Medjugorje: A Warning
The Remnant Press

Excerptedfrom "Letter from London", by Michael Davies The Remnant, 31 March 1989

I have excerpted from some cuttings, unfortunately not dated, concerning a recent visit to Alabama by Marija Pavolovic, one of the so-called seers of Medjugorje. Miss Pavolovic was in Alabama for 53 days, and readers will certainly be wondering whether she had any visions during her visit. Miss Pavolovic claims that she did. How many, you may be wondering?

 Fifty-three of course! One a day. She had come to Birmingham to donate one of her kidneys to her brother in an operation performed at the University Hospital, and she deserves our admiration for this fine gesture. During the operation, while unconscious under an anaesthetic, she claims to have had a vision-----which must be a first in the history of apparitions.

During her stay Miss Pavolovic stayed with a Mr. Terry Colafrancesco who, it appears, works full time for a non-profit organization called Caritas which he established in 1986 to promote Medjugorje: "Since then he has let his business, Country Landscaping, go dormant." Mr. Colafrancesco purchased a 90-acre field adjacent to his property for $400,000. In that field there is a pine tree. Mr. Colafrancesco mowed a path from his home to the tree, mowed around the tree, and placed a Crucifix and a Madonna on the site. He asked Miss Pavolovic to have a vision under the tree, and she duly obliged. It is somewhat remarkable that Mr. Colafrancesco had been able in advance to distribute information about the date and time that Miss Pavolovic would have her vision under the pine tree on his newly acquired property. Thousands of pilgrims are now visiting the field, much to the delight of the Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel. The Shelby County Sheriffs Deputy, a gentleman by the name of Gene Hamby, predicted, while directing a steady stream of cars to the field, "It's just beginning."

A Mr. Cyril Auboyneau, Miss Pavolovic's translator, confirmed that Colafrancesco asked for a vision in the field: "Terry wanted a vision in the field under that tree
-----he prayed about that. So we asked Marija to ask Our Lady if she would appear in the field on Thanksgiving Day. Our Lady said she would appear in the field."

Well, what can one say? I am astounded that anyone with a modicum of intelligence can give one second's credence to anything connected with Medjugorje, apart from the statements
of Bishop Zanic.


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