A Contemptible, Corrupting, Condemnable Campaign Against Authentic Human Development:
Filed by Pauly Fongemie
November 25, 2012

I have long admired Judy Brown of the American Life League [ALL] and her sacrificial works on behalf of the innocent and life, from conception to natural death. She is one of the leading lights of Christendom, of the Catholic Church, indeed of the world itself and all of us owe her a debt we cannot hope to repay. Such is the generosity of God and those whom He enrusts His special tasks to in these times. While I was not exactly surprised by the malignant, insidious tone of the CCHD ["Catholic" Campaign for Human Development] handout casting aspersions on ALL this past Sunday, of all Sundays, the Novus Ordo calendar Feast of Christ the King, given the apostasy of so many of the US Bishops, it still cut like a knife all the same. The sheet was a self-serving false rationale for supporting the CCHD. It began as always with pejorative language in order to bias the reader against ALL and other such organizations, please note the words in bold: "This year again, CCHD grantees are subject to exceptional scrutiny by organized pressure groups, like the American Life League (ALL), operating in exploitive ways."

What the CCHD accuses ALL of doing is precisely what it is guilty of, for what is this leaflet but a form of pressure operating in exploitive ways to induce you to support it with your donations. What does the CCHD mean by "exceptional" scrutiny; is not scrutiny an examination of a subject with great care, that is exceptional, meaning above the usual surface look at something? The employment of the double term is meant to imply that there is something unscrupulous or underhanded or unfair in the works. Great care ought to be expected of anyone providing an analysis of the righteousness or lack of one of a cause, do you not agree?

Then the CCHD pulls out all the stops, dropping any implied slurs, and says what it really means, all of which it has in bold itself: "Despite significant progress, some things don't change. The American Life League continues to attack CCHD and the USCCB. ALL continue[s] to recycle allegations that CCHD funds many organizations that are in conflict with Catholic teaching. They simply do not agree with CCHD's mission and how we apply our guidelines and requirements." And neither should you and I, for ALL is only telling the truth, that some funds, which are fungible, go to support contraception and abortion. There is no allegation actually; an allegation is something in dispute as to its truthfulness. Judy Brown and others have documented the base contempt that the CCHD has for Catholic moral doctrine.

The handout sheet admits that there are problems [called exceptional cases] but then tells the faithful that they can still and ought to support the CCHD because of "work done by hundreds of local community organizations ... leadership development, empower immigrants [they don't explain how] ... protect poor communities from the effects of environmental degradation [Ibid,. do not explain how or what is meant by this] catalyze access to healthcare (sic) [I thought Obama care was supposed to do this?] .... and promote the life and dignity of all." How is helping others acquire an abortion or contraception promoting life and dignity, exactly? The CCHD never explains.

It just wants you to support the CCHD without looking too closely or asking too many inconvenient questions it is not prepared to answer honestly. Characterizing ALL as a pressure group is not an argument but only displays the bias of the CCHD. In other words, it is OKAY to support CCHD because it only has some "exceptional cases" of UNCATHOLIC groups in its panoply. The CCDH never explains why those so-called few exceptions need to exist at all. They just dodge the whole thing in the end under a list of high-minded sounding projects that could mean almost anything to anyone, depending on the persons so interpreting, because the mission is never properly described.

The same bunch that refuses to preach on contraception expects us to fall in line now that we have been corrupted by poor preaching, a false preaching to be sure, poorer than merely poorly done. By their fruits thou shalt know them.

If someone told you that your baby's milk only contained a small dose of poison, but that it was safe to drink anyway, would you actually trust someone telling you this? And would you actually give the milk to your child? Of course not. Poison is, well poison and why should we have to tolerate poisoned milk? We don't and would not! How much more important is not the Truth of the Catholic Faith and its moral teachings? To ask is to answer. The CCHD and its bishop minions do not want us to ask because they do not want us to know the only answer worthy of a faithful Catholic. Contemptible, corrupting, and to be condemned!