by Pauly Fongemie
January 6, 2015
The Epiphany of Our Lord


By this I mean it is urgent that the Consecration of Russia  to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady of Fatima be fulfilled at last. Events, politically, socially, and in the Catholic city are almost apocalyptic, certainly the center no longer holds: right is wrong and wrong is right and even celebrated. Blasphemy is a right! Willful murder of the innocent is a right! What was once common sense is denied and abrogated for the most bizarre. The abnormal reigns in place of the normal. The very notion of absurdity itself has been derogated and abandoned. Lawlessness in almost every quarter of authority is now the very law itself and the natural law, the first rule of law among men, is but a distant shadow of a long ago archaic fossil because modern man is now the sole arbiter of what constitutes the law among men. Every possible solution to the crises in life, which appears within man's grasp, escapes him inexplicably. He has become accustomed to confoundment. He apprehends nothing as he rushes to serve nothingness or the great god of his belly, Mammon. It is all material now and or a sham "spirituality" as propagated by the world, pretending to save. The Gospel of Oprah & Company which has superseded the authority of Christ the King!

The errors of Russia are now part and parcel of much of daily life, even in America, such as abortion on demand. Our newly elected so-called "conservative" Congress speak only of material welfare, outlawing the wholesale slaughter or mass infanticide is not even a blip on their radar screen, to hear them tell it. Only less than a third of the US states are "strongly pro-life" according to the latest poll, and at that what is meant by strongly pro-life is not known. Meanwhile Islam grows within the West, eclipsing Catholicism and other creeds of a Christian bent. War is a way of life or should I say death stalks at every turn. And those men and women assigned to protect us, they, too, are under attack as the enemy. If they so much as attempt to arrest a felon they may be shot at will as happened this weekend in the Bronx. Thanks be to God these officers will live, unlike the other two who were executed. It is all madness now, Satan dances in the streets reasserting his fiefdom as he is Prince of this world. No sign of Christ the King but in a few hearts and souls here and there. Certainly not in the UN, the US Congress and around the world in its official halls. The drumbeat of war and savagery of every imagined stripe and then some, and more war, steps up its cadence day after day, while we continue to make war on our smallest most helpless ones, the babe in the womb awaiting birth and Baptism. There can be no peace in a nation claiming to be Christian as Rush Limbaugh says, yet content to let abortion be the "law" of the land!

Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan must come to fruition in the Consecration. No sign of any predisposition from Bishop of Rome, Francis. But prayer can move mountains, even a prelate or two or three or more. It is through prayer and penance, daily conversion of ourselves that such victories come.

How long, O Lord, how long, must the enemy surround me? I wait in the land of Leviathan, in the land of eternal waiting and mourn what has been lost, hoping in what must surely be gained at long last through Divine Providence at the hand of our Mistress, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

If you have not done so, complete the FIVE FIRST SATURDAYS' devotion, say the Rosary every day and include the Consecration of Russia as one your incessant pleas to Heaven. All grace flows through her hands as it is her prerogative as the Mother of Her Son. The imperative is ours to effect. She will not do it without our earnest co-operation.