The Sacred Heart:

Prayer to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,
gracious companion of our exile,
I adore Thee.

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,
lonely Heart,
humiliated Heart,
abandoned Heart,
forgotten Heart,
despised Heart,
outraged Heart,
Heart ignored
by men,
Heart which loves
our own hearts;
Heart pleading for our love,
Heart so patient
in waiting for us,
Heart so eager
to listen to our prayers,
Heart so anxious
for our requests,
Heart, unending
source of new graces,
Heart so silent,
yet desiring to speak
to souls,
Heart, welcome refuge
of the hidden life,
Heart, teacher of the
secrets of union with God,
Heart of Him Who sleeps
 but watches always,
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,
have mercy on us.

Jesus Victim,
I desire to comfort Thee;
I unite myself to Thee;
 I offer myself in
union with Thee.

I regard myself as nothing
 in Thy Presence.
 I long to forget myself
in order to think
only of Thee,
to be despised
and forgotten
for love of Thee.
I have no desire to be
understood or loved
by anyone but Thee.

I will keep silent in
order to
listen to Thee,
and I will
abandon myself
in order to lose
myself in Thee.

Grant that I may
thus satisfy
Thy thirst for
my salvation,
Thy burning thirst
for my holiness,
and that once purified
I may give Thee
a sincere and pure love.
I am anxious
not to tire Thee
further with waiting:
take me,
I hand myself over to Thee.
I give Thee all my actions,
my mind to be enlightened,
my heart to be directed,
my will to be stabilized,
my wretchedness
to be relieved,
my soul and body to be
nourished by Thee.

Eucharistic Heart of my Saviour,
Whose Blood is
the life of my soul,
may I myself cease to live
and Thou
alone live in me. Amen.

Indulgence 500 days.
Brief, February 6, 1899,
Sacred Penitentiary Apostolic,
November 8, 1934.

Today the 500 days has been replaced by a partial indulgence,
which no longer has a specific  time associated
with the indulgence.

This beautiful prayer was supplied by Father John
Fongemie, FSSP, Australia. Please pray for him
that he will be as holy as he can be and
thus save many souls.


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