Lord, I do not even know what humility is like, but I know that I do not
possess it, and cannot of myself obtain it; and that unless I have it I
shall not be saved; therefore it only remains for me to ask it of Thee,
but give me the grace to ask it as I ought. Thou hast promised, O my God,
to grant me all those things which I shall ask of Thee and which are
necessary to my eternal salvation; and humility being most necessary to me,
faith compels me to believe that Thou wilt grant me this, if I know how to ask
it of Thee. But herein lies the difficulty, because I know not how to ask Thee
as I ought. Teach me and help me that I may pray to Thee as Thou dost wish me
to pray and in that efficacious manner in which Thou Thyself knowest that I
shall be heard. And as Thou commandest me to be humble, I am ready to obey; but
grant that through Thy help I may in truth become such as Thou dost desire. I
ardently desire to be humble, and from whence comes this love and desire for
humility if not from Thee, Who hast put it into my heart by Thy holy grace? Oh,
of Thy goodness grant me therefore what Thou hast made me so love and desire. I
hope for it, and I will continue to hope for it. "Strengthen me, O Lord
God, that, as Thou hast promised, I may bring to pass that which I have
purposed, having a belief that it might be done by Thee." [Judith xiii, 7]

This prayer is courtesy of Shawn C.