Alpinists and Mountain Climbing: St. Bernard of Menthon [Montjoux]
Art: St. Catherine of Bologna
Athletics and Athletes: St. Sebastian
Automobilists: St. Frances of Rome, St. Christopher
Boating: St. Julian the Hospitaler
Catholic Action: St. Francis of Assisi
Champions: St. Drausin
Charitable Giving: St. Vincent de Paul
Collecting: St. Benet
Dancing: St. Vitus
Embroidery: St. Clare of Assisi, St. Rose of Lima
Fishing: St. Peter and St. Andrew, Apostles
Gardening: St. Dorothy, St. Phocas, St. Fiacre
Greetings: St. Valentine
Horseback Riding: St. Martin of Tours
Hunters: St. Hubert, St. Eustace
Learning: St. Ambrose, St. Thomas Aquinas,
St. Acca
Motorcycling: Our Lady of Grace
Painting: St. Luke
Pilgrimages: St. James the Greater, Apostle
Singing: St. Cecilia
Skating: St. Lydwine
Skiing: St. Bernard of Menthon
Stamp Collecting: St. Gabriel the Archangel
Swimming: St. Adjutor
Travelers: St. Anthonyof Padua, St. Nicholas of Myra [Bari], St. Christopher, St. Raphael
Yachting: St. Adjutor