Modern Churchmen and the laity that follow them are under the spell of the heresies of ecumenism and "universal salvation" which lead inevitably to actions opposed to the First Commandment. Every week seems to bring us at least several new outrages to God, Whose revelation about Himself and His Holy Truths has been entrusted exclusively to the Catholic Church. The result of these outrages is to give continued scandal to Catholics worldwide and encouragement to those in false religions to persist in their false beliefs until the point of their dying breaths, denying quite openly the truth that outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation.

The liberal bishop of Rockville Centre, New York, William F. Murphy, held a three-day meeting with members of the false religion known as the Sikhs, held at Immaculate Conception Seminary in Huntington, Long Island, which trains priests for the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre. Many Catholics on Long Island, quite understandably, were upset with this meeting.

This meeting was held at the specific request of the Holy See which has not taught in its official capacity that we must believe in this approach under pain of sin or anathema, meaning dogma, they simply act this way giving scandal to other Catholics and misleading the weaker ones because they have essentially broken with the faith whole and entire, without which we cannot be saved [the Creed of St. Athanasius, a great persecuted Saint]. Remember that the Pope is not infallible in his ordinary duties or PR conversations, speeches, and actions. Recall that the first Pope had to be corrected by St. Paul in public [Book of Acts] for an error, which gave scandal and because he had not lost his faith he realized the truth and accepted the chastisement from Paul. He the Pope! Peter had not bound the Church or made a definition of dogma, but merely expressed an erroneous idea. Still he caused scandal and had to be corrected for the good of souls. Oh, that we had a St. Paul today. Of course we do, he and all the other Saints and Doctors and sainted Popes and Fathers of the Church. Truth is eternal and unchanging, we only have to want to accept it. If we do not it is because of pride and favoring our way over that of God's, that is, we prefer to put our faith in others who have either lost the faith or were never Catholic, and who are the tools of Satan, even if they do not intend this as individuals. Just as we can be used by others in normal everyday life. It seems the better way because it is less contentious. Human nature, of course.

The very words of Sacred Scripture mean nothing to the modernists who teach us we can attend non-Catholic services for any reason other than the corporal works of mercy.  One of the spiritual works of mercy is to counsel the doubtful, another, to admonish the sinner [provided one is not committing the same sin or one worse and has some reason to think that in doing so he will not make matters worse], and yet another is to instruct the ignorant. Authentic charity seeks the conversion of others to the true Faith. If they are not predisposed, we have to pray for them and not show scandal by mollycollying their erroneous beliefs. To keep peace or to be supportive in the family would you go to a certain unsavory business to support your husband's twisted needs? Of course not, so why are so many of us willing do even worse against the First Commandment? More people are in Hell because of sins of the flesh according to Our Lady of Fatima. But this is only the most common sin, not the worst, blasphemy, sacrilege and profanation of the Word of the Holy Spirit are. I say this to make you think, not to be harsh or condemning if you are one of those who believes that the Catholic religion is necessary for salvation. Only God can judge you. If I did not love you, my neighbor, I would leave you be and not bother, just let you go to Hell, too, objectively speaking. Of course, if I did this, I would be guilty of a far worse sin, a grave act of uncharity.

Saint John the Evangelist put it this way in his Second Epistle:

And this is charity, that we walk according to His commandments. For this is the commandment, that, as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in the same: For many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a seducer and an antichrist. Look to yourselves, that you lose not the things which you have wrought: but that you may receive a full reward. Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that continueth in the doctrine, the same hath both the Father and the Son. If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house nor say to him, God speed you.

Some of you have children who have left the practice of the Faith. You have a moral obligation, under pain of sin, to not encourage them in a false religion. You must continue to love them but love does not mean not telling them the truth when the time presents itself. We can be patient with our loved ones in error, without endorsing error or sin.  I know that some of you are convinced that Church teaching can officially change, which makes social and familial relationships less burdensome; I can even forgive you your ignorance in this matter, because so many of you have said that a priest led you to think that religious tolerance means indifferentism in the practical sense. That without this tolerance you would be bigots. Yet the very same priests fail to point out that calling someone sinfully intolerant or bigoted because they validly with the Church and its unchanging Sacred Tradition, believe otherwise, is itself an act of bigotry. Our first duty is to obey the Commandments. The first 3 are about God exclusively and since the commandments are in hierarchy, the first is the most primary with the last seven with my neighbor, the tenth being coveting goods, the smallest of the vices, still a serious sin many times. I serve God first, my neighbor second. I cannot and will not do anything to violate His commands to me regarding Him and His primacy----false gods, the Sabbath, etc.  Then, too, these priests fail in their duty to preach on the holy keeping of Sunday. Sunday is no longer a truly holy day in America but for a few traditionalists. If Sunday is no longer inviolate why should the Faith be pristine? Human nature again and the path of least resistance. How many of us Catholics and Protestants shop on Sunday and how many of us laugh at those who don't, spurning their efforts to change hearts and minds?

I know you think you are doing the right thing and that you have the majority opinion on your side. This is immaterial, right is right even if no one else is willing to acknowledge it and wrong is wrong even if everyone else is doing it. The crowd chose Barabbas over Jesus on Good Friday. This is the way of the world and it will always be so. At the foot of the Cross very few people were there with our Savior. To stand for the truth today is to wait beneath the Cross once again and suffer. People want to avoid the truth now, thinking that if they do, their conscience won't be pricked or they will not have to suffer by inconvenience. They preferred not to know about Dachau either, how convenient! The truth is inconvenient like Jesus was to the Sanhedrin. He told us that our Faith had been purchased for us at great price and it is the pearl which we must not cast before swine. He also instructed His Apostles that the road to Hell is for the many [and many there are that go there] and Heaven the few [and few there are that find it]. So we know there is not some semi-universal salvation for everyone with good intentions. Most people have them you know. Very few get up in the morning intending evil. But still Christ said they [the many] go to Hell. His Gospel is exacting and so are His precepts. The Cross was exacting to the last drop. We are bound to adhere to Calvary and not this world----as it is the closest thing to Heaven, for in every Mass it is re-enacted in a bloodless way. Do our non-Catholic neighbors support us in this display of indifferentism by coming to Mass with us? Do they offer? Only stupid or misled Catholics [pearls before swine] are supposed to compromise I guess. Better the contempt of the world, if it comes to this, than God's!

Christ could have compromised, I suppose, thinking like the world is wont to think, and saved His life and condemned all mankind to the outer darkness of Gehenna forever. He loved us too much for that so He lost His life to give us ours. He never compromised the truth, He is the Truth and it is not enough to believe in Him, we must also believe Him. [Not every man who says to me Lord, Lord . . .]

Pope Eugene IV's Papal Bull Cantate Domino, issued during the Council of Florence in 1441, is a clarion call to all Catholics to be faithful to the mission that Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ gave to the Apostles before He ascended to the Father's right hand in glory on Ascension Thursday. Cantate Domino states quite clearly that the souls of unbelievers are at risk, thus meaning that Catholics have an urgent need to seek their conversion:

It [the Holy Roman Church] firmly believes, professes, and proclaims that those not living within the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics cannot become participants in eternal life, but will depart "into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his Angels" [Matt. 25:41], unless before the end of life the same have been added to the flock; and that the unity of the ecclesiastical body is so strong that only to those remaining in it are the sacraments of the Church of benefit for salvation, and do fastings, almsgiving, and other functions of piety and exercises of Christian service produce eternal reward, and that no one, whatever almsgiving he has practiced, even if he has shed blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he has remained in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.

Pope Leo XII in his first encyclical letter, Ubi Primum, May 5, 1824, denounced the errors of his day, including the ethos of Freemasonry [the sect referred to below] that leads ultimately to the acceptance of religious indifferentism:

Who can reflect without weeping on the fierce and mighty conflicts which have raged in Our times and continue to rage almost daily against the Catholic religion? Listen to St. Jerome: "It is no small spark, no small spark, I say, which is scarcely seen in being observed; it is not a little leaven which is obviously a small thing. It is rather a flame which attempts to devastate almost the entire world and to burn up walls, cities, broad pastures and districts; and a leaven which mixes with the flour and tries to destroy its whole substance." With this reason for fear, We would lose all heart for Our apostolic service were it not that the Guardian of Israel does not slumber or sleep, and says to His disciples: "Behold I am with you all days even to the end of the world," and condescends to be shepherd of shepherds as well as guardian of the sheep.

But at what are these remarks aimed? A certain sect, which you surely know, has unjustly arrogated to itself the name of philosophy, and has aroused from the ashes the disorderly ranks of practically every error. Under the gentle appearance of piety and liberality this sect professes what they call tolerance or indifferentism. It preaches that not only in civil affairs, which is not Our concern here, but also in religion, God has given every individual a wide freedom to embrace and adopt without danger to his salvation whatever sect or opinion appeals to him on the basis of his private judgment. The Apostle Paul warns us against the impiety of these madmen. "I beseech you, brethren, to behold those who create dissensions and scandals beyond the teaching which you have learned. Keep away from such men. They do not serve Christ Our Lord but their own belly, and by sweet speeches and blessings they seduce the hearts of the innocent."

No, this error that Pope Leo spoke of is not new, but in our day it rages with a new boldness against the constancy and integrity of the Catholic faith. The current indifferentism has developed to the point of arguing that everyone is on the right road. This includes not only all those sects which though outside the Catholic Church verbally accept revelation as a foundation such as Presbyterians, Seventh Day Adventists, Baptists, Jews, et alwho accept it selectively of course----but those groups also which reject the idea of Divine revelation and profess a pure deism or even a pure naturalism. The indifferentism of the ancient pagans seemed absurd to St. Augustine, and rightly so, but it did acknowledge certain limits even then. But a tolerance which extends to deism and naturalism, which even the ancient heretics rejected, can never be approved by anyone who uses his reason. Nevertheless----alas for the times; alas for this lying definition of solidarity!----such a tolerance is approved, defended, and accepted now! Have we entered at last into the Great Apostasy predicted by St. Paul?

The matter is so self-evident that it would be superfluous to give further arguments, but since we live in such times of confusion and resistance to truth I press on. It is impossible for the most true God, Who is Truth Itself, to approve all sects who profess false teachings which are often inconsistent with one another and contradictory, and to confer eternal rewards on their members. For we have a surer word of the prophet, and in writing to you I have no intention to use the wisdom of this world but the wisdom of God. By it we are taught, and by Divine Faith we hold one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism [the true formula is from Christ Himself] and that no other name under Heaven is given to men except the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in which we must be saved. This is why we profess that there is no salvation outside the Church because Jesus Christ founded one Church, the Catholic Church. If He had not intended such when some of His disciples walked away saying, "this is a hard saying" [on the Eucharist] He would have said, "Hey, wait a  minute fellas, you misunderstand I did not really mean it . . ." Of course He did mean that and everything else, too.

As it is said by those more eloquent than I am: But Oh! the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How incomprehensible His judgments! God, Who destroys the wisdom of the wise, has clearly given the enemies of His Church, who despise supernatural revelation, a perverted mind corresponding to the symbol of iniquity which was written on the forehead of the wicked woman in the Apocalypse. For what greater iniquity is there than for those proud men not only to abandon true religion, but also to seek to ensnare the imprudent by criticisms of every sort, in speech and writings filled with all deceit! Let God arise and restrain, make futile and destroy this unbridled license in all its manifestations. [I wrote this paragraph down for edification, not realizing I would use it publicly, so I don't recall the source.]

Pope Pius VIII put the matter very bluntly in his first and only encyclical letter, Traditi Humilitati, May 24, 1829:

"Although God may console Us with you, We are nonetheless sad. This is due to the numberless errors and the teachings of perverse doctrines which, no longer secretly and clandestinely but openly and vigorously, attack the Catholic faith. You know how evil men have raised the standard of revolt against religion through philosophy (of which they proclaim themselves doctors) and through empty fallacies devised according to natural reason. In the first place, the Roman See is assailed and the bonds of unity are, every day, being severed. The authority of the Church is weakened and the protectors of things sacred are snatched away and held in contempt. The holy precepts are despised, the celebration of divine offices is ridiculed, and the worship of God is cursed by the sinner. All things which concern religion are relegated to the fables of old women and the superstitions of priests. Truly lions have roared in Israel. With tears We say: "Truly they have conspired against the Lord and against His Christ." Truly the impious have said: "Raze it, raze it down to its foundations."

Among these heresies belongs that foul contrivance of those who do not admit any difference among the different professions of faith and who think that the gate of eternal salvation opens for all from any religion as long as "they are in good faith", a monstrous impiety which assigns the same praise and the mark of the just and upright man to truth and to error, to virtue and to vice, to goodness and to turpitude. Indeed this deadly idea concerning the lack of difference among religions is refuted even by the light of natural reason. We are assured of this because the various religions do not often agree among themselves. If one is true, the other must be false; there can be no society of darkness with light. Against these experienced sophists the people must be taught that the profession of the Catholic faith is uniquely true, as the Apostle proclaims: one Lord, one faith, one Baptism. Jerome used to say it this way: he who eats the lamb outside this house will perish as did those during the flood who were not with Noah in the ark. Indeed, no other name than the name of Jesus is given to men, by which they may be saved. He who believes shall be saved; he who does not believe shall be condemned. That belief is understood to mean the Church, the Creed says "I believe in the Holy Catholic Church . . ."

Jesus said "and I have other sheep, and them I must brings also." Bring into His Church. If they were okay where they were He would not have to bring them.

Pope Gregory XVI, who succeeded Pope Pius VIII to the Throne of Saint Peter in 1831, used Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832, to condemn religious indifferentism and modernity's own love of novelty:

"Now We consider another abundant source of the evils with which the Church is afflicted at present: indifferentism. This perverse opinion is spread on all sides by the fraud of the wicked who claim that it is possible to obtain the eternal salvation of the soul by the profession of any kind of religion, as long as morality is maintained. Surely, in so clear a matter, you will drive this deadly error far from the people committed to your care. With the admonition of the apostle that "there is one God, one faith, one baptism" may those fear who contrive the notion that the safe harbor of salvation is open to persons of any religion whatever. They should consider the testimony of Christ Himself that "those who are not with Christ are against Him," and that they disperse unhappily who do not gather with Him. Therefore "without a doubt, they will perish forever, unless they hold the Catholic faith whole and inviolate." Let them hear Jerome who, while the Church was torn into three parts by schism, tells us that whenever someone tried to persuade him to join his group he always exclaimed: "He who is for the See of Peter is for me." A schismatic flatters himself falsely if he asserts that he, too, has been washed in the waters of regeneration. Indeed Augustine would reply to such a man: "The branch has the same form when it has been cut off from the vine; but of what profit for it is the form, if it does not live from the root?"

This scandal of indifferentism gives leads to the erroneous secular dogma which claims that liberty of conscience must be maintained for everyone, even those who choose to be ill-informed. It spreads ruin in sacred and civil affairs, though some repeat over and over again with the greatest impudence that some advantage accrues to religion from it. "But the death of the soul is worse than freedom of error," as Augustine taught.

"When all restraints are removed by which men are kept on the narrow path of truth, their nature, which is already inclined to evil, propels them to ruin. Then truly "the bottomless pit" is open from which John saw smoke ascending which obscured the sun, and out of which locusts flew forth to devastate the earth. Thence comes transformation of minds, corruption of youths, contempt of sacred things and holy laws----in other words, a pestilence more deadly to the state than any other. Experience shows, even from earliest times, that cities renowned for wealth, dominion, and glory perished as a result of this single evil, namely immoderate freedom of opinion, license of free speech, and desire for novelty." [Ibid.]

Pope Gregory XVI's successor, Pius IX, wrote the following in Qui Pluribus, November 9, 1846:

Also perverse is the shocking theory that it makes no difference to which religion one belongs, a theory which is greatly at variance even with reason. By means of this theory, those crafty men remove all distinction between virtue and vice, truth and error, honorable and vile action. They pretend that men can gain eternal salvation by the practice of any religion, as if there could ever be any sharing between justice and iniquity, any collaboration between light and darkness, or any agreement between Christ and Belial.

Would Pope Pius IX have met with a group of Sikhs and not urged them to convert to the true Faith? Would he have contended that there are "elements of truth" in this false religion? Would his words be welcomed by the officials of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, a self-styled "Vatican II" diocese?

The Syllabus of Errors, approved by Pope Pius IX in 1864, condemned the following errors [nos. 15-18] that have become commonplace in Catholic schools and universities and colleges and seminaries, to say nothing of the Vatican itself: Note they are stated as if true since they were published by dissenters this way, but the Pontiff is actually condemning these four declarations because they are heretical.

15. Every man is free to embrace and profess that religion which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true.---- Allocution "Maxima quidem," June 9, 1862; Damnatio "Multiplices inter," June 10, 1851.

16. Man may, in the observance of any religion whatever, find the way of eternal salvation, and arrive at eternal salvation.---- Encyclical "Qui pluribus," Nov. 9, 1846.

17. Good hope at least is to be entertained of the eternal salvation of all those who are not at all in the true Church of Christ.---- Encyclical "Quanto conficiamur," Aug. 10, 1863, etc.

18. Protestantism is nothing more than another form of the same true Christian religion, in which form it is given to please God equally as in the Catholic Church.---- Encyclical "Noscitis," Dec. 8, 1849.

It is rather doubtful that the following passages from Pope Leo XIII's Satis Cognitum, December 8, 1896, were given to the Sikhs by the officials of the Diocese of Rockville Centre to study and to accept. Indeed, it is doubtful that any official from the Diocese of Rockville Centre has ever read Satis Cognitum, no less agree with its contents:

It is so evident from the clear and consistent passages of the Gospels that the true Church of Jesus Christ is one, that no thinking person, especially one claiming to be Christian, can deny it without manifesting pride. To avoid substituting our reason for that of Christ, the necessity of the Church and its perennial teachings which cannot be changed without peril,  must be judged by what was actually done at the time, for those closest to Jesus understood what He taught them, for the Bible says that there were many things which He taught orally. The first Christian Martyrs did not go their deaths confused or confounded. How many of us would die for the sake of indifferentism? Indifferentism leads to the non-desire for Martyrdom.  Jesus Christ did not found His Church to embrace several communities similar in nature, but in themselves holding separate beliefs, but when proclaiming His Mystical Body, He refers to only one Church, which He calls His Own----"I will build My Church; " any other Church except this one, since it has not been founded by Christ, cannot be the true Church. Most of the false sects were founded in the last two hundred years. Are you telling me that these are true, that Almighty God is so lacking in power that He could not tell the truth to His Own Apostles until these past two centuries? That He is in fact a liar? This is blasphemy! This becomes even more evident when the purpose of the Divine Founder is considered. For what did Christ, the Lord, ask? What did He wish in regard to the Church founded: the same mission and the same mandate which He had received from the Father, that they should be continually promulgated without fail: "As the Father hath sent Me, I also send you". "And thou hast sent Me into the world I also have sent them into the world".

"But the mission of Christ is to save that which had perished: that is to say, not some nations or peoples, but the whole human race, without distinction of time or place. "The Son of Man came that the world might be saved by Him." For there is no other name under Heaven given to men whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12). The Church, therefore, is bound to communicate without stint to all men, and to transmit through all ages, the salvation effected by Jesus Christ, and the blessings flowing there from. Wherefore, by the will of its Founder, it is necessary that this Church should be one in all lands and at all times. To justify the existence of more than one Church it would be necessary to go outside this world, and to create a new and unheard-of race of men." [Ibid.]

A priest writing as early as the beginning of the 1950s already understood the tenure of the times, its inchoate indifferentism, said:

That the one Church should embrace all men everywhere and at all times was seen and foretold by Isaias, when looking into the future he saw the appearance of a mountain conspicuous by its all surpassing altitude, which set forth the image of "The House of the Lord"----that is, of the Church, "And in the last days the mountain of the House of the Lord shall be prepared on the top of the mountains" (Isa. ii., 2). said that it is prepared on the summit of the mountains". Moreover, Pope Pius XI's Mortalium Animos, although it dealt generally with efforts by Catholics to engage in syncretist "ecumenical" efforts with Protestants, noted that Catholics must seek the conversion of all others, not engage in the sort of "discussions" that are founded in the belief that false religions have "elements of truth" and that Catholics have "something" to learn from adherents of false religions":

"Furthermore, in this one Church of Christ no man can be or remain who does not accept, recognize and obey the authority and supremacy of Peter and his legitimate successors.  . . . Let them therefore return to their common Father, Who, forgetting the insults previously heaped on the Apostolic See, will receive them in the most loving fashion. For if, as they continually state, they long to be united with Us and ours, why do they not hasten to enter the Church, "the Mother and mistress of all Christ's faithful"? Let them hear Lactantius crying out: "The Catholic Church is alone in keeping the true worship. This is the fount of truth, this the house of Faith, this the temple of God: if any man enter not here, or if any man go forth from it, he is a stranger to the hope of life and salvation. Let none delude himself with obstinate wrangling. For life and salvation are here concerned, which will be lost and entirely destroyed, unless their interests are carefully and assiduously kept in mind." [Ibid.]

The fact that there was no mention about the necessity of the Sikhs [mentioned above] to convert to the Catholic Church to save their immortal souls speaks volumes about the illegitimacy of the modernists who have seized the pulpit in the modern Church and promote false tenets. Many Catholics are being misled.

Saint Patrick did not arrive at a "mutual understanding" with the Druids. He sought to convert them, starting with their chieftains. Father Pierre Jean De Smet did not walk hundreds upon hundreds of miles to meet with various Indian tribes to find out how to accommodate the Catholic Faith to the false worship of the Indians. He sought to convert them. And Saint Francis Xavier did not go to the Far East to learn how to engage in "zen" meditation. He went there to convert practitioners of false religions to the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation. The Jesuit Martyrs of North America surely did not think we did not have to convert the Indians. What a torturous death they endured for Christ and we are not even willing to suffer a little social discomfort!

Although the point should now be established with certainty, it is necessary to add that Pope Saint Pius X had it precise when he noted in Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910, that the thrust of Modernism (in the form of the The Sillon in France) was to lead to the establishment of the One-World Church:

"But stranger still, alarming and saddening at the same time, are the audacity and frivolity of men who call themselves Catholics and dream of re-shaping society under such conditions, and of establishing on earth, over and beyond the pale of the Catholic Church, "the reign of love and justice" with workers coming from everywhere, of all religions and of no religion, with or without beliefs, so long as they forego what might divide them ---- their religious and philosophical convictions, and so long as they share what unites them---- a "generous idealism and moral forces drawn from whence they can" When we consider the forces, knowledge, and supernatural virtues which are necessary to establish the Christian City, and the sufferings of millions of Martyrs, and the light given by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the self-sacrifice of all the heroes of charity, and a powerful hierarchy ordained in Heaven, and the streams of Divine Grace----the whole having been built up, bound together, and impregnated by the life and spirit of Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of God, the Word made man----when we think, I say, of all this, it is frightening to behold new apostles eagerly attempting to do better by a common interchange of vague idealism and civic virtues. What are they going to produce? What is to come of this collaboration? A mere verbal and chimerical construction in which we shall see, glowing in a jumble, and in seductive confusion, the words Liberty, Justice, Fraternity, Love, Equality, and human exultation, all resting upon an ill-understood human dignity. It will be a tumultuous agitation, sterile for the end proposed, but which will benefit the less Utopian exploiters of the people.  . . .

We fear that worse is to come: the end result of this developing promiscuousness, the beneficiary of this kind of social interaction, can only be a Democracy which will be neither Catholic, nor Protestant, nor Jewish. It will be a religion (for Sillonism, so the leaders have said, is a religion) more universal than the Catholic Church, uniting all men become brothers and comrades at last in the "Kingdom of God". "We do not work for the Church, we work for mankind."

The One-World Church is the apotheosis of indifferentism and in fact indifferentism is the primary means to establish this monumental fraud.

I close with the undeniable fact that Pope John XXIII, when convening Vatican Council II, stated that it would not be doctrinal but pastoral only, thus, unless a decree or document from the Council refers to a prior dogmatic Council or prior dogmatic definition from a Pope, we are not bound to accept anything in it, and if such a decree or document contradicts dogma, we are under obligation to refuse to accept it, under pain of mortal sin.

I note that it is always Catholics who cavalierly attend Protestant services but that it is almost never the other way around. Even Protestants, for all their errors know better, how ironic! The Baptists next door invite me to their church but never volunteer to come to mine. I asked one but he stalled on the matter and is still stalling. I make a point to pray for priests who lead the sheep astray so shamefully, so woefully, to the danger of their immortal souls. and for these neighbors of mine.

In closing, let us recall the words of Christ: "I come not to bring peace but to turn father against son . . . meaning that the universal divider of families [and friendships] is neither money, nor politics, although these are bad enough, but religion. There is only one true Church as He taught and we are either with Him or against Him. The only everlasting true peace is peace of a conscience informed by Tradition, the heart of the Church's precepts. I stand with Christ's unchanging teaching safeguarded by Tradition through the dogmatic statements of the Church under the Holy Spirit. To do otherwise is to blaspheme in essence. We are all sinners but surely we need not profess false doctrine under a misguided sense of mutual aid. We must never tempt the Holy Spirit, "tempt" in this regard as the Church means it. If we cannot uphold the most elemental truth out of fear of hurting others, how will we become Martyrs when the time comes, and it is almost upon us, that time, for even now they are calling traditional Catholics "crazy". As one caller to C-Span said inb reference to Christians, with no interjection from the host, "Time is coming when these people must be done away with!" So far I am the only one who has objected that I know of. America will have its Nero and its Hitler, too, all by plurality vote and those who will be in the forefront to turn us in to the authorities? Our fellow modernized, syncretized Catholics. Christian capos, not Jewish ones. Christ said: "There is a time coming when they think they will be doing the work of God to put you to death."

In true charity, in honesty unparsed,
Pauly Fongemie
Web Master