Father Nicholas Gruner,
Founder of the Fatima Center
and Leading Advocate for Our Lady of Fatima
and Her Urgent Pleas to the World

Grammatical Error Corrected: Missing Word, Never

His hands were created for sacred tasks for the sole purpose of saving souls: for saying the Immemorial Mass of the Ages, absolving others of their sins, and being the herald of Our Lady of Fatima, sometimes a thankless and daunting endeavor as he faced persecution from those in the Church who have modern ideas about the Faith, and the growing paganism and resentment of all things truly [traditionally] Catholic.

Surrounded by controversy due to widepread ignorance and some malice, he never wavered, never doubted his heavenly-appointed mission, to obtain the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart as specifically requested by Her to Sister Lucy.

Even with the connivance of highly placed prelates in the Vatican who have adopted a worldly, Masonically-inspired creed that serves man first, not God, he never seemed discouraged, but the light to the world that he had become burned ever brighter and further anew.

a great light has gone out from the earth, this faithful steward of Our Lady of Fatima, who never tired of calling men to heed her pleas on behalf of world peace in the Kingdom of Christ and the salvation of souls. But in the end Our Lady will prevail, for she defeats all heresy, through the power of her Holy Rosary. She is the woman of the Apocalypse.

I only met and spoke with Father once, many years ago, but it was enough time to know that I was in the presence of a Saint, and I was never the same after that - I would have followed him anywhere if possible, because of Our Lady of Fatima and the times we live in.

When you pray for his soul - I am sure soon to be in the arms of Our Lady, if not already - pray for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart and in the immediate offing, to pray unceasingly for the US Supreme Court, which is poised to settle the "Gay marriage" scandal. Our highest court has not always been reliable where the natural law is concerned, but appears to be more interested in pragmatic results. Pray that at least five justices will have the courage and the right reason to once more recognize the supremacy of the natural law over that of positive, man-made law. If not, the Catholic Church will be the next target.

Please join your prayers to those of Father Gruner, who surely must be praying for the triumph of the natural law mandate in this landmark case. ...

Perhaps God called him home in such perilous times that he might be our advocate from eternity as we have a great need for such as the chastisement that has already begun upon the world for its treason against Heaven and its contempt for the enormity of sin, is but a foreshadow of the horrors yet to come.

As for us, this web site continues to be dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima; we, too, aim never to falter or weary in the cause of Our Lady, for it is to save souls from Hell, that we exist.
And Father Nicholas Gruner is still lighting our way ...

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