by Pauly Fongemie
January 18, 2014

Our peremptory President - this past week - finally admitted what he has been up to ever since he ascended the media-backed, privileged throne of power: "I have a pen and a telephone, and I will use it ..." This was in reference to Congress, if it does not endorse the Obama agenda exactly as demanded or in the time frame desired by Obama, which is an egregious violation of the Constitution and a convenient reinterpretation of "executive powers". Actually this is another lie for it is all smoke and mirrors, an assertive ruse with an authoritarian tone to appear presidential, and in accord with the law and the US Constitution, when in fact he is abusing power that rises to the level of impeachment! Yes, I said IMPEACHMENT!

It matters not what Congress does, for it would never be enough for this would-be king. In order to make good on his promise to himself and his statist cohorts in the media and academia to "transform America", he has seized total control of the reins of power WITH SILENT CONSENT, laughing all the way to the proverbial bank. He knows that Congress is impotent for it has rendered itself useless and irrelevant because its members - both parties on the whole - lack the will to act, conquered by their own cowardice and sheer stupidity and distrust of one another, instead of doing the right thing for the Republic. The Congress is contrarian because it would rather neglect its sworn duty and allegiance to the country and its citizens rather than give up its own petty fiefdoms of power. This is why John Boehner refused to defund Obamacare and is working behind the scenes for amnesty, whatever fancy phrases are applied. It is all about being reelected and not about truth and honor, save a few stalwart courageous souls, one of whom, though not my Senator, replied to my letter positively and not with some form shuffled out to the folks to make them think otherwise, ending with the encouragement to contact him anytime. I am not his constituent in the legal sense, although in the moral sense I am because I am an American who is fighting for her country as he is. I am not a scourge to him as I am to my own representatives who serve the elitist core of their parties, not the people. Our sole Independent is a big government liberal if actions speak louder than words. Finally representation with taxation - it has been a long time!

Our consummate congenital liar-in-chief was prevaricating when he first took the oath of office, vowing to uphold the Constitution and faithfully execute the laws of the land - he had no such intention for he does not believe in the US Constitution as intended and its explicit grants and mandated separation of powers, a system of checks and balances. He uses words cleverly crafted to say what people expect to hear from a US President, then does the opposite of what he promised while running, then when found out, uses rhetoric again to shift the focus, to deceive with misdirection. The grand illusionist. The media, in all candor, knows better, but they simply do not care, agenda driven as they are. They cover with cunning, reporting as little of substance as possible until forced, and even at that the reportage is less than stellar; Obama must be protected. Only a few righteous journalists enter the fray. It is a minefield of disinformation - a virtual blackout, an insidious form of lying.

The first election was a fraud as was the second, not because some of us did not like the outcome - there have been several elections I have disagreed with and not once did I cry foul or fraud. I say fraud with regard to Obama because the media deliberately withheld vital information voters need to have to make thoughtful decisions while distorting and lying about his opponents, whatever their own faults were, these were elevated to an obscene level in order to sway the electorate which is now so poorly educated it does not take much media manipulation anymore.  Now we are seeing the results and slowly the evidence that we were defrauded is seeping out piecemeal. But two examples: unemployment figures were rewritten for public consumption - investigative reporting is an arcane notion now, unless the culprit is Chris Christie or any Republican that is - to influence the vote; Obamacare was calculatingly lied about to win the second election and so forth. Obama knew what he was doing and saying so cynically without an ounce of trepidation. He is and was audacious - as audacious as his autobiography, and as mendacious as his memoir.

I tried warning the people before the 2008 election, but so few were really paying any attention if my email was any indication. Catholic upon Catholic had ready excuses for overlooking Obama's pitifully scanty record and even more sordid abortion fanaticism. It was all about electing the first "Black President" and the heck with truth and the natural law. This historic feat was also a big lie because if Obama is only half Black, which he is, he cannot by definition be the first "Black President" any more than he can be one of a long line of "White Presidents" because he is half White. To say that he is the first "Black President" is to say the part of him that is White is not to be counted, a racist declaration if I have ever heard one. So even his election by racial identity, a dangerous qualification in of itself, was a fraud. No person should be elected on the basis of an attribute he did not achieve, his ethnicity. A race or ethnic membership guarantees nothing except, if used as a qualifier, that race and or ethnicity will rise to the level of division by definition: He cynically used his "race" to get elected, employing reverse psychology by complaining about racism. He knew precisely what it was he was doing, being about his father's business, the crushing of his enemies by ruthless, lawless means, his "father" being Saul Alinsky whose "father" was Satan himself. If he had really believed the lies about America's racism he would not have dared to use his race so pointedly. The only reason he dared to was because he knows, like you and I do, that most Americans are simply not racist, but unfortunately too many think they have to prove it all the time when someone suggests something sinister. This is what I meant when I used the term cynical, a particular type of cruelty, actually.

After the election I penned a three-part series titled LEVIATHAN RISING, July 16, 2009 and before that, on November 10, 2008, DAY OF INFAMY REDUX I wrote the following: [Please note I use the term, religion facetiously but mean it literally for the purposes our secularists need.]

Obama's election "is a great step for humanity, a sign that in the United States the issue of race and the problem of discrimination have been overcome," said Bishop Wilton Gregory. He averred that this could pave the way for a "Black" pope. As always the silly season is never out of season, especially when dealing with liberal-minded bishops who reduce the eternal verities to politics. We don't have the first "Black" President, we have, as far as we know, that is, the first multi-racial President, as if this is of import to governing. To say otherwise is to reject and renounce the President's other races, truly a racist act which perpetuates the very racism decried. Why not also the 44th White or the first Cherokee Indian? If race means anything then it must mean everything [each race equally] or else it is overtly and conscientiously racist. And just what does the US election have to do with the will of God in choosing His Vicar? The Holy Ghost guides the election of a Pontiff and I fear the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity is far from electioneering in America as can be because we want it this way. Ignorance is not bliss. "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." The Bishop actually thinks that the Holy Ghost has been waiting for events here so that a "Black" pope can be elected? I don't know where to begin, blasphemy perhaps? We haven't had an American pope, a Japanese pope, and so forth, either. So what! It is the will of God and not one's nationality or skin color that matters. This election of the 44th president is historic indeed, but not for the reason hailed. Having once elected an adulterer-in-chief, with no shame in plain sight, we have at last graduated from the self-indulgent and opportunistic to open liability---the messianic.

Today's Leviathan, the perpetrator of the parasitic, lies sprawled in luxuriate hubris and self-confidence upon the land, poised to devour everything within its merciless claws. We now behold it rising within our midst, emerging from the mist and murk, the contours taking shape at last to be recognized for the imminent menace it is - we must repel it, smite asunder the tyranny that is being established under the feint of justice, the "saving of the planet" in the country it seems to so despise, no matter the protestation. It is a myth that government has no religion; despotic rule, as opposed to normal monarchy, is its own religion. The religion of the servile state will brook no dissent from its politically correct orthodoxy. And every religion must have its savior or idol for worship by which to appease whatever threatens the stronghold of power. It was Obama who proclaimed "I will change the world with your help!" Meaning whether we want to or not because he wants and intends to. So much for the virtue of humility. You and I have all we can do to change ourselves day to day since the acquiring of sanctity is a fearsome, trembling task. Appeasement in the 21st century as it did with the ancient Aztecs who worshiped the sun god, means the sacrifice of innocent ones for the sake of expediency, ideology and willful neglect. Like the Aztecs, Obama ascended to power through blood, but not blood lines - the blood of millions of infants butchered on the altar of usurped "rights" the sine qua non of his campaign promises. Their blood runs still, belying our claim to righteousness. This outpouring of innocent blood will not be enough to sate the ambition of Leviathan: the people of the one true God, who seek to restore the natural law basis of self-rule, who resist Leviathan, are slated to be immolated further; however, mere sacrifice will not be enough, their very subjection, humiliation in a fierce class and generational warfare must precede their annihilation under Obama[s]care. This time the bar serpent comes from the class of the bar [lawyers who twist the letter of the law to alter by subterfuge the spirit of the law, and vice versa], ergo, the crooked serpent. The parsed phrase has taken on a entirely new dimension to be deciphered like a secret language.

So many Americans look up now, if they dare to, that is, and scarcely know where to turn. One ordinary, quite normal American, genuinely mystified, asked, "How could this have happened?" The person was kindly disposed to Obama and would not permit anyone to be a naysayer well after the election. Until now. A hundred days is like a lifetime. The how is easy enough to understand once one grasps the why, which is power for the sake of transforming America into his own evil empire ...

"Transformation" is one of the code words Obama employs, such as when he welcomed homosexuals as part of the month long celebration of the ascendancy of deviancy, with Michelle by his side; what the vainglorious creature we enthroned spews with one tongue, he snaps away with another. By creature I mean, made by the media, protected by the media, for a quixotic venture that will end in man-made madness. During the campaign, knowing that the country as a whole did not support "gay" marriage, he forsook it as an official goal and too many people believed him. Abortion on demand and infanticide and the vice of sodomy go hand in hand, wherever you find the one, you find the other. Hatred of normalcy feeds on itself in its variant forms. I did not believe a word from the future POTUS who was brazen enough to design and display his presidential seal before the election - he was toying with us as he was with everything else.

Indeed, the parsed phrase has taken on a entirely new dimension to be deciphered like a secret language.

The Obama phenomenon is an unprecedented coup d'etat, revolution by silent consent! A revolution because the so-called brilliant Constitutional lawyer, Obama, whose transcript from Harvard has been sealed from public examination - the people no longer have the right to know who their President really is - has turned the Constitution's framework of the separation of powers on its head and then some! And a revolution because the people, rather than rise up and demand his expulsion from the consecrated throne designated by the elites who truly hate America as she was constituted to be, are content with circuses and slogans.

I repeat:

This is revolution and it is occurring before our very eyes by silent consent of the majority, both within Congress and in the polity at large! In a moment we will look at the whys, for now let us point a searchlight on the wherefores:

Obama is using "executive powers or orders" in ways not before employed or even envisioned. A brief history of executive orders is in order.

The Constitution does not specifically enumerate the President's right to use executive orders; however, the Supreme Court has held that it is implied to fully execute the laws of the land, not create them when a President is dissatisfied with Congress. For instance, all Presidents beginning with George Washington in 1789 have issued orders which in general terms can be described as executive orders. During the early period of the Republic there was no set form with which such orders were required to comply and consequently such orders varied widely as to form and substance. Until the early 1900s, executive orders went mostly unannounced and undocumented, seen only by the agencies to which they were directed. However, the Department of State instituted a numbering scheme for executive orders in 1907, starting retroactively with an order issued on October 20, 1862, by President Abraham Lincoln. The documents that later came to be known as "Executive Orders" probably gained their name from this document, captioned "Executive Order Establishing a Provisional Court in Louisiana."

Until 1952, there were no rules or guidelines outlining what the President could or could not do through an executive order, until the Supreme Court ruled in Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer, 343 US 579 (1952) that Executive Order 10340 from President Harry S. Truman placing all steel mills in the country under federal control was invalid because it attempted to make law, rather than clarify or act to further a law put forth by the Congress or the Constitution. Presidents since this decision have generally been careful to cite which specific laws they are acting under when issuing new executive orders. That is, until now. Note, existing laws under which they are acting, not making new laws or refusing to uphold duly enacted laws or Constitutional provisions.

Wars have been fought upon executive order, including the 1999 Kosovo War during Bill Clinton's second term in office. However, all such wars have had authorizing resolutions from Congress. The extent to which the President may exercise military power independently of Congress and the scope of the War Powers Resolution remain unresolved constitutional issues, although all Presidents since its passage have complied with the terms of the Resolution while maintaining that they are not constitutionally required to do so.

This is the actual reality of executive orders in a nutshell - the executive branch is to uphold the law, not make it. Obama is no longer thinking and acting simply in these terms, he is claimimg the absolute right of "executive orders" as something other than a necessity related to the executive branch, which is not law-making or law-breaking, but his exclusive right to enact any law he deems crucial to the cause of destroying the very  essence of America and or re-writing one, and he is succeeding with silent consent! We might as well have crowned him emperor-king, although when it comes to war he has not even the barest grasp of strategy that the ill-fated Napoleon had. This is irrelevant to him for this, too, serves his purpose - bringing down America several notches - America is too high and mighty for the likes of Obama and his Chicago cronies, while hypocritically they themselves consider their crowd as above it all - beyond high and mighty. They know we know it, but this is also irrelevant, for they know the majority of the people have been successfully dumbed down, ignorant of history, the framework of the national charter and the meaning of ordered liberty and a Republic. According to those who make it a habit to study such things, America is now #12 in freedom, where once it was #1. While Obama has not brought America's to its economic knees alone he has hastened the process with our silent consent!

When he was running in 2008 he stated that "the stars were aligned" or words to that effect. This was by way of acknowledging in his megalomaniac manner that he had to seize the opportunity because the people were ripe for plundering because not only had the teachers' union-controlled government schools deliberately miseducated their charges - teachers as change agents for the new order - but that having looked the other way for over a generation while innocent babies were being executed, the grace of God was no more upon the land as it once was. God will not be mocked, but Obama could mock us in his own inimitable way.  You could say we got what we deserved, if by we is meant the majority of the voters who refused to pay attention, unworthy of the task that lay before them.

Like many a callous person who, seeing an injured, dying person on the street, steps over him as if a piece of garbage, our nation is seriously wounded, it lies bleeding before our eyes and we turn away, back to the game of the week and the latest celebrity jag; let us examine the corpus delicti:
Thus far, no calls for impeachment! Clinton was impeached by the House for a simple lie about sex, but damnable, intricate lies about life and death - NOTHING!!!!

Revolution with SILENT CONSENT!
And so forth and so on, the list is ginormous.
Imagine this, a government that cannot even contract properly to have a web site that works correctly, wants us to believe that it will take charge of health care efficiently and humanely? When the money runs out, what next, a single-payer government insurance? When fewer doctors and more demand are thrown in to the mix, death panels and unheard of restrictions except in communist and socialist countries? I think we all know the answer.

No calls for repeal from the majority loud enough - insistent enough - for Congress to do it with a veto override majority! The deliberate lies are certainly at the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

In the opening of  her book, HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, Constitutional lawyer, Ann Coulter's case for impeachment of Bill Clinton, has direct, unmistakable parallels with Obama, emphasis in bold added:

"Nevertheless, there are standards and precedents and rules about the conduct of public men, presidents in particular. It cannot be the case, for example, that President Richard Nixon 'shredded the Constitution' for inquiring about having the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit his political enemies (request declined), but that President Bill Clinton is an innocent victim of- in his wife's words- 'a vast right-wing conspiracy' when he succeeds in having the IRS audit his political enemies. The evidence for either claim may be disputed - to a point - but the answer to whether politically motivated IRS audits are right or wrong should not depend on who the President is, or who the enemies are.

"There are even standards for evaluating the evidence of such misconduct. And these standards, too, must be applied even-handedly if the rule of law is to survive. It cannot be the case, for instance, that, when a Republican president stands accused, he is to be held accountable for the actions of his subordinates, even in the absence of proof that he directly ordered those actions, and that a Democratic president is assumed to be innocent, no matter what the evidence, unless we catch him with a smoking gun in his hand. On videotape.

"With each new revelation about President Clinton's apparently corrupt and sometimes illegal behavior, paid and unpaid Friends of Bill (FOBs) take up the public relations gauntlet to announce that previously abhorred conduct is now considered wholly excusable conduct. "In the end the party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it [T]he logic of their position demanded it The heresy of heresies was common sense." 

Not to seriously call for Obama's impeachment is a grave dereliction of the citizen's duty. We can at least do this while working for the Liberty Amendments to be enacted by the States, as explained in the book, THE LIBERTY AMENDMENTS - see below.


Those singular men who came to the aid of the nation to warn of total ruin and tyranny were not only vilified in the press but demeaned and marginalized by their own party which long ago sold out to "progressiveness" and the status quo. I salute them and thank God for these valiant men, would that I were worthy to merit their efforts. Joining their ranks is one man who is not in office and who, in fact, shuns the spotlight and celebrity status - attorney Mark Levin of talk radio. He is absolutely heroic and staunch and faithful on behalf of our beloved Republic and he has both won my esteem and admiration, and my undying gratitude. From whence do such men come from, but as gifts from God to an embattled nation, caught in a vise of civil war - The Republic or tyranny! Mr. Levin does not have the capacity to mince words, he cares not one wit about public adulation, he is about telling the truth, unparsed and without reserve. His books are a call to arms to the patriot who seeks to remain free under the natural law as intended by God. He is almost a one-man drum in defense of the nation in such tatters it is to weep. Lately Rush Limbaugh has joined his voice, and I salute them both, but I pay special tribute to Mr. Levin! May God bless you and keep you and may God once more bless this nation which has mostly abandoned Him and His rightful domain as King of all nations, as King of all Kings!

And it is because we have so cavalierly forsaken His dominion over the affairs of men through our banishment of the natural law as the foundation of all human law, He is forsaking us.

This, then is the ultimate why, all the above are but the means of chastisement permitted by Almighty God upon a recalcitrant nation ... and Obama is the instrument which we seem to have merited by our impiety and infidelity. Because we refused to impeach the lawless US Supreme Court when it violated the natural law in Roe, we have lost the grace to act to unseat our lawless President and his minions.

I repeat, may we come to our senses and once more uphold the natural law, blot out the cold-blooded murder of babies in the womb, etc., and then, and only then, and may God once more bless this nation which has mostly abandoned Him and His rightful domain as King of all nations, as King of all Kings! God created us all in His image and likeness with dignity to be free in order to serve Him as He wants to be served, as He Himself served while He walked among us on earth 2,000 years ago .... with love and justice, freely given. Where there is no supernatural love there is no ultimate justice, only despotism and despair, and where there is no justice, love grows cold and the land is barren.

Mark Levin's four books relating to the body politic and the requirements of liberty:


His web site:

To listen to his show live from the internet with no fees:

The image above is a composite from THE NAPOLEONIC CODE CROWNED BY TIME by J.B. Mauzaisse, 1833 and a public domain portrait of President Obama. We selected this painting because Obama has the arrogance and megalomania of the erstwhile exiled Napoleon who shaped France in the ideas of the French Revolution that essentially destroyed the Catholic Church and the social classes, pretending he was leveling them, while endowing himself with all the benefits of royalty and privilege. I left the hands "White" because Obama is but half "Black".



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