We salute Congressman Trey Gowdy, R-4th District of So. Carolina along with those other House members of the Judiciary committee that supported and  approved H.R. 4138, the ENFORCE the Law Act, introduced by Rep. Gowdy  and Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). This act was approved on March 5.

Congressman Gowdy said:

“This is not a partisan issue. I would hope my colleagues agree regardless of political party, as Members of Congress, we have a responsibility to restore constitutional order. The ENFORCE the Law Act will give Congress the authority to defend the legislative branch as the Framers and our fellow citizens would expect.”

Brief Summary of the Bill:

To prevent executive overreach, the ENFORCE the Law Act puts a procedure in place to permit the House, or the Senate, to authorize a lawsuit against the Executive Branch for failure to faithfully execute the laws.  The legislation also provides for expedited consideration of any such lawsuit, first through a three-judge panel at the federal district court level and then by providing for direct appeal to the United States Supreme Court. This expedited review is crucial in order to ensure that when a lawsuit is brought against the Administration to enforce our laws, the courts not only grant Congress standing, but also hear the case on an expedited timeline to prevent the President from stalling the litigation until his term is up.

Whether or not this bill makes it through Congress - Harry Reid which holds a tight rein on the Senate, dominated by Democrats - or not this is a step towards reclaiming our country.

Even if the bill passed both Houses, of course, Obama would veto it. If the House voted for impeachment, the Senate would likely not follow suit; even given this realistic assessment, I favor impeachment because Obama would not be given a chance to veto it by definition.

Americans need to wake up to the danger that leis ahead with this imperial presidency and runaway lawlessness. We need to elect strong, principled conservatives to the Senate while maintaining the House and then impeach President Obama!

Until that day, this web site is most grateful to Almighty God for men such as Congressman Gowdy, et al. Someone has to do more than throw up his hands in defeat, if only to re-assert sound Constitutional principles as a shining example among men!

God bless Trey Gowdy and his stalwart Republicans!