Filed by Pauly Fongemie, September 19, 2012

Sometimes we are indebted to a liberal here and there, for every once and a while one of them is so honest, he or she does not realize the insight provided, like that of the utterance of a child that takes one by surprise, from which the phrase, OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES was formed. One of my favorite liberals is Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist and now a FOX News contributor. He is that rare breed in punditry, scrupulously truthful, although misguided, upright in character, incapable of telling a lie for the sake of a political agenda. Thoughtful and deliberative, he provides a trenchant, compelling outlook on the news of the day, whether one agrees with him ultimately or not. One cannot help but respect him. I not only do so, I look for his appearances on FOX for Mr. Trippi is like sunken treasure unexpectedly washed ashore by an unseen current. This beachcomber is seldom disappointed, and never more rewarded than I was yesterday, Tuesday, September 18, the same day that Patrick J. Buchanan, now seen frequently on FOX, had his column published:
The Irreconcilable Conflict. [See below.]

Joe Trippi was asked to compare and or contrast the American mind versus the Muslim, in reference to the insurgency throughout the Arab world in the Middle East and as far as the continent of Australia. Straight out of The Mouths of Babes Department [Honest Liberal Pundits] he succinctly said, without batting an eyelash, unaware how revealing his answer was [I somewhat paraphrase]: To the American, the people are sovereign [meaning, rather than God]; for the Muslim, Allah is sovereign. He added that the American's focus is here and now, while the Muslim's is the supernatural.

Let us look at this penetrating revelation again in real time, in a manner of speaking. We Americans have put God under us, as we reign sovereign, over Him and His will [the natural law or Divine law in its most elemental form abandoned by and large]. Our God is indeed God, the only God Who Is and will ever Be. The infidel Muslim, has complete allegiance to a false god, a humanly constructed god by its revered prophet Mohammed, who fused together two religions, Judaism and Catholicism, culling tenets from each he preferred --- fracturing asunder the unity of the Holy Trinity, blaspheming as he rendered Jesus Christ but a prophet, and naming his fabricated set of beliefs Islam. Both the names, Islam and Muslim are derived from the same root, the three letters of s, l and m in Arabic. Islam means surrender and submission only to the one true creator. A Muslim means one who surrenders and submits to the laws of God. Since Allah is the creator of the heavens and the earth, creation follows a law and nothing can break or change that law unless the almighty wills it.

Although the Muslim believes wrongly about Who God Is, i.e., lives and believes a heretical lie, he does not know this, for most Muslims are raised in such a closed society they are given little opportunity to know otherwise, and since the stricture against other faiths is so strong, he has no incentive to look elsewhere for truth. He sincerely believes with fervent conviction all about Islam that has been instilled into him from infancy. And he is willing to act on it. The Koran is clear about those Islam condemns as infidels or unbelievers in Islam, conversion, or death and or complete subjugation.

Now contrast this with us in the West: Americans, overwhelmingly made up of citizens who claim Christian roots and most of whose ancestors were not afraid to acknowledge the one True God, the Holy, Undivided Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Three Divine Persons in One Godhead, a sublime and supreme mystery, knowable only through the revelation of God Himself. Allah is created, not eternal and uncreated. He worked no demonstrable miracles, did not lead his people out of slavery, nor redeem them from their sins. Allah is the idea of Mohammed and like all heresies and or false religions a human concoction that has the potential for a cult of personality. Islam is the extreme form of this phenomena in that it is widespread and growing worldwide and its social and political tenets, Sharia, is all-encompassing in its domain over human affairs. The Muslim is prepared to die for his faith, at the same time we Americans have decided to forsake the Social Reign of Jesus Christ, King of All Nations and His rightful indispensable sovereignty over the affairs of all men, for a secular god, the will of the people, even if it violates or vitiates the natural law for the sake of religious indifferentism, a grave albeit somewhat subtle form of apostasy. We are not prepared to die for the one and only True faith, the one and only true God, but for a secular belief gone much awry. Even though the Muslim is sorely in error, he is sincere. Which of us, the West or the East, to use the phrase, do you think is more acceptable to God? The question is not answerable in the practical sense, but surely it is worth pondering with every ounce of our hearts, minds, and souls.

The contrast is so startling and paradoxical that it is stunning! Still, we refuse to see.

In his article, referred to above, Patrick Buchanan wrote and I quote:

"And what do devout Muslims believe? That there is no God but Allah, that Muhammed is his Prophet, that sharia shows the way to a moral life in this world and paradise in the next.

"Many Muslims put their Islamic faith ahead of their national identity and forbid preachers from other religions from coming into their countries to convert their young. Apostasy is treason to Allah. Heresy has no rights.

"From America's schools, religion has been relentlessly purged. No prayers, no Bibles, no Christian symbols, no Ten Commandments. And into these godless madrassas of modernity has come compulsory sex education starting in the early grades, with condoms handed out to the sexually active.

"Devout Muslims demand that children be immersed in their Islamic faith in their schools and believe that teachers who condone or encourage sexual activity among their young are and should be treated as perverts."

As I wrote --- unknowingly echoed by Joe Trippi --- about the hardening conflict between the West and the East [the non-Moslem modern world and the Moslem states] in ON THE PRECIPE in 2007:

"We lead disparate lives: Theirs, one of hardship, cruelty, and great discipline, ours of largesse, indulgence, and apathy. From not having enough to eat to having too much to eat too much of the time. Euphemistically and not so. There is a fire in their belly beyond hunger, a craving to dominate and destroy, until they have reduced Christianity to a fable and then blame the Jews for it? Or will they revel in taking the credit? Ours is to be entertained and to celebrate perpetual adolescence at its worse, in this world. They look to another world. Virtue for its own sake is a thing laughable now in these environs. Theirs, a culture that recognizes a false god and places him in charge, that will tolerate no blasphemy, a sham blasphemy to be sure. Ours, a culture that pays lip service to the True God, content to reject His sovereignty, consign it to the trash bin as politically incorrect and culturally insensitive, elevating authentic blasphemy to a civil right par excellence, while honoring the false gods of everyone else. The Age of Enlightenment's apotheosis. Sometimes I am not certain which is the fiercest enemy or in whom it resides. Them or us. I am not equating Islamic jihadism with the dissipation of the West at all, nor positing an immoral equivalency, but rather suggesting that we have let ourselves become vulnerable, to such an extent that we are easily blinded. And in this way we become our own enemy. One's greatest strengths or virtues degenerate into vices or weakness when humility and its sister, purity, are cast aside and even mocked, if only indirectly. All such things have their own trajectory. A contrariness of spirit, which is a specialty of modern America, reaps its own reward, so to speak."

Two of the commentators sharing the panel on FOX with Trippi spoke about the seriousness of Islamists compared to our easy penchant for mocking our own religions. Humor about human foibles, including some religious aspects is one thing, tolerating the open mockery of Christ and His holy Mother is something else again. But we are so enthralled with the god of tolerance that we have forgotten the authentic meaning and use of tolerance while not always so willing to tolerate those who dissent from the new religion and its PC sacraments.  We only end up mocking truth in the end, without being aware of it.

The war between Islam and non-Islam is ours to lose and theirs to win. As the somber black flag of Jihad is raised to victory as the red white and blue of the American flag is torn down and burned, one glimpses the red flag of martyrdom in the offing.

Tragically, we would rather die "martyrs" for the god of the sovereignty of the people and its creed, tolerance for anything except tolerance for Christ through public respect even from non-believers, than die true martyrs for the only God that saves ....