Letter to the Church Militant
Dear Faithful in Christ,

It is said that the SSPX is not in full communion with Rome (i.e. irregular status). It is also said that the SSPX must accept Vatican ll, a pastoral council.
I am a traditional Catholic and I believe that the shoe belongs on the other foot---namely, Rome and the bishops in communion.
Let me begin with a quote from Our Lord to Bl. Anna Maria Tiagi: " My daughter, spiritual profit consists neither in penance, nor in the frequentation of the Sacraments, nay, not even in abiding sorrow for sin, but in the union of your will with Mine. Those who wish to follow My way must renounce their own will everywhere and in all things. Do what you do not wish to do; leave undone what you wish to do; one act of violence to oneself of this kind is much more pleasing to Me than an entire year of penances. You must not for the future use such language as: 'I want this; that is pleasant, that other thing unpleasant, and I would rather not do it'---such is the language of the world." "She herself," comments Cardinal Pedicini, "interpreted the necessity of renunciation in the following words: 'To acquire the love of God one must pull against the stream and never cease to resist one's own will'." [Wife, Mother and Mystic (Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi) by Albert Bessieres, SJ, pg. 87, Tan Books, 1970.]
With this in mind, I have some questions for Rome and bishops in communion.
1. Is Dignitatis Humanae and the Decree on Ecumenism in agreement with the magisterium before the council? Does the Catholic Church "subsist" in the Church of Christ?
2. What is the interpretation of Ephesians 5: 21 ("Being subject one to another in the fear of Christ")? Does it pertain to what came before or after? Are you in agreement with St. Peter, St. Paul, Pope Pius XI, Pope Leo XIII and the Fathers of the Church or with Mulieris Dignitatem, as it is taught in Pre-Cana (preparation for marriage)? Did St. Paul teach "mutual submission" of spouses?
3. Can you take the Oath against Modernism?
4. Do you agree with the Syllabus and Quanta Cura of Pope Pius IX?
5. Is Casti Connubii a timeless document?
6. Is Quo Primum of Pope St. Pius V still binding? Why is Summorum Pontificum thwarted (applied in a stingy manner) in some dioceses?
Will you apologize to the faithful for withholding the Traditional Latin Mass, their patrimony, in the past?

7. Are you in agreement with Immortale Dei and Libertas of Pope Leo XIII?
8. Are you in agreement with Pascendi of Pope Pius X?
9. Are you in agreement with Quas Primas of Pope Pius XI?
10. Are you in agreement with Humani Generis and Mediator Dei of Pope Pius XII?
11. Do you agree that the Social Reign (Kingship) of Our Lord Jesus Christ should be taught in the Catholic Church and in the world?
12. Why is classroom sex-ed still being taught in parochial schools in the form of safe environment programs (Virtues, Good touch-Bad touch, etc.)? Why are Pro-abortion/contraception politicians/lay catholics not excommunicated? Why are those who engage in homosexual behavior/pedophelia
still in positions of influence, against the wishes of the Holy Father?

13. Will you obey God and Our Lady of Fatima and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
The answers, I fear, will tell us who is Catholic and who is not. Would negative answers be indicative of heresy, apostasy or at the very least a crisis of authority?

Peter Yzaguirre

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