The Crucible: The Trial of Justice Clarence Thomas
The Rise of the Cultural [and Soon the Political]Totalitarians

by Pauly Fongemie
July 8, 2015

A quarter century ago I began studying the homosexual sub-culture through their writings, not their public rants; some of the threats were so vile that I cannot repeat them here as a matter of common decency. All in all, I was struck by one raucid refrain permeating throughout: that these gravely disordered men - mostly the writers were men - were not seeking "equal rights" but intended superior rights. By this I meant that once they achieved their socio-political goals, which was phase 2, phase 1 being the campaign to condition society to view them as they were desperate to see themselves, the all-out blitzkrieg, phase 3, would be the sassy, tormented humiliation of those who still opposed them, no matter how little personal power they held as private citizens belonging to the minority view. Victory would never be enough to satisfy their blood lust, a total domination so that every man, woman, child would extol them as superior or else, the "or else" depending on whatever these homofascists could get away with in whatever political climate prevailed: the need to punish those who were normal and would not sacrifice normalcy for the sake of the absurd and abnormal. At the time it seemed so far-fetched few believed me. Today that sub-culture no longer exists, it is now the very fiber of the culture at large, transforming us in sundry ways few dare to comprehend distinctly.

Only those who will themselves to be blind can fail to see now, clearly, since the infamous, shame-filled, craven Supreme Court decision "legitimizing" the reign of Sodom. I use the word, reign, with purposeful intent, for I mean it as in to rule. And no where is this most evident than in the treatment being applied to Justice Clarence Thomas, one of the valiant four who held the ground of right reason, despite the clamor and contagion to go with the flow.

Once again it is his special test, a veritable crucible. The first trial of mockery he had to endure was after he was nominated for the Court. And now he is being tried by the new totalitarians, the cruelest of tyrants, those who are bent on the suppression of all truth, decency and morality, reason, and even basic common sense. Although Justice Thomas was not in the "majority" who were hell-bent on disregarding the Constitution in order to cede total sway to these frenzied deviants [Kennedy - they used emotion to decide], he is still guilty of a grave affront to their megalomaniacal self view. He must be publicly debased as was attempted by one well-known actor, whose name shall not be memorialized within these pages. The fellow apologized to keep good form, but not really, for this is the animating cause underlying everything else. With good reason totalitarians are called this, because they are total in their dominion and demands.

A few months prior to the Court decision, a foregone conclusion actually, the New York Times ran an editorial calling for the suppression of the Christian ethic regarding sodomy. This was echoed by the ever macabre Hilary Clinton. For now the forces of madness and total depravity are testing the waters of public respect for conscience, which is dissipating fast by the week. But soon, the Christians will be slammed hard by government fiat, with the help of many weak, sniveling sisters in the not so Grand Old Party.

Then Clarence Thomas' crucible will be ours, too, just as it has begun to be for the other three Justices. It will be, to borrow from Thomas Paine, the time that will try men's souls, for this is the crucible by which we will be tried, the battle for our very souls. I am of the opinion that the vast number of homofascists give no credence to Hell and its existence. But for those that do, knowing all too well, that if they do not repent, Hell is theirs, thus, they intend to destroy our souls that we might join them in their tragic odyssey. For the former, it will be Hell on earth for the rest of us. Not only will we be "forced to submit" but we will be enjoined to give them due tribute, by way of "approval", not just submission. But to do so is to surrender our salvation, our souls. We will be dead men walking.

I will close, not by addressing Justice Thomas, but Chief Justice Roberts, not because he is the head Justice, but because he is the one who said under oath that his religious beliefs would not influence him. He was willing to sell his soul for the sake of mere human ambition. When I heard him declare this, it was as if a stake was struck through my heart. There is a wound there still, it has never healed as well it cannot.

I tell you this, John Roberts, out of love for you as my fellow Catholic: The natural and Divine law apply to everyone at all times and in all places, by Heavenly decree. We cannot forsake it without forfeiting our very eternal happiness, our immortal souls. Only Christians are expected to deprecate their souls to be awarded a position as a Justice. I have never heard any member of the Senate Judiciary Committee ask this of anyone else, other than a Christian.

This alone should give you pause. Our detractors and those who benefit by our betrayal of the natural and Divine law know that the only true religion is the Catholic religion, with some Evangelicals somehow participating in their own view of things, and thus this is the real threat to the left's supremacy, Christ. They cannot hope to kill the only God that is, so they hope to smash those who profess open allegiance to His Holy Will.

Justice Roberts, you cannot hope to escape unscathed, for the war is total, and takes no prisoners. You have redeemed yourself for your stand, despite your inordinate ambition, which predisposes you to the wiles of the totalitarian impulse, as I put it in an other column. Remember, man, that you are from dust and to dust you shall return. History and its acclaims die with the end of this world, but eternity is for ever, either Heaven or Hell.

We ought not squander the grace of God provided to us in those moments we least merit, but need most of all, we must uphold the natural and Divine law in all matters, convenient and not convenient with our very lives, if need be, and that necessity is dawning even now.

Your immortal soul is more precious than your bodily life.

There are so few authentic heroes these days in our vaunted celebrity culture that glorifies the grotesque all too often. You, valiant four, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito, have been given the opportunity of grace in a world of dead and or wandering, lost souls, to be exemplars of that law of His Justice. I will pray always that you will persevere from this grace anointed crucible unto your grace gladden crown in Heaven ...