matter to not obey Our Lady of Fatima's command to the Pope and the bishops to consecrate Russia in the manner She specified.

Now I realize that this statement is not something that is popular. I know of theologians who are progressive, and I know of those who are very traditional who hold an opposite opinion. But there is not yet one to answer the argument I have given to this, despite the fact I have published it many times over the years, that I have published the Message of Fatima.

Although I have studied the subject extensively and done much research, I am treated like the Message of Fatima. "Ignore him and he will go away." "Ignore Our Lady of Fatima and She will go away." "If we just ignore these facts, these arguments and these reasons, She and Her Message will just go away." But Our Lady of Fatima and Her Message won't go away. Commentators of events going on in the world now can see that, certainly, the chastisements of war and famine (foretold at Fatima) will not go away in the near future.
The Media Hides the Full Truth From You

The Blessed Virgin gave us a message of how to have world peace; that only She can help us: but perhaps you don't get enough perspective. You might say, well, nothing dramatic has happened. But that is because the commentators, the newspapers, the editors, writers, the people that most of the world really pay attention to - the people that speak on television in the mainstream press and so forth - aren't giving you the full truth.

People who are in the pay of the enemy have not pointed out to us that since the human family has despised Our Lady's Message, there have been 1,686,570,000 (over one and a half billion) violent deaths as a direct result of ignoring Our Lady of Fatima.

The media has not given us that perspective. In these 95 years of ignoring Our Lady of Fatima we have paid a tremendous price, but as bad as that is, that price will be doubled or tripled in the next couple of years if we ignore Her much longer. Just a few months ago, the world's population passed seven billion people. Scripture tells us, and other prophecies tell us, that one-third to two-thirds of the entire population of mankind will be wiped out in the war to come.   

  I don't know what it takes to wake us up, maybe we have to find it on NBC or CBS or some commentator in the New York Times before we finally take this seriously. And maybe we say to ourselves we take it seriously, but I think we don't take it seriously enough. We have many priorities; sometimes I wonder how I get through my day between what I am supposed to do today between getting up and doing my reading, doing my other work, talking to people that God wants me to talk to and so forth. And we all only have 24 hours a day and I am sure that my life is not as busy as the bishops and the Pope, but we must make this priority number one.

We MUST Shout God's Truths From the Housetops!

There is nothing more serious, nothing more important, nothing more urgent than Our Lady's Message at Fatima. And this is something that I don't know how to say. I remember getting a letter from an older bishop many years ago; I think he was in Ottawa. And he said to me basically in his letter, "Father Gruner, if you would not raise your voice so much, if you would not yell at us, we might start paying attention to you."

    I wrote back to him and said: "I appreciate very much your interest and your concern and your advice. Now if you can tell me how I can do that any better than what I am doing and get the attention, I would be very happy to do it. I hate yelling at people, I hate raising my voice, and I hate trying to draw attention to myself, but there is no other way around on this Message of Fatima."

       There is nothing more important. Yesterday, we were in this March for Life here in Rome, and on top of the over one and a half billion babies murdered by abortion, another 78 million people are killed by war, and then by government murder - not only in Russia and China but other parts of the world, 238 million more people. These are catastrophic and they lead us to think that - as Pope Pius X said - we are in the days just before the coming of the Antichrist.

We Must Stop and Think!

The sheer number of murders by governments legalizing murder and by waging deadly war on their own citizens and other nations has led to almost one billion and 700 million persons suffering violent and unjust deaths in the past 100 years. These catastrophes are still ongoing.

We Are Living Through the Apocalypse NOW!

Pope Benedict XVI, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, referred to this Fatima Message as being found in Sacred Scripture. He indicated that we are living through the times of the apocalypse. And although we can be distracted with everything from daily newspapers to new movies or whatever else it is that entertains us, these things are happening around us and are happening every day. They are happening in such a way that it is difficult to deny that we are living in the apocalypse. If we are not living in that time foretold that just precedes the coming of the Antichrist, it has to be the worst dress rehearsal of that time the world has ever seen up to now.

Just looking at the Catholic Church for example, the only other time in Church history that comes close to this time is the Arian crisis, when 90% of the bishops were Arian. And there were only very few bishops who actually stood up to defend the Faith. And the greatest of them all, St. Athanasius, was actually excommunicated by the Pope in 357 A.D. Now he wasn't really excommunicated because, as the Church has always recognized, as St. Thomas points out, the law is not something that just the legislator says; law is the ordination of reason, it is for the common good.

The Church law, to this day, points out that no one can be punished if he doesn't commit a crime. So because Athanasius was standing up for the Faith, because he was defending the Faith, which was his duty to do, he could not be punished for doing that, even if the Pope pronounced a sentence of excommunication. In fact, Liberius regretted his action, but Liberius is the first Pope not to be canonized from the time of St. Peter to the year 357.

Fear the Judgment of God Before the Judgment of Men

It is well for us to remember then that we need not be afraid of the judgments of men IF we are on the right side, if we are doing what God wants us to do. It's a principle that we need to keep in mmd; we also have to understand that prophecy is a function in the Church, is a function that will never go away, is a function that must be respected just as the apostolic offices must be respected.

As St. Paul tells us in Ephesians, the Church is built upon the foundation of the Apostles and the prophets, not just the Apostles. The role of prophecy is essential.
Scripture tells us that we must not extinguish the spirit, we must not despise prophecy, but we must test all things and hold fast to that which is good. That is why I've promoted the Message of Fatima, not only because it is unique among all the messages, but, of course, because it has been approved by the Church.

The Role of the Hierarchy Is to Test, Judge and OBEY an Approved Prophecy

As Father Joseph de Sainte Marie pointed out here in Rome - he is the one who wrote the speech for the Pope in 1982 when he went to Fatima - "It is the role of the hierarchy to judge and to test whether the prophet speaks the truth; but once the hierarchy recognizes that the message comes from God, then the Pope himself and the bishops are bound to obey, not the prophet, but God, Who speaks through the prophet to them."

That obligation is primordial. It is not for us to say "I am telling the Pope what to do." No. But Our Lady of Fatima is telling him what to do. All I do is explain what it means, I answer the objections of theologians or others who haven't had the time to think about it. So when we get back to 1917, Our Lady comes, She comes and gives a message to show mankind the way to peace. She was asked, She was insisted upon, that She come. She comes, and She explains. And then, for the next 95 years we basically ignore Her.

Make It Known

So Our Lord Himself, in 1931, explained to the Pope and the bishops a lesson from history. He said, "Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune." What is that example He is talking about regarding the King of France?

On June 17, 1689 Our Lord spoke to St. Margaret Mary and told her to tell the King of France to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart. Now the kings of France - there were three of them - from that day, all ignored St. Margaret Mary's prophecy and Our Lord's command through Saint Margaret Mary. Even during her lifetime, Saint Margaret Mary was known as a Saint. She was well hidden, but her reputation for sanctity was well known among her contemporaries.

And so, because they ignored her message, they paid with their lives. On the 17th of June 1789, that's 100 years to the day, the King of France was stripped of his authority by the Third Estate. Three weeks later, the French Revolution openly started with the storming of the Bastille in mid-July 1789. By the 21st of January 1794, the King's head was cut off by the soldiers of the Revolution.

Our Lord makes reference to this and says "Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune". Up until now, basically the Popes and the bishops around him have ignored, have delayed, have had one excuse after another. I think I've heard them all. And as we have had proven at these conferences and in our publications before, not one of those excuses really holds water. There is really no excuse for not doing it; however, that is not their choice, up to now.

So we have a choice here. Of course, none of us are the Pope, none of us can command the Pope. Only he has the authority to command the bishops of the Church. We, ourselves, are not without resources - we will talk about this in another conference. But the chastisement for disobedience is not just for the Pope.

As Pope Benedict XVI, himself, speaking at Fatima two years ago, said: "What is foretold in the Secret is the Passion of the Church and yes there is a persecution of the Pope: But the Pope is within the Church, and so it's not just the Pope that suffers the Passion coming up, but it is the Church also." So although there is a distinction in offices, we are all members of the Church, of the One True Church of Christ, the Catholic Church. And we have a role to play in bringing about the obedience to Our Lady of Fatima.

FATIMA ANGELAn Angel Prepares the Children for the Coming of Our Lady of Fatima

Back in the Spring of 1916, when the Angel came the first time to prepare the children, he came over the trees. It was just after a light rainfall. And he appeared as a young man of about 15 years old, that's how he appeared to them. He had tremendous strength and he came in front of them and said: "Do not be afraid, I am the Angel of peace, pray with me." He then prostrated on the ground and he taught the children to do the same thing. "Pray thus," he said. So the children prostrated themselves on the ground with their forehead touching the ground and he said the prayer, which they repeated after him.

"My God, I adore Thee, I believe in Thee, I hope in Thee, I love Thee. I ask pardon for all those who do not adore Thee, who do not believe in Thee, who do not hope in Thee, who do not love Thee."

The Angel said this prayer three times and told the children to continue to pray that way, then he left. All day long, they prayed with their foreheads touching the ground, adoring God and asking for mercy for sinners.

This was a very impressive event for them and they spoke to no one about it; but after a while, their fervor wore away.

In the Summer when it was hotter at mid-day, they had put their sheep in the barn and were down at the well about 50 yards from Lucy's house and they were playing. And the Angel came the second time and he said to them: "You must pray more; why are you playing? You must offer sacrifices to the Most High for the conversion of sinners."

And then, for the first time, Lucy spoke to him and said, "How do we make sacrifices?" The Angel replied: "Let everything you do be a sacrifice, but above all accept all the suffering that God sends you." And so, the children renewed their fervor and they prayed as the Angel taught them.

In the Fall of 1916, the Angel came for the third time, and he came this time with the Blessed Sacrament, with the Host in one hand and a chalice with the Precious Blood in the other hand. He came before them at the location of the Cabeco, where in the Spring he had prayed the first time. He had them again bow down with their foreheads touching the ground and make this prayer of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. They prayed this prayer three times after him:

"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly and I offer up to Thee the Most Precious Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of the same Son, Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for all the blasphemies, outrages and indifferences by which He is offended. And I draw upon the infinite merits of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary that Thou might convert poor sinners."

The Angel had them pray this prayer three times and then he gave them Holy Communion. Lucy had already received First Holy Communion so he gave her the Host to receive on the tongue, of course, and he gave the Precious Blood from the chalice to Jacinta and Francisco. This was the first of two Communions that Francisco had before he died. Just two Communions made him a blessed, made him a Saint, along with, of course, his cooperation with God's grace. Jacinta was also not able to receive Holy Communion very often but yet she was made a Blessed as well. We will talk about that further as we go through this week.

So all of us can pray. In fact, on that occasion of August 1931 when Lucy was told to "Make It known to My ministers," Lucy's unspoken prayer was: "The Pope has, of course, the choice to obey or not obey. But we don't have that choice; what can we do in the light of the Pope's refusal to obey?" She didn't ask this directly but this unspoken question can be understood from Jesus' reply. Jesus said, "It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary."

We can't do Our Lady's requested Consecration of Russia without the Pope. We love the Pope and we respect him. In fact, this command to consecrate Russia that has been given to him and the bishops will enhance their prestige like the Church has never seen before.

When the world sees that peace has come worldwide, that this killing of over one and a half billion people will come to an end - only because the Pope has finally obeyed - when this is seen by the whole world, they will see how important the authority that God gives to the Pope and the bishops really is.

It Is NEVER Too Late to Have Recourse to Jesus and Mary

We are not the Pope, but up to now the Pope chooses not to obey. So Lucy's unspoken question is, "What about us, is it our fault, what can we do about the Pope not listening to the Message of Our Lady or not obeying this command?" And Our Lord answers her unspoken question by saying: "It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary."

The Power of the Holy Rosary

So, what we can do as His children is to pray and make sacrifices. In fact, Lucy tells us that, in our time, God has given such power to the Rosary - more power is given to the Rosary today than in times past - that there is no problem in the world, either national or international, either physical or moral, that cannot be solved by the Rosary. The biggest problem that the world has today, although the world does not know it, is getting the Pope to do the Consecration of Russia. And so even this problem - no matter how big it is - can be solved by the Rosary.

Saint Padre Pio said to pray the Rosary and get others to pray the Rosary. All of us can pray the Rosary ourselves; all of us can get others to pray the Rosary with us; all of us can encourage others to pray the Rosary. On July 13, 1917, when Our Lady appeared, She said to pray the Rosary, that only Our Lady of the Rosary can help you. She is telling us that we must get the Rosary prayed, because only She, only Our Lady and the Rosary can help us and, of course, She will help us if we pray the Rosary.

"I am the Lady of the Rosary"

In 1917, as I mentioned, on May 13, the Blessed Virgin came. It was a sunny day, it was a Sunday, and they saw a flash of light. It was a cloudless day but they thought this flash of light was lightning, so they presumed there was a storm coming. They began to get their sheep together, to protect them from the storm. Then they saw a second flash of light and shortly after that, they saw Our Lady standing on top of a cloud, on top of a holmoak tree. Our Lady told them, "Come closer, do not be afraid, I will not harm you."

The children came closer and Our Lady was told by Lucy that, "Francisco does not see you." She said, "Tell Francisco to pray his Rosary" He took his Rosary out of his pocket and started to pray the Rosary and then he, too, could see Our Lady. Francisco never did hear Her, but he did see Her. Lucy asked: "Who are you? Where do you come from?" She said, I am of Heaven. I will tell you Who I am in October." Lucy then asked, "Will I go to Heaven?" "Yes, Lucy, you will go to Heaven." "Will Jacinta go to Heaven?" "Yes, Jacinta also will go to Heaven. "And will Francisco go to Heaven?" At first, She didn't answer and then She said, "Yes, Francisco will also go to Heaven but first he must pray many Rosaries."

Our Lady, at first, had Her hands folded and then She opened Her hands. The light came from the palms of Her hands and fell on the hearts of the three children. In this light, they saw themselves in the presence of God and they were given a foretaste of Heaven. Francisco, in this light, although he didn't hear, he understood very profoundly that God was very sad, that God was saddened by the sins of mankind. Francisco, from that time on, wanted to console God. He wanted to make reparation to God for the sins of men. One of the great messages of Fatima is the need for reparation, that we need to make reparation to God for the sins of man.

Pope John Paul II said, when he went to Fatima:

"The world has gone in the opposite direction from the one indicated by the Message of Fatima."

Sin Has Institutionalized Itself

Since Our Lady's appearances in 1917, sin has been institutionalized, sin has established itself. It's one thing for a man or a woman to sin one time or another but it is a very serious matter for sin to be institutionalized and established.

We see that today with such things as abortion or homosexuality. Abortions I am sure took place throughout the ages, but it's only in our time that it's been institutionalized, that there are so-called laws - which, of course, cannot be laws at all - so-called laws which protect the murderers, which protect the people who commit the crime of abortion from those who protest against it.

Sin has institutionalized itself. If we are to judge a man or a woman, we judge them by their habits; we don't judge them by one particular instance. If someone was tired or irritated one day and he said something that he shouldn't say, but otherwise he is very kind and very sweet and very pleasant, we don't say this person is a terrible person. Similarly, we don't judge a country or people by an occasional fault. We judge people by their habits and we judge nations and societies by their institutions.

The very fact that slavery was institutionalized centuries ago was considered a black mark on that society. Much worse than slavery is abortion. Much worse than slavery is protecting the criminal action of homosexuality. In my country, it was a crime to make a homosexual act until 1968. The excuse that came in then by the so-called Catholic Prime Minister was that we should not criminalize things in the bedroom. But, in fact, now - according to "the law" - it's a crime to denounce the crime of homosexuality.

Either We Are for God Or Against God

There is no middle ground in these things. We are either for God or we are against Him. And as Pope John Paul II said at Fatima, society has gone contrary to the Message of Fatima. Sister Lucy told us in 1957 that Our Lady is sad. Why is She sad? Sister Lucy told Father Fuentes very simply, "Because neither the good nor the bad pay any attention to Her message."

Now it's understood that the bad people don't pay any attention to the message. They are, after all, bad. But Lucy includes the good people in this rebuke, "Our Lady is sad because even the good people do not pay attention to Her message." That is why She is sad.

That's why - when Our Lady was despised in 1952 by not doing the proper Consecration of Russia - a statue of Her in Syracuse cried tears. I have seen many photos of statues of Our Lady crying tears of blood. By not obeying Our Lady of Fatima, mankind is reaping a tremendous chastisement that mankind has never seen before.

Those Who Survive Will Envy the Dead

Cardinal Ratzinger told the Ambassador from the Philippines that the message of Akita, which is approved by the Church, is essentially the same as the Message of Fatima. Our Lady appeared on October 13, 1973 to say that a time will come soon in which Cardinal will oppose Cardinal and bishop will oppose bishop, that the priests who venerate the Blessed Virgin will be opposed by their brother priests and that mankind will see a punishment worse than the flood; that this punishment will be so bad that those who survive - and they will be a minority of mankind - will envy the dead.

The ONLY Solution Is the Consecration of RUSSIA

All this still could be prevented, but on one condition - that the Consecration of Russia be done and done in time. That is the message that we have here this week. No doubt, I  have tried to reduce this to as simple as I could for an opening talk; and I made affirmations which, no doubt, to some of you are exaggerations. I am prepared to answer your questions at the question and answer sessions.

God's Ways Are Not Our Ways

Part of the problem with the Message of Fatima is because it seems too simple. Part of it is because some say: "Well, how can the peace of the world be entrusted to such a simple Message or to such simple peasant children?" God's ways are not our ways. He values more the sacrifices of the simple, believing faithful peasants, or those of whatever station, than one who has lots of intelligence and lots of wealth or lots of power or lots of prestige among men. We should seek our honor from God, as Our Lord said, but the Pharisees chose, rather, to seek honor from men.

Let us ask ourselves these questions:

• Will we make the Message of Our Lady of Fatima our number one priority?
• Will we listen?
• Will we get others to listen?
• Will we learn?
• Will we reflect upon this?
• Will we act?

Our Lady is sad because neither the good nor the bad pay attention to Her Message. Our Lady has been despised. Frère Michel told me that, in his opinion, the Consecration of Russia will not be done until the Third Secret is revealed to the Church. He said that Our Lady was insulted and dishonored by the Vatican officials who disobeyed Her command to release the Third Secret in 1960. And until the Secret (of course, the whole Secret) is released, God will not give the grace for the Consecration of Russia until sufficient reparation has been given for this insult, this disobedience. And the full release of the Secret is the only reparation that God will accept. Frère Michel, who came to our first conference in 1985 in the Vatican itself, wrote the most thorough three-volume set of books on Fatima. He relied upon the research of Father Alonso, whose books, by the way, are still under ban after being ready to be published since 1975. Father Alonso's 24 volumes of over 5000 documents on Fatima are still forbidden to be published.

If everything was released in June of 2000 for the Third Secret, why are they hiding these documents to this day? Both the Claretian Superiors as well as the Bishop of Fatima have these volumes, but they are still hidden from the public.

Many Battles Are Won by the Control of Information

People are not aware, for example, even to this day, that the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was not a secret. The Americans had broken their code and knew the exact time and day and place of the attack. But the President of the United States hid this information from his Generals and his Admirals in Pearl Harbor so that the attack could take place. President Roosevelt (FDR), the president at that time, did this because he wanted the attack to take place, because he wanted to go to war with Japan and with Germany.

The war, you might say, was started by the President of the United States keeping a secret. I am not making this up. You can find this documented over and over again. I read books on it myself. My point here is not to talk about President Roosevelt. My purpose here is to talk about the need for information that you need to have especially now because you are under attack, - you are in a war to the end. You need the full Third Secret to protect yourselves.

As St. Paul tells us, our war is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and the rulers of the world of darkness. This warfare is being carried on not only by the devil and by his fallen angels who work with him, the warfare is also carried on by men and women who are the enemies of the Church. These human persons are doing so actually right now - that is, human beings who work for the devil are deliberately fighting against God and Our Lady.

They are not the only ones, but certainly there are Masons who, in the 33rd degree, worship the devil, as Pope Leo XIII pointed out. The Masons have declared war on God and on the Church since 1730. The Masons have heavily infiltrated the Catholic Church, including the Vatican itself for the past 50 years.

  I have met the priest, Father Francisco Putti, who published the names of 12 Cardinals who were Masons. Father Putti would start his article off with naming the Cardinal and saying what he has done and then he would end his article by saying Cardinal so-and-so is a Mason. This is the day he entered into masonry, this is his code name, this is his number.
  I went to see him one day because he said something similar about Cardinal Garrone. Cardinal Garrone was a French Cardinal and Father Putti didn't end his article the same way. He said, rather, that if Cardinal Garrone had received a commission to destroy Catholic education around the world from Satan himself or from the head of the Masons, he could not have done a better job.

  I asked: "Father, you seem to imply that he is a Mason but you don't actually say so." He said, "That's correct, because I don't have the documents on him. I have the documents on hundreds of priests and bishops, but I don't publish them because most of them have recognized the error of their way and have given up, but these ones I identify as Masons have not given up."

One time, Father Putti was threatened at least indirectly by a press statement that the Vatican was thinking of excommunicating him. So Father Putti called a press conference and he said: "Up to now, I have only published the facts, but if I'm excommunicated, I will publish the documentation."

The very next day there was a press release by the Vatican that there is no intention whatsoever of excommunicating Father Putti. I bring this up, not because it's pleasant to talk about how some Cardinals and bishops - and for that matter, of course, priests - are members of the Masonic sect, it's that they have opposed Fatima from the beginning.

It was the Mayor of Fatima - the Masonic Mayor of Ourem, more precisely - who put the children in jail, who threatened them with death, threatened to kill them by boiling them in oil. This Opposition to Fatima was more open at that time but it is much more subtle today. Nevertheless, the Opposition to Fatima is real. In fact, their indirect attack is much more effective. I have been speaking to a Member of Parliament from Europe who had not been aware of the need for the Consecration of Russia - which tells us how effective the devil has been in hiding the Message of Fatima.

Fatima, the Rosary and the Scapular Silenced on the Pulpits

First of all, we don't hear about Fatima in our schools, in our pulpits or even the request for the Rosary, even the request for wearing the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Even these things are not spoken about generally from our pulpits. If they are, its an exception. But if you consider that there are 400,000 priests in the Catholic Church, that there are 2,500 dioceses in the Catholic Church - how many speak about Fatima on a regular basis; how many newspapers speak about it? The only times I see it in the media is when you have some story in there which says the consecration is done, the Third Secret is released. Other than that, they drop off the word Fatima and drop the Message as well.

Fatima Is Opposed

So there is strong Opposition to Fatima. There is very strong Opposition to Fatima. Much of this Opposition is from ignorant people who don't know any better but some of it is spearheaded by Masonic influence from within the Catholic Church, from sources you would not expect. That is why we need to talk about these things, because we are never going to win the battle if you don't know what the enemies are up to. And you are not going to win the battle if you don't have the information that Fatima is not an option, that it is obligatory. Fatima is not an option, but is something we should all know about.

Yet Fatima Is Addressed to Every Human Being

As Pope John Paul II said, "The Message of Fatima is addressed to every human being." Looking at myself and looking at each one of you, I think at times we are all tempted to say to ourselves, "What more can I do, I am only so-and-so, I am only in charge of this little part of the Lord's vineyard - whether that little part is a diocese or that little part is a parish, or that little part is only a flock of five people or only a family of two - what can I do?"

There is much you can do and we will talk about that during this conference. Thank you and we look forward to your questions and participation so that you, too, will become as engaged as anyone in promoting this urgent Fatima Message and bringing about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our time is running out and there is a lot of work to be done. God Bless you.