"They Create Desolation and Call It Peace" [or Constitutional Justice]

by Pauly Fongemie
June 27, 2015
Saturday of Our Lady

"And I will destroy your land, and your enemies will be astonished at it, when they shall be the inhabitants thereof."

------------- Leviticus 26:32

The Supreme Court, courting disaster, total dissolution and tragic desolation, in its decision granting Sodomites the "right" to "marry", ought not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying any attention; long ago it signaled its intention, if somewhat obliquely to all too many with naiveté, when it sided with the purveyors of perversion and overturned the duly enacted Texas law against sodomy. It would only be a matter of time - time for the public to "play catch up" with the elites - for the Court ceased being a deliberative body of the Constitution years even before that, for it was all about political agendas, hypertrophic egoism, and inordinate pride and conceit. But then was not this always the case when the Natural and Divine Law were permanently sacked and tossed down the Rabbit Hole in Alice's New Wonderland of pernicious "positivism" in the infamous Roe case which brought the fabrication of cunning deceit through guile and audacity to the forefront of the continual down slide of society and the common weal ever since? As with the Church in the dismal denial of man's very nature as created by God - all kinds of condemnation about environmental "sins", but "Who am I to Judge" about flagrant sodomy! It is apostasy itself that is the very air we breathe. After all, if it is deemed "legit" to slay tiny babies awaiting birth for any reason - the practical and actual effect of the Roe decision - what else of reason and normalcy could possibly prevail, once such savagery was unleashed??? Words mean something or they don't. With too many of the Supremes words mean what they decide they want them to mean, everything is mutable, yet written in stone, a bitter and irrational irony!

The four Justices of the Minority opinion almost got it right, in particular John Roberts, who may have redeemed himself here with Almighty God, who said with all reason and certitude, in a summary, if you will, of his dissenting opinion, which he actually read aloud, a most unusual occurrence: "If you are among the many Americans - of whatever sexual orientation - who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today's decision, but do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it." Indeed. But then, maybe so; the ever "evolving Constitution" is now the tool of the left and those aligned with them whatever label they apply to themselves, by definition; for the highest law of any land is the Natural and Divine Law of God. It is supposed to be the foundation of any man-made law and constitutions; otherwise man is subject to the vagaries of petty tyrants and the wearying vicissitudes of life as served up by those with power over his daily life. Without it, man is left without a fortress, subject to the winds of infamy in every era and age.

This has been our plight for a long time now, almost all my adulthood and perhaps yours.

But then, surely this was the natural outcome of the Founders' enterprise, Masonic to the core, sons of the Enlightenment which brought darkness to society as it rejected the rights of Christ the King in His Social Reign, the
sine qua non of revolutionary zeal, with far too much trust in the democratic process which is subject to the most fulsome weaknesses of even the most virtuous, far more than to any strength of the weakest. This is why Fisher Ames, the 18th Century Federalist statesman could write:

"A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction. These will produce an eruption and carry desolation in their way."


"The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness which the ambitious call, and the ignorant believe to be liberty."

Returning to the opinions of Roberts et al, as I said, they only got it partially correct, for they unwisely think that such issues that defy the law of God ought to be up to the will of the people. What a calamity! No person, no government body or court has any authority to overrule the natural and Divine law! It is not up to the people, who have an obligation incumbent on their soul's salvation to uphold it with their very lives if need be! Period, and period!!!! The Court divested itself of this inalienable duty long ago, so it was to be expected that such lines as Roberts wrote are the best one can hope for. Given how entrenched positivism is, in contravention to the necessity of the natural law, the very first rule of all law, it is almost a miracle that Roberts was as incisive as he was. But God bless him and his three valiant cohorts anyway! They gave it all in a magnificent effort although the conclusion was foregone ages and ages ago. God love them!

The Majority are triumphant, to the point of boastfulness, in utter reckless disregard for the wanton shame they have brought down on America and the contempt for God they so arrogantly displayed the other day, just one more day of infamy in a long line of such treasonous acts.

They fail to reckon with the Almighty, the Lawgiver Himself. Time and time again, He has been patient, calling men back to Him through one chastisement after another, and still they see not, for they choose to see not. The blind leading the blind.

As in the Biblical days of yore, God will destroy this land by letting the degenerate majority have their way. The rest of us are hostages to the Homosexual Collective, which will abide its time, only for now. If anyone thinks that this will satisfy its lust for power and a twisted obsession for revenge, guess again! Soon, very soon the shrill outcry for the Christians to be forced to comply with every edict in their warped and dissipated hearts will arise anew, this time with a fury, not like a woman scorned, but like a Harpy bent on the monstrous - for the Collective has not been scorned, but courted. Gratitude is not an attribute of this depraved tribe. When I think of all the useful idiots I have had to suffer and endure these past three years or so, when it comes to the "rights of gays", if it weren't a matter of life and death for this nation, I could have laughed out loud, for one could not be sure who was the clown and who was the circus master, it has been all so surreal. But then, folly always takes one on the quick, as if out of the blue.

There is a reckoning to be paid, and like all ransoms, it will not come cheap. For vengeance, says the Lord, IS MINE!

There will come upon this land such inexplicable ugliness and desolation that there are no adequate words in our lexicon to capture it. Just when something appears to be looking up, hopes will be dashed, and the more our craven leaders attempt to right the ship of state, the flood of failure will rise and rise again. This land will be barren in more ways than one; first barren of justice, then children who had the right to live and were denied, and at last barren of all grace and Heaven's help until the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. The situation is so dire that we are without hope until then. Our enemies will conquer us from within and the blood of the Martyrs will blend with the blood of those first tiny martyrs, and what little freedom is left will be entirely vanquished:

"And I will destroy your land, and your enemies will be astonished at it, when they shall be the inhabitants thereof."

And this is the word of God upon me, this Saturday in June, dedicated to Our Lady.

The NEXT link is for a companion piece I am doing on the Homosexual Collective in the Church that is closely related to all our trials, past, present and future at the hands of the most perfidious of all inversion. It ought to be online by July 1.

Images of the Passion of Christ and His Holy Mother, Our Lady of Sorrow, will now be a permanent banner image on our Main and New pages, in reparation for the evil, the insolent, unfettered wickedness that has been wrought by the Court, Friday. An Abomination of Desolation!

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