by Pauly Fongemie
September 5, 2015


As a number of Catholic writers, including myself, have been sounding the alarm for years now, the following report does not give us any satisfaction in being vindicated in the eyes of our critics, but this a final wake-up call to those still on the fence, as if anyone has the luxury of indifference and the comfort of neutrality.

This column is adapted from the web site of Mass Resistance.

You all probably know by now that a Christian woman in Kentucky, Kim Davis, who is a clerk, duly authorized to issue marriage licenses and who has staunchly refused to do so for same-sexed couples, to her great credit and the glory of God, unlike so many of her craven Catholic counterparts across the land, has been jailed by a local judge who "told her that she’ll stay in jail until she’s willing to change her mind - and go against her conscience and faith. He said that he’d review the situation in a week, adding that he jailed her because fining her  'would not bring about the desired result of compliance' ".

Although there are about 125 county clerks who can issue such "licenses" the judge insists with a ferocity that every official must be forced in compliance or else.

The overwhelming majority of Kentuckians favor marriage to be defined as God-given. The all out war to crush Christians and the spirit of Jesus Christ has been a brewing on the back but ever simmering burner of revolt against chastity, and, indeed, all morality as known under the natural and Divine law.

The leftist screed, THE NATION, revealed with bold daring what the sodomite collective and their supporters have been plotting to effect for years. That article was published just one day before the US Supreme Court ruling on "marriage" was issued. The following is the various steps the deviant revolutionaries envision, probably realistically considering the amount of power we have conceded to them in our naïveté and reluctance to believe such evil exists. I have never been able to understand this because of the evil of abortion, the Holocaust and so many similar outrages over the centuries, especially in our century, that it seems to me only those who will to be blind have blindfolded themselves. I was told by friends that I was an extremist, an alarmist who did not know what I was talking about and I ought to just shut up in so many words, for the "good of all." Right.

Now here it is in black and white from the mouths of those who intend to bury Christians and Christian mores into the dirt by any means at hand, and the heck with conscience rights. They are the only ones with "rights" because they have seized power through our ineptness and passivity and political stupidity. THE NATION quotes what the editors describe as "high-profile LGBT activists":

§ "Gay marriage" is meant to be the beginning, not the final goal.

§ The long-range plan is to "crush and deligitimize all opposition" to their all-encompassing agenda, which includes the Christian churches - they do not mention temples or mosques.

§ They are on a vengeance assault on marriage, all marriage laws, fathers ought to be able to marry their daughters, their sons, etc. Age does not appear to be a factor even.

§ Force schools to promote their agenda. This is a laugh and a half, how do they think, apart from the media and the courts, they got this far? The schools have been promoting their agenda with an excellence few other entities can claim, for they have a lock hold on the innocence of children eight hours a day!

You think this ought to satisfy them? Guess again, they demand

§ That religious freedom be abolished altogether! That's right, you are reading it correctly.

The national [homosexual] Human Rights Campaign is raising millions of dollars to fight religious freedom laws around the country.

§ Demonize pro-family conservatives [already accomplished] and silence all dissent! Almost effected in 2015.

And finally, no surprise at all:

§ A Marxist economic system.

Kim Davis is only the beginning of the jailing of Christians for their beliefs and the fidelity to them; last month in "Denver the City Council denied the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain permission to do business at the Denver Airport because the company’s president said he does not agree with 'gay marriage.' One Council member labeled the president’s pro-marriage beliefs 'discriminatory political rhetoric,' and must not be allowed to make profits from the city’s airport. (Chick-fil-A restaurants have never been accused of actually discriminating against anyone.)."

And of course the media is all too willing to join in the chorus of demonizing Christians: I quote from the above web site's article.

"The day after Kim Davis was jailed, the Boston Globe prominently published an op-ed article titled Kim Davis follows the footsteps of George Wallace which states, among other things, that 'Davis is just the latest in a long, infernal line of fanatics to contort their so-called faith into an excuse for hatred and division.' The Left’s hatred of religious people is visceral, and now it’s coming to the forefront."

And as always when dealing with the left on any issue, hypocrisy is never to be found wanting: Again I cite.

"The jailing of Kim Davis by Judge Bunning, like most of the Left’s actions, has more than a whiff of hypocrisy. When San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom began illegally ordering county clerks to issue “gay marriage” licenses in 2004, or in 2009 when California clerks (and the Governor) ignored the Prop 8 ruling against issuing “gay marriage” licenses, no judge intervened at all." 

Meanwhile too many of us do not even have the fortitude of the cowardly lion. While Mrs. Davis sits in jail, a modern heroine, all but one of her local fellow clerks have agreed to succumb to the crushing edict, surprise, surprise! And then there was Carly Fiorino, one of the blind apparently, issuing her own fatwa of a sorts on the campaign trail, that the law must be complied with, no matter what. She failed to mention, if she even knows, that there is no such law on the books, these are all court rulings issued in violation and in "violence' against the natural law!

And by definition, the first law of the natural law is that any man-made ruling or law that contravenes the natural law is null and void, period!

Some years ago, I warned my readers about the downfall of National Review, a periodical I had to cease subscribing to, after I saw the faint traces of the handwriting on the wall when a lesbian with doubtful mores [her ramblings] was a regular contributor.

National Review has published an article saying “[R]eligious-liberty protections cannot act as a bar to gay couples: If the law permits a U.S. citizen to get a license, there must be a way for the gay couple to access it, with their dignity intact."

For the completely secular person who still honors and upholds all of the natural law, there is nowhere to turn, now. And even in some religious quarters:

An increasing number of pro-family and church leaders across the country have sided with the Federal Judge, saying that Kim Davis should go to jail for "not following the law."  No judge to date can cite such laws on the books, as we have said.

What can be effectively done? What must we do?

I will quote MassResistance, which believes the whole agenda must be confronted head on:

"Using what resources we have, we believe in taking the offensive. This means challenging that movement everywhere we can. First and foremost means not holding back on telling the unabashed truth, no matter what the consequences. (For example, most conservatives are squeamish about talking about the well-documented medical and psychological destructiveness of homosexual behavior.)

"The LGBT movement wins when we become afraid to confront them."

Catholic Tradition and before that, The Guardian, has been doing exactly this, taking the hits the sodomites should have been.

Maybe this time, those of you who have been crying that I have been crying wolf will recognize the enemy at the sheep gate at last. And where are our bishops? there are only a handful with any courage or Christian fortitude at all.

The martyrdom has begun in earnest! and with the help of too many clergymen.