Catholic Tradition is hereby instituting this special series, ISLAMIST [JIHAD] WATCH. Our Government is not telling us everything we have a right to know and must know. The "Jihad" to gain total conquest of the West is waged by the Islamists on three fronts within America: the PR - Public Relations front - in the Mosques, schools, both Muslim [madrassas] and public  - and the terrorist "sword of Allah".

The first is with the co-operation of most of the major media which no longer prizes western ideals based on the natural law and those principles of social and political justice essentially derived from Christendom, although they have yet to reckon with the conflict regarding Islam's treatment of women, etc.

The second is itself on two battlefields: in their own schools, primarily of the Wahhabi sect, which operates with full freedom here in the States, and in the nation's public schools, by what I call "pressurized PR" to gain the confidence of the liberal education elites who then serve as propaganda agents for the Islamists among us. Political correctness - or the dread of being thought of as Islamphobic, which is completely devoid of common sense and understanding of basic self-preservation or what is truly at stake - is the wedge that separates the elites from the common man who knows better but who is frustrated before the lies imposed on him. The contempt displayed before righteous Congressional probes is insulting to the average man. He knows what is what but is made to feel alone all too often. He is not alone; we are not alone. "They" have the media, the guns, the courts; we have the truth, the majesty of the truth, which ennobles man, frees him from the threat that is ignorance and impels him to uphold it for the whole world to see.

The third front, terrorism, is not all that the government and the media, which is too lazy and seldom acts as true watchdogs on the government any more, are informing us about.

Christians need to re-institute their own "holy war" to counter that of the Islamist Jihad, but ours is not one of violence, lying connivance and conversion by the sword, but one of fasting, prayer, and the relentless pursuit and proclamation of the truth and instead of "In the Name of A-------!" let our battle hymn be "In the Name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Redeemer of All Mankind and King of All Nations!" There is but one God, the Most Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Three Divine Persons in One Godhead. May His adorable and ineffable will be everywhere obeyed, praised and adored by everyone on the earth and under the earth, as it is in Heaven!

In order to effectively meet one's avowed opponent bent on conquest or death, one must be able to identify who and what that enemy is. Then one must be able to say its name forthrightly. To refuse to acknowledge the whole truth is to deliberately tie both of one's hands behind one's back so as to cede precious ground to the foe, as if committing suicide. Those entrenched in power follow blindly the Islamist lure because they share much of the anti-Western biases of our sworn enemy. They are, in effect, moles or double agents, de facto, if not strictly de jure. They are eternally blind in that they cannot see that the totalitarian system of Islam and Shari'a is the same as Nazism and Communism, with the same inane brutality; the single difference is Allah, a "created" god, but a god of sorts. The other two ideologies installed supermen among other men as gods. This leaves us immeasurably vulnerable as we can now see from the persistence of the Jihad on all fronts. We are non-Islamic, we are Western, children of the one  True God and His natural law foundation for society. We need not cower before the foe and when I say foe, I mean to include many of the government chief operators and the media who openly shill for the administration, carrying their buckets of dirty refuse.

The essential aim of this series is to provide an unreconstructed collection of facts joined with our commentary, based on the facts and known prior history - the past is often prelude - in order to counter the fabricated, systematic propaganda version so prominent in the major organs of the media, which have been all together too amenable to and malleable by the spokesmen for the Islamists.

The war by Islamists against the non-Moslem, mainly Western societies, is a winner take all proposition: it is war to not only physically conquer the West, if possible, but most importantly a conquest of the very mind, heart and soul of each and every one of us.

This is what you need to know - the chapters are the following, with each bearing the primary sources. The first is now online - it is a preliminary quite general overview of the events surrounding and leading up to the Boston bombings. Subsequent presentations will be online, serially throughout the next few weeks, beginning April 26, 2013. When the link is highlighted in bold, this means it is now available for viewing.


The Three Fronts in Relation to the Events of the Boston Marathon Bombings
2. Islam Rising: The Sword
3. Who Was Muhammad, the Prophet
4. The Will of Allah "The Only Freedom" - Who Allah Is to the Islamist
5. The Feckless, Dangerous Appeasement of the West
6. The Kuran [Koran]- An Overview and the "People of the Book"
7. Intentional Unending Jihad - Blueprint for Conquest

8a. The Fifth Column of the Jihad
8b. The Abuse of Non-Muslim Good-Will
8c. Law Enforcement's Failures and Weakness
8d. The Unholy Alliance, a Contradiction: Liberalism and Islam
8e. The Third Wave of Islam: Reconquest of Europe

9a. The Bitter Fruits of Islam Rising
9b. Shari'a Law and Practice
9c. Women and Islam
9d. Islamist Slavery and Racism
9e. Islam and the Vice of Sodomy

10. Islamic AntiSemitism
11. The Myth of a "Peaceful Religion"
12. The Myth of "A Golden Age"
13. Ecumenical Jihad
14. The Caliphate
15. Christianity in Arabia
16. The Great, Enduring Heresy of Muhammad [Mohammed]
17. The False Friend or the Islamic Trojan Horse of Saudi Arabia

18. Reparational Desktop Wallpaper of  Christ the King and Our Lady of Fatima with Printable Traditonal Prayer of Consecration of the the Human Race

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