Sacraments, Special Situations, Religious and Other Societies, the Papacy

Bad Misfortune, Invoked against: St. Agricola
Baptism: St. John the Baptist
Battle: St. Michael the Archangel
Brides: St. Nicholas of Myra, St. Dorothy, St. Elizabeth of Portugal
Canonists: St. Raymond of Penafort
Catechists: St. Viator, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Robert Bellarmine
Catholic Action: St. Francis of Assisi
Catholic Press: St. Francis de Sales
Chaplains: St. John Capistrano
Charitable Societies: St. Vincent de Paul
Chivalry: St. Demetrius
Choirboys: St. Dominic Savio
[The] Church: St. Joseph
Church Janitors: St. Theobald
Clerics [the Clergy]: St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother [Possenti],
St. Thomas à Beckett, St. Gabriel the Archangel
Confession: St. John Nepomuk
Confessors: St. Alphonsus Ligouri, St. John Nepomucene [Nepomuk]
Converts: St. Helena, St. Flora, St. Vladimir
Crusaders: St. Louis IX, King
Deacons: St. Stephen
Death Row Inmates: St. Dismas
Death, Sudden, Invoked against: St. Andrew Avellino
Desperate Situations: St. Gregory of Neocaesarea, St. Jude Thaddeus,
St. Rita of Cascia
Disasters, Invoked against: St. Genevieve
Divine Intervention: St. Margaret of Antioch
[The] Divorced: St. Fabiola, St. Helena
[The] Dying: St. Joseph, St. Barbara, St. Catherine of Alexandria,
St. Michael, St. Maragret of Antioch, St. Nicholas of Tolentino
Emergencies: St. Expiditus
Emigrants and Immigrants: St. Frances Cabrini
Engaged Couples: St. Valentine
Eucharistic Congresses and Societies: St. Paschal Baylon
Exiles: St. Margaret of Antioch
Fathers [and Husbands]: St. Joseph
First Holy Communicants: St. Tarsicius, Bl. Imelda
Foundations: St. Anthony Claret
Grooms: St. Luois IX, King
Hangings, Invoked against: St. Colman
Healers: St. Bridget of Sweden
Heirs: Sts. Felicity and Her Seven Sons
Holy Death: St. Joseph
Homeless; St. Benedict Joseph Labre
Homely People: St. Drogo
Housewives: St. Anne, St. Monica
Impoverished and the Poor: St. Martin of Tours, St. Anthony of Padua
Infidelity, Those Who Suffer and for Conversion From: St. Monica,
St. Fabiola, St. Gengulphus
Kidnapping Victims: St. Arthelius
Lawsuits: St.  Agia
Lectors: St. Pollio
Longevity: St. Peter, Apostle
Lost Articles: St. Anthony of Padua
Lost Souls: St. Nicholas of Tolentino
Marital Problems, Invoked against: St. Elizabeth of Portugal, St. Rita of Cascia,
St. Pharaildis, St. Hedwig
Military Chaplains: St. John Capistrano
Misfortune, Invoked against: St. Agricola
Missions, Foreign: St. Francis Xaviee, St. Therese of Lisieux
Missions, Parish: St. Leonard of Port-Maurice, St. Benedict the Black
Missionaries: St. Therese of Lisieux
Monks: St. Benedict
Mothers: The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Monica
Mystics: St. John of the Cross
Native Americans: St. Turibus, the Martyrs of Paraguay
[The] Papacy: St. Peter, Apostle
Parenthood: St. Adelaide, St. Clothilde, St. Ferdinand III of Castile,
St. Louis IX, St. Rita of Cascia
Peace: St. Irene
People of Mixed Race: St. Martin de Porres
Pilgrims: St. James the Greater, Apostle, St. Alexius
Political Prisoners: St. Maximlian Kolbe
Popes: St. Gregory the Great
Poverty, Invoked against: St. Regina
Priests: St. Jean-Baptiste Vianney
Preachers: St. John Chrysostom
Pisoners: St. Barbara, St. Dismas, St. Vincent de Paul
Prisoners of War: St. Leonard
Prisons: St. Joseph Cafasso
Racial Harmony: St. Martin de Porres
Recently Dead, On behalf of: St. Gertrude of Nivelles
Reconicling the Unhappily Marries: St. Theodore of Sykeon
Refugees: St. Alban
Religious Orders: St. Benedict Joseph Labre
Retreats: St. Ignatius Loyola
Rome: St. Philip Neri
Second Marriages: St. Adelaide
Separation, Spousal: St. Gummarus
Seminarians: St. Charles Borromeo
Single Mothers: St. Margaret of Cortona
Solutions and Emergencies: St. Expeditus
Sterility, Invoked against: St. Henry II
Sterility in Men: St. Francis of Paola
Tertiaries: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Louis IX, St. Elizabeth of Portugal,
St. Margaret of Cortona
Theologians: St. Augustine [Moral], St. Alphonsus Liguori
The Unhappily Married: [Men] St. Gummarus [Women] St. Wilgefortis
Universal Church: St. Joseph
Vocations: St. Alphonsus Liguori
War: St. Elizabeth of Portugal, St. Michael
Widows: St. Paula, St. Clothilde, St. Fabiola
Widowers: St. Edgar