St. Bonaventure, St. Peter Julian Eymard, St. John Eudes Et Alia

Jesus Christ is given to us through the Church, just as He was given to the Church through Mary ... The Church alone has received the deposit of faith in Jesus Christ ... and it is through the Holy Catholic Church alone that men can become true children of the faith ... Unfortunate are the nations that do not live in the Church of Jesus Christ. They are like men outside the Ark at the time of the Flood. Out- side the Church, these poor travelers wander without a guide in the desert. They are like a sailor on a boat without either rudder or pilot. Alas, unfortunate children, abandoned on the road, without a mother to nourish and love them; they will soon die of cold and hunger! The gift of the Church as our mother and teacher in the Faith is therefore the greatest grace Jesus Christ could bestow upon us. And the greatest charity we can do to a man is to lead him to the true Church, outside which there is no salvation.
St. Peter Julian Eymard

Outside the unity of faith and love which makes us sons and members of the Church ... no one can be saved.
St. Bonaventure

We must ... offer ourselves to Jesus to die and shed our blood a thousand times if it were possible ... in preference to the slightest deviation from the faith of His Church.
St. John Eudes

O Jesus ... keep me safe in Thy Church, as in the bosom of a mother, apart from whom there is no life or salvation.
St. John Eudes

In order to understand more clearly this fundamental truth of Christian life, and to establish it more solidly in your soul, bear in mind that Our Lord Jesus Christ does not have simply one body and one life, but two. First, there is His own personal body which He received from the Blessed Virgin and the personal life which He lived in human form in this world. There is also His Mystical Body, namely the Church, which St. Paul calls "the body of Jesus Christ" (1 Cor. 12: 27). And His second life is the life by which He dwells in this Mystical Body: in all true Christians who are members of the Church.
 St. John Eudes

Outside this communion, as outside the Ark of Noah, there is absolutely no salvation for mortals: not for Jews or pagans who never received the faith of the Church; not for heretics who, having received it, forsook or corrupted it; not for schismatics who left the peace and unity of the Church; and finally, neither for excommunicated persons who for any other serious cause deserved to be put away and separated from the body of the Church like pernicious members. For the rule of Cyprian and Augustine is certain: that man will not have God for his Father who would not have the Church for his Mother.
St. Peter Canisius

O my Lord Jesus, should there arise an occasion on which I would either have to die or renounce Thy holy faith, I do vow and promise Thee as firmly and constant as possible to confess ann acknowledge Thee in the presence of everyone at the price of my blood, my life, and all the martyrdoms and torments imaginable, and to suffer a thousand deaths with all the tortures of earth and Hell rather than deny Thee. Oh, let me die in the faith of all Thy holy Martyrs!
St. John Eudes

If you die as an unbeliever, you will be damned and lost forever.
St. John Bosco

The greatest evil existing today is heresy, an infernal rage which hurls countless souls into eternal damnation.
St. John Eudes


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