Saint Epiphanius Et Alia

Schismatics are cut off like branches from the vine; they are destined for punishments; they are reserved, like kindling wood, for hell-fire.
St. Optatus of Milevis

You certainly sin if, having heard the decrees of the Apostolic See and of the universal Church, and having heard that the same things are confirmed in Holy Scripture, you refuse to follow them.
St. Wilfrid

I pray that all people may walk on the one true road that leads to God.
St. Paul Miki

For there is a King's Highway, and that is the Church of God and pathway of truth. But each of the heresies, having left the King's Highway and turning aside to the right or left and then giving itself up without reservation, is dragged onward into error; and the shamelessness of error knows no limits in any heresy. Come, then, ye servants of God and children of the Holy Church of God, you who are acquainted with the safe rule and walking in the way of truth; ye who are not dragged from side to side by words and by the beckoning of each false sect. Slippery are their ways!
St. Epiphanius

There can be only one Catholic Church, of which I am a member. This, with the help of God, I will profess till my dying hour. Rest assured, outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.
Ven. Francis Bel

I desire to die in the faith which the Holy, Roman, and Apostolic Church adheres to and defends, in which all the Saints of the New Testament have died, and outside which there is no salvation.
St. Charles Borromeo

It is certain that all men of Noah's time perished, except those who merited to be in the Ark, which was a figure of the Church. Likewise, they cannot in any way now be saved who are aliens from the Apostolic faith and the Catholic Church.
St. Gaudentius of Brescia

The Church is the Ark into which Jesus enters with all His faithful followers. The sinner leaves the Church as the raven once left the Ark.
St. Hilary of Poitiers

 Church of Rome! ... He who seeks another way shall find only eternal perdition.
Bl. Giles of Assisi

There is absolutely no salvation outside the Catholic Church.
SSe Cosmas and Damian

For Jesus' sake! Have a care for your souls! Become members of the true Church as you tender your salvation, for hereafter that alone will do you good. St. Edmund Arrowsmith
I die only for professing the old Roman Catholic religion, which was the religion that first made this kingdom Christian, and whoever intends to be saved must die in that religion.
St. John Kemble

Remain always in the bosom of the Church.
St. Fructuosus

If, then, the Body of God, the Church, closely glued to the Spirit, that is, to the Lord, is one spirit, then he who strays away from her, having fallen away from the Spirit, becomes carnal, both in soul and in body. St. Epiphanius

Heretics, if they have parted themselves from the Church, can have nothing to do with power and grace, since all power and grace is settled in the Church.
St. Firmilian

Suppose a man seeks life outside the Church? He loses the divine gifts, he spoils the out-pouring of grace, he cheats himself out of the benefits of charity. Life is had only in the Church.
St. Peter Chrysologus

For they who are cast forth from the body of the Church, which is the Body of Christ, are delivered over to be ruled by the devil, as strangers and aliens from the Body of God.
St. Hilary of Poitiers

Let us also examine the sacred words of the prayers which were handed down from the Apostles throughout the world and uniformly used in every Catholic Church, and thus find, in the prayers of the Liturgy, confirmation for the law of our faith. With the whole Church earnestly praying along with them, the priests beg and entreat that the faith be given to infidels, that idolaters be freed from the errors of their ungodliness, that the veil be removed from the hearts of the Jews so that the light of truth may shine upon them, that heretics may come to their senses and accept the Catholic faith, that schismatics may receive the spirit of charity which restores life, that sinners may be given the healing powers of repentance, and finally that catechumens may be brought to the Sacrament of Regeneration and the heavenly court of mercy opened to them.
St. Prosper of Aquitaine

He who maintains the unity of the Church works for the salvation of many.
St. Dionysius of Alexandria

Whoever has learned that Christ is the head of the Church, let him before all things bear this in mind: that the head is always of the same nature and substance as the body beneath it ...Wherefore, if any part be out of the body, it is utterly disconnected with the head.
St. Gregory of Nyssa

We, being many, are one Body in Christ. Romans 12:5 The Church of God shall be one body, one mind, one spirit,
one faith, one love.
 St. Hennas

The union of Christ with the members of the Mystical Body is obtained only by membership in the Church, for outside this chaste Spouse there is no union with the Bridegroom. She alone has the advantages of this divine union, and she alone has received the keys which are a mark of the power attached to the union. She alone is united to the Bridegroom, and she alone possesses the fecundity which is the fruit of this union. There is no life outside the Church because all the life that is to be had can come only from her, and no one possesses this life unless he belongs to her. Outside the Church there is no salvation.
Ven. William Joseph Chaminade
The true faith is necessary for salvation.
St. Vincent of Lerins

It is a denial of faith not to confess in the smallest matter. For we ought not to deviate from the way of truth even in the slightest particular.
St. Epiphanius

There is no other religion than this, and the rule of life is the same for everyone.
Bl. Theophanes Venard

As soon as a man separates from the Church and her doctrines, even in one point, he becomes unreasonable, illogical, falls into doubt, and ends in obstinate heresy.
St. John Nepomucene Neumann

They alone are Catholics who do not oppose the faith and doctrine of the Catholic Church; and, on the contrary, they are heretics who obstinately oppose the faith and doctrine of the Catholic Church.
St. Bruno of Segni

Both for our own profit and for the salvation of others, it is absolutely necessary to follow in all things the bright light of faith.
St. Vincent de Paul

Since our lamentable fall in the Garden of Eden, faith in Jesus Christ has been indispensably necessary for salvation, so that whoever has not believed in Him has not been saved.
Ven. William Joseph Chaminade

Without this faith, no one can enter Heaven.
Bl. Rhabanus Maurus
If we wish to approach Christ and touch Him by grace in this life and by glory in the next, we must believe the whole of what our faith teaches, neither doubting nor falsifying it in any particular.
St. Vincent Ferrer

Not without just cause does the Apostle say: "Where the righteous shall scarcely be saved, where shall the sinner and the ungodly transgressor of the law find himself?" (I Peter 4:18). The words are not mine, but God's and the Apostles' and Prophets' who have never lied: "He who believes shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be damned" (Mark 16:16). God hath spoken!
St. Patrick

Woe to heretics and infidels, to whom no pity shall be shown, for such is the will of the Most High!
 St. Francis de Paula

A Christian should have no other concern than to keep his faith firmly... Believe me, the promises which the wicked make to us are for our damnation; they are intended to make us slumber in order that we may not see the eternal death to which they lead.
St. Theodotus of Ancyra

To lose the faith is to close the door to salvation.
Ven. Louis of Granada

My faith is the true faith; it is the right faith; it is the faith that leads to Heaven. I was born in that faith, and in that faith I mean to die. I will never renounce my faith. But you, you be converted and do penance. Give up your schism and submit to our Holy Father, or you will never save your soul!
St. Andrew Bobola

To lose the faith is to close the door to salvation.
Ven. Louis of Granada



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