Special Eucharistic Prayers


Profoundly I adore Thee, my Jesus, true Victim of atonement for our sins; and I offer this act of adoration in compensation
for the sacrilegious outrages which Thou dost receive from so many of Thine ungrateful people, who dare to draw nigh to Thee
in Communion with mortal sin upon their souls. In reparation for these hateful sacrileges I offer Thee those last drops of
Thy Most Precious Blood which Thou didst shed from the Wound in Thy Most Sacred Side, and entering therein, in spirit,
I adore Thee, I bless Thee, I love Thee, and with all the Holy Souls who love Thee in the Most Holy Sacrament, I exclaim:

O Sacrament Most Holy!
O Sacrament Divine!
All praise and thanksgiving
be every moment Thine!


HAIL TO THEE Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, Son of the VIrgin Mary, Lamb of God, true Savior of the world, sacred
Victim, source of love! Hail to Thee, Jesus Christ, glory of the Angels, reward of the Saints, image of the Father, true God and true Man,
fruit of the Virgin's womb. Hail! dear Flesh of Christ, sacrificed as a victim upon the altar of the Cross for the redemption of the world;
by Thy death make us love the souls Thou hast redeemed and with them enjoy Thy eternal light in glory. Amen.


HAIL, Thou source of our being! Hail, Thou cause of our redemption! Hail, most pure Flesh of Christ the Son of God. Take pity on me, and grant to
Thine unworthy servant that at the close of my life I may truly acknowledge Thy holy Body which hath been consecrated for me at the Mass,
that in full faith I may adore Thee and receive Thee into my heart. Be to me a pledge of life in the lifelessness of death.
O sweet, O loving Jesus, Son of Mary, have mercy upon me. Amen.