by Pauly Fongemie

Catholics are to remain ever diligent to safeguard the Faith in any age. In modern America where
wolves continually assail the sheep this admonition is especially relevant and urgent. Not by chance did I have an opportunity to read the latest propaganda in the war against Tradition in our parish bulletin. It has only been recently that I have begun to grasp not only the enormity of our plight, but also the reason God has placed me here at this time. Normally we would be adoring Our Lord at one of the Traditional Roman Masses offered in the diocese, both of which necessitate travel, either at a long distance in the late morning or a shorter distance by half almost before dawn. My husband is seriously ill and cannot travel so if we are to receive Our Lord Jesus at all, we have to attend one of the Novus Ordo Missae in our locale, a torment for me. However my suffering, I am happy in that I have the will and means to defend the Faith as it is being undermined from within as is the case this past Sunday, the Feast of Epiphany. The Magi brought three gifts to Our Infant King in Bethlehem: gold, signifying His Kingship and our loyalty to Him; frankincense, the fragrance of true worship; and myrrh, representing the holy spices that would embalm the Body of Our Crucified Savior just before His Resurrection. It should have been a glorious Sunday, even in the Novus Ordo. But no, just when one thinks it might be "safe to go into the water once more," it is precisely when it is not, a cardinal rule for this unprecedented era in Catholicism.

Behold, I open the bulletin to find in bright green an insert titled, Blessed John XXIII, by Fr. Stephen Wilbricht, CSC, STD, assistant Professor of religious studies at Stonehill College, Easton, Massachusetts. The insert does not refer to him as a priest, but his bio at the college web site does. He appears in Roman collar. The institution bills itself as "a selective Catholic" college. Well, there is more than one way to be selective, the other way concerns the deliberate distortion of Church history, particularly Vatican II, by which we are fed propaganda through careful selection of material and the omission of pertinent, vital data.

The short article by Father Wilbricht opens with a Latin citation, Ecclesia Semper Reformanda ["the Church is always to be reformed."] While the translation is correct, Father neglects woefully to inform the reader that the phrase is not a hallmark of the one True Church of Jesus Christ, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, but originated with the third reformation and adopted by charismatic movements and the Lutheran tradition, and then adapted for legerdemain by ecclesiastical "reformers" of the Roman Catholic Church who were caught up in the spirit of Vatican II of the 1960s. Always remember that the Protestants in revolt did not use the authentic meaning, revolt of their catastrophic action, but "reform" by which to deceive and induce the laity to follow without much reflection upon the course they were embarking so precipitously.

The entire point of the article is to further lionize and legitimatize the rupture with Tradition that characterizes the fruits of Vatican II and the Pope who so inexplicably [by Traditional norms] called it into being. In the paean to Bl. Pope John, the piece omits aspects of this Pontiff's view of the Faith that are less than noble. A deliberate distortion. Before I knew of the existence of this insert I had already republished on this site SIGNS OF THE TIMES, with 2013 updates. The chapter that is  material to answering this distortion can be found HERE. The author of this bulletin insert mentions that Pope John uttered that the Crucifix is the "secret to my ministry." I am sure this is true and that the late Pope indeed had a great devotional piety, whatever his faults as Pope. However, this personal sanctity has no bearing on the poisonous fruits of Vatican II, just as an evil man as Pope cannot instruct under the invoking of infallibility pernicious beliefs and heresy.

This insert has come to typify the barrage of liberalism we in the pews who are trying to save our souls, are fed year in and year out. So until this changes, I will console myself that I can defend the Faith, which is a grave duty as well as a privilege, and until my dying breath, including with my dying breath I will continue to counter each and every distortion promulgated as truth!