WHOSOEVER you are, Christian soul, remember, how greatly Jesus Himself has recommended the devotion to His most Sacred Heart. For, appearing to the Blessed Margaret Mary, He said: "Recommend this devotion to ecclesiastics and religious, as an efficacious means of attaining to sanctity, the perfection of their state: recommend it to those that labor for the salvation of souls as a sure help to move even the most obdurate hearts: recommend it, in fine to all the faithful, as a most solid devotion, one best calculated to overcome their passions, to secure peace, to root out defects, to obtain a fervent love of God, and to reach in a short time a high perfection. My Heart will abundantly pour out Its riches upon all that devote themselves to the same."

"This devotion," says St. Alphonsus, "consists wholly in the practical love for Jesus. Now, this love is the devotion of devotions. It is truly to be lamented, that many Christians perform various exercises of piety, but neglect this devotion; it is deservedly to be regretted, that there are many preachers and confessors, who inculcate many practices of piety; and never, or almost never, mention this devotion, which yet ought to be the chief one of every Christian. From this neglect it comes that souls make so little progress in virtue, continue to live in the same defects, and relapse even into grievous sins."

Justly, therefore, does that Spouse of the Sacred Heart exclaim: "Why cannot I make known to the whole world those treasures of graces, which are stored up in the Heart of Jesus, and which He is willing to pour out so plentifully, upon them that are devoted to Him! By means of this devotion, He intends to preserve souls from destruction, and to establish in them the reign of His love, which will suffer no one of those consecrated to It to perish."

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