by Pauly Fongemie
February 10, 2015

An American public school - where is not germane as soon it will be almost any and or every public school if this is not stopped - requires students who are not Moslem to learn the Koran, recite Moslem prayers and demonstrate knowledge that there is only one God, Allah, an utter blasphemy!

Where is the ACLU when you need it? and rest assured, I am not being facetious here. Back in the good old days of the 80s I warned the public that this sort of atrocity was coming and the ACLU, known for its attacks on the mere mention of Christ in the public schools was a veritable "establishment of religion" would be silent when the Islamic ascendancy began its unrelenting climb to dominate and conquer the West. It is all, lamentably coming true. The ACLU is AWOL. Of course, it was obvious to me then, as perhaps it is finally [I pray and hope anyway] becoming patent to everyone else who is not on mental life-support, that the ACLU was not against the establishment of religion per se, but only the true religion founded by Christ and even the mention of His very Sacred Name. A number of citizens, including sad to say, Catholics told me I was Chicken Little and an alarmist swatting at invisible gnats. They, too, are AWOL. I have not heard from them in some time. Human nature, of course, one could say. I don't require vindication but we who see what is really happening need as much support as we can muster.

The dynamics at play here are a wonder in of themselves. Everywhere there is the cry and hue about Islamic extremism! And much ado about all the good Moslems who are "moderate" et cetera.

This is the heart of the matter, for it is these very "moderates" whom I also alerted the public about at the same time, supra, who are campaigning through various well-funded organizations to lobby the educrats to instill Moslem beliefs into the curriculum at the expense of Christ and His one true religion, Catholicism, and those Protestants, however in error, claim Christ as their King. Does anyone seriously think for one moment that the same tour de force in re Catholicism would be tolerated two minutes in the public schools and by the ACLU? Three guesses and the first two do not count.

It is the so-called moderates who are the danger as they are all coming for our children. They certainly have no objections to the Koran in the public schools and do not care one whit about the True God and His Church, period!!!! Considering they are still as yet - give them one generation as we are contracepting ourselves into oblivion - a statistical minority, events are going their way.

Meanwhile the Roman Catholic Church in its official establishment is morally bankrupt and many dioceses financially as well; it is powerless to help Catholic parents to fight against this insurgency in the government schools, paid with our onerous taxes,  because it long ago forsake Apostolic Tradition and has gone squishy soft with its redefinition of evangelization and the dogma of the Faith, outside of which there is no salvation! This is an abomination and an absolute dereliction of duty as shepherds!

The latest incoherent ravings of the Bishop of Rome, Francis, on the goodness of the Koran are prima facie evidence #1. Apparently he has no use for the infallible, irreformable, Mortalium Animos  of Pope Pius XI. Francis the Destroyer contradicts everything that Pius taught. This is a blasphemy, too! To openly defiantly contradict Truth in so public a fashion is a grave sin objectively speaking. A scandal!!!!! With this sort of heresy broadcast as the proper Catholic viewpoint, Catholics, at least, are left demoralized and helpless against the Muslim subversion.

Allah's name must never be invoked with respect or in general by any Christian under the tutelage of the schools. To do so is such blasphemy words fail! The name of Allah must only be used to disavow this false god.

There is but one God, the Triune God of the Blessed Trinity, The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!

May the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God - so blasphemed by Islam - be forever praised, loved, and adored forever and ever and ever without end, throughout the ends of the earth!



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