ST. STEPHEN, KING OF HUNGARYby Pauly Fongemie, September 2, 2015
Known as the Ideal Monarch

As I feared in my column, VENGEANCE of June 11, the war on police officers has erupted. Although overall police deaths have declined somewhat, they are again on the rise, particularly since the summer. COP used to stand for Constable on Patrol, but the C has been altered to a T: TOP or Target on Patrol. There are three underlying causes for the breakdown in respect for the duly enacted laws and the men and women who enforce them:

#1 - President Obama and his renegade regime have made it abundantly clear that he and they will enforce only those laws they prefer, that do not directly interfere with his megalomaniacal aim to fundamentally and totally transform America into his quasi socialist, quasi fascist vision. Thus, when he speaks out and or sends his representative to Ferguson, Missouri after a black thug who attacked a police officer is killed, but fails to do so when cops are executed at will because they are constables of the peace, he sends a message, loud and clear that those who hate the cops who represent the natural law, have a green light to go on hating for the sake of hating; eventually there arise those who act out on it. His signal from Washington was telescoped to the outlying precincts, such as Baltimore, where both the politically ambitious, but inept DA and her cohort, the Mayor served as echo chambers for the nascent "Black Lives Matter" hate and pressure group funded by the ultra leftist George Soros, with their public statements that the protesters' time had come - "justice" as they demanded or mob rule and that they would be given time to destroy property as somehow it was their due.

After a while these sort of highly charged, emotionally-driven and shamefully irresponsible utterances coming from elected officials take on a life of their own as the Zeitgeist among the self-acclaimed victim class absorbs lawlessness itself as part of the "new law."

#2 - Racist hucksters and the crass mass media that assists them in perpetuating the myths currently making the rounds - that only Black Lives Matter, or that somehow all Whites are racist by DNA or something akin to it. This is why some of academia is now offering anti-White curricula and the atmosphere on campuses are no longer conducive to civil discourse. This was of course to be expected, although it still galls that so many young Whites and their financially strapped parents are willing to put up with the demise of fairness and equal rights under the law. They are getting what they deserve you could say. Passivity never used to be the norm among college students.

All this breeds contempt for being non-Black or other so-called minorities and creates a milieu that enforces the breakdown of the natural law that affects social relationships.

#3 - Is the general decline of social mores shared and honored, a loss of the sense of honor and honesty, corruption filtering through the culture up to the highest quarters, where our leaders lie daily to us and without compunction. The people who are still left that retain strength of character and a sense of duty to country are ready shills for those promising them change. This is how Obama got elected - fabricated, but ingrained through slow indoctrination through the media and entertainment "White guilt" coupled with hunger for change. It was all emotion and a skilled sleight of hand or smoke and mirrors for the people, all too few, that is, were no longer able to see clearly, and they did not know they no longer know.

Now they and we are all in danger, for the police have been treated like mad dog killers on the loose, and to counteract this, they seem reluctant to behave as they ought and have an obligation under the natural law to do so, just because there are a few bad cops here and there, something that is true of every group. Heck we have bad parents but we do not have an organization ranting and chanting "Parents [pigs] in a blanket, fry them like bacon!" We have bad teachers, bad clergymen, bad everyone some of the time, this is human nature given Original sin. But no anti-them either. Only COPS!

Not only are they in mortal danger, more so than is to be expected because of the nature of their work, but soon, if the trajectory holds, so are we, for we will not be able to depend on a police officer when we most need one - he or she won't be there because they hesitated out fear of reprisal and loss of their career and livelihood and are thus gunned down or otherwise killed off or they are assassinated execution style in ruthless cold blood.

One Sheriff who has been vocal, courageous and outspoken, telling it like it is for sometime now, has been David Clarke of Milwaukee. He contacted the US Attorney General, an Obama appointee, who responded she did not have time. That's right, folks, no time. Plenty of time for the crime she counts as important.

It is not my doing but God's Providence that I am writing this piece on the Feast of Saint Stephen, King of Hungary. He was not to the manor born, but instead was acclaimed king by the people for his sense of decency, honor and wisdom, by which he ruled. The Church holds him out as an exemplar of the ideal monarch.

Obama has declared himself King of sorts by his illicit actions and tyrannical methods. We the people deserve him because we refused to impeach him and remove him and his imperialism that defies common decency and common sense, as well as the US Constitution. We have no more a Republic, because we no longer seem to desire one. Perhaps the people of Hungary at the time of Stephen merited such a good ruler who set the example.

We need to pray very much for Obama that he will cease his arrogance and non-empathy towards COPs overall and speak out. If he is going to be an imperialist, let him use the bully pulpit for law and order, rather than lecturing COPs a la the New York Mayor.

But until that occurs, if it even does, we must pray very very much for those brave men and women - all the officers killed to date have been men - for them and their families.

Please adopt a COP in daily prayer, much like the Church lists priests on a calendar for us to adopt in prayer. There is no need for names, let God choose the officer for you. Make it a mission to pray every day for that unknown to you COP, so that he or she will not become a TOP, but a true and noble COP: Covered Over with Prayer.

Below are two Memorare prayers that one can use:


Remember, O Jesus meek and humble of Heart, that, in what need soever, no one, who had recourse to Thy most loving Heart, was ever rejected or sent away empty. Animated with such a confidence, O Jesus, I come to Thee: burdened with miseries, I fly to Thee, and, with my miseries, I throw myself on Thy Heart. Do not, O my God, my Father, cast off me, Thy all-unworthy child, but give me admittance, I beseech Thee, into Thy Heart; nor suffer me ever to be separated therefrom. Aid me, I entreat Thee, in all my wants, and special requests [name it] now and forever, but, above all, at the hour of my death, O most benign! O most compassionate! O most sweet Jesus!

Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the ineffable power which thy Divine Son has given thee over His adorable Heart. Full of confidence in thy merits, we now implore thy protection.

O Heavenly Treasurer of the Heart of Jesus, of that Heart which is the inexhaustible source of all graces and which thou dost open when it pleases thee, in order to distribute among men all the treasures of love and mercy, of light and salvation which it contains: grant us, we beseech thee, the favors we request. [Mention your requests.]

No, we cannot meet with a refusal, and since thou art our Mother, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, favorably hear and grant our prayers.

Thank you in all gratitude.

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