April 7, 2017
Friday of Passion Week
Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Mary


A grateful nation thanks you for your decisive and declarative action with the carefully targeted Syrian air base on Thursday. Your action was executed by our skilled armed service with precision in order to avoid the loss of as much human life as possible: the target, the planes of chemical death, not people. You have demonstrated leadership with conviction, not empty rhetoric, restoring to America strength in defense of the sanctity of innocent human life.

Before you acted as a Commander-in-Chief ought to have, you told all of us who were listening intently that those pictures of the little babies was a turning point for you in so many words. Indeed, and by the grace of Almighty God, Whom you publicly called on for light and guidance. Amen.

I do not know about anyone else, but as you spoke so passionately and clearly, an extreme irony rushed through my agonizing heart, searing my soul:

Mr. President, we have many many Assads here in America, most calling themselves Planned Parenthood. You daughter, Ivanka, met secretly with a representative of these butchers with a good PR shtick and a media that aids and abets the barbarity by their planned cover-ups. I have no idea what your daughter took away from that bait-and-switch ploy on the part of PP, but I am certain of one thing, they did not show her the above image or anything remotely resembling it. They would not dare for the hideous facade would have been blown to kingdom come!

Mr. President, there are more of these pictures of tiny babies put to death by chemical poison much like sarin gas. It really matters not the various cruel methods of cold-blooded murder, for an innocent baby is an innocent baby and no such baby deserves this savagery. His life is precious to God Who created him as He did you and me. Look at the picture of the little baby above.

Instead of a few dozen on Tuesday, millions here in America. But just one baby is enough to revolt and disgust any decent human being.

I am calling on you, President Donald Trump, in the name of all that is holy under Heaven and in Heaven to act as decisively to end the slaughter of the sin of abortion, one of the four sins so heinous that they cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

Judge Gorusch is an honorable and upright man of eminent legal qualifications, an honest man and true. But I was not able to determine where he stands on the natural law.

The Constitution of the US is not the Supreme Law of the land, the natural law is, for it is the very foundation of all man-made law and constitutions. Without it we eventually descend into utter brutality and desensitized "civility," an oxymoron.

I pray that you will have another opportunity to appoint a judge to the US Supreme Court. Please, I beseech, you, President Trump, be certain that this time there is no mistaking that person upholds the natural law.

The first law of the natural law is that any law that violates that law is null and void, period, no other justification required!

The slaughter of innocent children is an affront and an outrage to God and He is angry with us, the nation He bestowed so much original grace upon, grace that we squandered recklessly and with abandon.

Abortion has been our downfall, a free fall into anarchy and lawlessness on the part of many in power, not just in the mean streets of ugly protest and rage. We citizens are at war with one another because we have chosen to make war on the innocent awaiting birth in the womb, where God has so lovingly placed them, the womb of thousands of years, left unmolested as a sanctuary. We have defiled this sanctuary.

Until we rid abortion as a so-called "right" from the land will God begin to favor us again.

If we do not heed, everything will grow more confounding year after year. Just when we see victory or a hopeful change, our hopes will be dashed time and time again.

Mr. President, strike abortion from America as soon as it is possible. You won't need guided Tomahawks, just five justices who understand that the natural law must be supreme, five justices with a gavel, not a missile!

Our family prays every night for you and your family and your entire administration. Rest assured we will never cease. Please, never cease to fight for the sanctity of the innocent, wherever they may temporarily reside, in the womb or without. The massacre of innocent children, wherever and however, is already too much for any normal person to grasp and not have nightmares that cry out to Heaven for redress!

Yours, in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Great Mother of God,
Mrs. Pauly Fongemie
Winthrop, Maine