The State-Run Media, Packed Courts, the Banishment of Christ, and the
Advent of el Presidente

by Pauly Fongemie
February 24, 2014

Seditio, as most of you already know, is Latin for sedition. Technically, sedition is the act of a citizen or citizens who undermine the authority of the state by calling for its downfall. So, on its face it would seem inept to apply this term to the state itself. But seditio has another meaning, that of an uprising in general; in the current situation everything that matters is upside down, absurd in of themselves, so it is quite fitting that seditio is used to define the ruling regime in Washington and its cohorts throughout the switching points of popular culture in the country. Seditio from within the seat of power  - an uprising against the people and the US Constitution actually - is precisely what is happening before our very eyes, in the open with all immodest, shameless exhibition in defiance of every American principle of fair play, decency and standard practice and understanding of what constitutes a free people worthy of the name.

The two primary engines that run this well-oiled machine, this despotic gargantuan, we name Leviathan, are the media and the courts, not the legislative branch as one might expect because it is the legislature that is supposed to make law, after hearing from the people. That pitiful body now sits in mum testimony - the response of the ineffectual men we merit through our lack of due diligence and too much deference to "experts" who are certified by themselves, raised to prominence through sheer pandering to our weaker natures. The government schools and higher institutions, such as universities, are the illicit handmaidens - another name is more apt, but being a lady who was raised for rectitude, I will use this term in lieu of the more descriptive noun - handmaidens who carry the oil for the lamps beaming forth the revolution's perennial darkness day and night.

It may be only now that some of us have become aware of the terrifyingly hideous creature that has seized control over every aspect of our lives, strangulating us at every turn, but its nascent emergence into the land of the free and the home of the brave has not been so sudden. For instance, almost ten years ago, the late great Robert Novak wrote in Mediocracy, that:

"The national media is a melting pot where the journalists, regardless of background, are welded into a homogeneous ideological mold, joined to the liberal establishment and alienated from the masses of the country."

In agreement with this assessment:

"The most pernicious effect of the American media upon our national destiny and welfare ... is that they are dominated by people of unholy minds: secularists, militant atheists (Humanists), liberals, leftists, pro-Communists, anti-Americans or unAmericans. In their concluding chapter, Hargis and Sampson indict the media for their catastrophic spiritual and patriotic failures:

"In its obsession with some stories over others, with its cooperative attitude toward ultra-liberalism and its condescension and patronizing manner toward those who believe Communism is Satanic and bent upon conquering the entire world at the cost of destroying it if necessary, the press is contributing to the development of a dangerous opinion. The press' failure to address religious issues squarely and in a more intelligent manner while featuring instead a flow of information and communication spiked with the glorification of sex, violence, obscenity, personal aggrandizement or destruction, trivia, sensation, falsehoods, pettiness, superficiality, escapism, and the general degradation of mankind runs the risk of attracting to itself like lightning the wrath of God its Creator. (2:172-3)

"With their sympathy for Communism and secularism, the media may come to experience God's wrath as Red suppression of the freedoms they have abused in the United States.

"Within mammon established as the supreme media patron and Hebreo-Christian moral principles and norms abandoned, the media deteriorated in quality and dignity. What John C. Merrill, a professor of journalism wrote about his field, applies well to a large part of the secularist-liberal media:

"...pouring out for mass consumption large amounts of garbage: gossip, unsynthesized bits and snippets of this-and-that, sensation-much of it brainless, illiterate, superficial meaningless-created chiefly for the entertainment-hungry, the lazy and the thoughtless ... we refuse to admit openly how shallow and vapid American journalism really is." (50:26, 27) [Taken from THE WAR ON CHRIST IN AMERICA, Ratibor-Ray M. Jurjevich, Ph.D., Ichthys Books, 1985, p. 205. - I hope because I am quoting less than a page, that I am not violating copyright law - the Web Master]

Exactly, only the war against normalcy itself has grown more intense and more intensively diabolical since 1985.

We are in the zenith of the media monopoly, now not only working for the regime, but raising nary an objection to the proposed monitoring of every news medium by the FCC, which is supposed to license and oversee in general, only the air waves, not news departments, cable, etc. When this unconstitutional violation was broached as a proper subject for the federal government, i.e. censorship in effect, no matter the disclaimer by the government, the FCC responded that "it was suspending the project."

As I have written thrice before: Indeed, the parsed phrase has taken on a entirely new dimension to be deciphered like a secret language.

Note well the use of the term "suspended". The FCC did not say it was curtailing the censorship [so-called monitoring], merely suspending it. As always with Leviathan, a many-tentacled splendor, it will be back and back again until it succeeds in silencing or closing down FOX News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, etc. How do I know this is the purpose of the "monitoring" facade? Elementary. Most of the media, electronic and print, is already doing the bidding of the Obamarama which is satisfactory for the autocracy. There is no need to inquire therein. And the same media has raised no objections, certainly no serious qualms at all. Ergo, there is but one point to the power grab, to still and or mute the resilient, uplifting, patriotic voices of those who speak the truth, or at least attempt to discover it, which does not serve Leviathan, whose very existence depends on deceit. It is only conservative-traditionalist talk radio and some of FOX News that seriously challenge the mediocrats and those who depend on their propagandizing and censorship - deliberately distorting and refusing to accurately report important news, so that the regime is shielded as much as humanly possible. Their conservative-traditionalist counterparts are a constant thorn in their side, so they welcome the unconstitutional intrusion. This is rash and without foresight, for as it is said in Spanish so insightfully: La revolución, como se dice, devora a sus propios hijos. The revolution, it is said, devours all its children.

Without a vast free press dedicated to truth, the people are hampered, stymied in their quest to maintain their just liberty under the Constitution.

But it gets worse. Obama's ally, Cass Sunstein, has devised an invidious invasion of the Internet, a hellish scheme whereby those who oppose the ruling elite will be smeared until the smears stick; images altered  by hacking to influence people who may unwisely judge too much by appearances. And more, such as planting convincing lies to deceive, discourage and demoralize the people. It is ruthless, without mercy - as designed by RULES FOR RADICALS' Saul Alinsky, Satan's spokesman for the Left. People will not know what is true and what isn't and the confusion will redirect so as to divide and conquer. Morality does not even enter the picture for these fiends; what is moral to them is what works. For uncovering this plot to destroy truth and righteousness, we are indebted once more to Glenn Beck of THE BLAZE.

And who in Congress or the Courts will stop the steamroller trampling underneath the very ground of our basic freedoms? Not Congress, surely.  Congress? Oh that conclave of politicians who claim that they do not have standing to sue over the abuse of "Executive Orders". No one seems to know what to do, or so it seems. Cowardice leaps to mind among other phrases. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If an effort does not succeed at first, try and try again - take a dynamic page from the "administration." There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to be gained eventually. Then, there is also the matter of plain, human dignity, which has taken a big hit these days. Dishonor overshadows honor to our disgrace!

An abundance of caution while arrogance has arrogated the right of autocracy by fiat and fraud, with no lack of reluctance or reticence cedes precious ground to illegitimacy and confers a dangerous precedent that will be more difficult to dislodge if the trajectory continues: And no wonder - Leviathan roaring uproariously all the way from Hell and back. To see such a lack of common sense and vitality on the part of those we elected to represent our interests - to uphold the grants in the Constitution essentially, for the 10 Amendments are restrictions on the federal government, not a license to rewrite them, is not only intimidating [counted on by the Obamarites] - it is nothing less than demonic - the Devil permitted free reign - a punishment from God for our sins against the natural law, especially official approval for these sins, committed in such massive revolt against the Divine law, it is almost incomprehensible to most ordinary persons.

Leviathan has a cunning plan to take over under the guise of freedom, every aspect of human life possible so that we are robots, no longer free, slaves for plundering by unjust taxation for the ruler who envisions himself a magnificent specimen of superior being fit to sit upon the throne of aggrandizement and conceit. He rightly calculated that he had almost all of the media to do his bidding and affirm his "nobility", not only viability. But he knew he would face lawsuits and or a determined challenge from some quarters of the population - those with foresight, courage, knowledge and a full grasp of the nature of the enduring threat. To thwart this "rebellion", the rejection of the corrupt aims of the regime, he needs the compliance of the US courts to "legitimatize" the unthinkable, the unbearable, the unrighteous. Most people are followers by nature and what is deemed "legal" is considered thereby "moral"  by them, most unfortunately for the rest of us who know better. For over a generation, even before the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling, the US courts have been liberalized so that original intent of the lawmaker is no longer the primary consideration unless it dovetails with a preconceived liberal nostrum. I am speaking of the "Warren" Court. Everyone who knows anything at all now knows that the courts are political, in contravention of the intent of Constitutional grants. This is why the fight over nominees to the various federal courts is so crucial. No one is really fooling anyone anymore. You know it, I know it, they know it. We are not afraid to admit this, the statists among us are though, i.e., to us, not to themselves - they are still playing word games, to add insult to injury.

What is right for statist-socialists - the hard core Left - is wrong for ordinary Americans, traditionalists. The IRS targeting of conservative groups - an entrenched, re-invigorated policy as of a few weeks ago - and a Department of "Justice" investigation of a conservative film-maker who is about to release a second documentary - selective enforcement of minor charges trumped up to real criminality - none of this is coincidence - it is the hallmark of the ruthless tactics of RULES FOR RADICALS, Obama's political bible. The Dems in the states are taking their cues and stepping up like pressure on those who are determined to stop the massive government seizure of power, The latest to have to undergo the gauntlet of persecution is Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Let us pray he is made of sturdier stuff than Arizona's quisling. It never ends.

Let us briefly look at a few aspects of leftist subversion through the courts, some citations:

"... Supreme Court justices who will interpret the law - not trying to make new law ... Liberal judges do not interpret the law, they make it .
Hon. David B. Walker, a former Pennsylvania judge.

" ... decisions of the Warren's Court ... were violent departures from sound constitutional doctrine.
Joseph Sobran, author of jurisprudence, now deceased.

"... The nearest thing to a dictator in America is the fraternity of federal judges, who think they are gods and can do about anything they wish.'  This is from:
An attorney-at-law, name withheld with good reason, he still has to appear before judges in his vocation as a lawyer.

"The Supreme Court, contrary to the role designated by the Constitution, usurped legislative power by rendering decisions contrary to the will of the American people and its elected legislators. There is almost a consensus among thinking lawyers that the Supreme Court has stepped out of constitutionally assigned bounds:

Raoul Berger should have settled the question once and for all in his Government By Judiciary; but the book, when it appeared in 1977, was denounced, its argument evaded, its implications ignored. Now the late returns are coming in - even from Professor Berger's critics.

Activist Michael Perry concedes that "there is no plausible textual or constitutional justification for constitutional policy-making by the judiciary."

Paul Brest, Berger's most damning reviewer, now adjures his peers "simply to acknowledge that most of our writing [about judicial reviews] are not political theory but advocacy scholarship-amicus briefs designed to persuade the Court to adopt our various notions of the public good."

Within the academy, however, liberal theorists concede that the Court has assumed an extra-constitutional role.

And Earl Warren's admiring biographer (and former clerk) G. Edward White has just written: "Warren was never concerned with constitutional text or intention. Rather, he believed that his job as judge lay in discovering and articulating the 'ethical imperatives' he felt were (or should be) embedded in the Constitution." [Adapted from THE WAR ON CHRIST, supra.]

Warren's ideas were socialist, not traditionally American constitutional law.

Roger Baldwin, the founder of the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union], an avowed Communist who wanted to see this system replace our Constitutional Republic, said that his organization would be the means to instill the spirit of Communism. The "Rights" gambit was a feint in a deadly game of "Chess" to deceive the public; many a good attorney has joined the ACLU in order to advance civil rights in good faith, unaware of the ulterior motive. Roger Baldwin is dead, but his warped vision of "freedom" lives on in the cases the ACLU takes on.  He really wanted freedom from all religious influence among other goals. The term, civil liberties is a give-away. He meant civil, not religious, at least not for Christians. Almost all of the cases the ACLU undertakes advances the secular cause and rarely a Christian litigant. The few times this has occurred it is because of an innocent, well-intentioned lawyer. These have been small and essentially erased by the greater victories that marginalize Christians at best.

More recently the US Supreme court and its under courts have been a mixed-bag of inconsistency and perplexity. Sometimes it defers to a lower, almost always liberal court, thereby guaranteeing in the practical sense that government's heavy hand will not be loosened; and sometimes when it decides to take a case as with Obamacare, we know what happened and possibly will again, now that Roberts has been "neutralized" - and this is only the beginning of the betrayal of the Constitution and our American freedoms. Where religious rights are concerned it is now a toss-up, which reveals the utter peril in which we find ourselves. The fact that we cannot even have some certainty here, says everything we need to know, by definition.

One of the more indicative signals that the Supreme Court has broadcast loud and clear is that "eminent domain" is no man's land - private property is up for grabs in a battle between private [loosely tied to public] interests that generate revenue for the state and the heck with the just rights of property owners who are further victimized because their property is first rendered useless or of less value in order to further the greed of the state; eminent domain was intended to relate to absolutely necessary public interests, not private. Once the state can claim your property by confiscation, in essence, it will next claim your children, reference the battle for the rights of the Pelletier family in Massachusetts - the Justina case that is so egregious and draconian one is mystified that even in our denigrated state it has been allowed to continue for over a year without just redress! The Pelletier family is reduced to poverty fighting the massive assets of the state apparatus assailed against them, and all because they wanted a different doctor than the ones at Boston Children's to care for their daughter, a doctor who had been treating her successfully; under the supposed vaunted "care" at Boston Children's, Justina has deteriorated at an alarming rate. Boom! the entire state forces in league with the hospital which is judge and jury and no more parental rights! This can happen to anyone! If you think you are still free to raise your children as you know God wants you to, and as common sense dictates, guess again, and again once more!

In the offing, I conjecture is the abolition of home schooling unless legislation preempts this "surgical" strike. The powerful monolithic teachers' unions, the bedrock support for Obama, consider parental rights to homeschool not only a threat to their hegemony over the dumbing down of America, but a "cancer" in the body politic.

Lawlessness is now enshrined under the banner of "law-making" and re"interpretation" of existing, long settled law. And who is to stop them? Not Congress! This present Congress, anyway.

Meanwhile the transformation of America rolls on at breakneck speed, so much so that one can scarcely catch one's breath before the next outrage spills out. Obama needed the second term to continue what he began, and seeing how puny the opposition was, he quickened the pace. Yet he has not begun to accomplish his aim. He will need a third and perhaps a fourth term, even with the pussyfooting pusillanimity of the moribund GOP. Enter the courts. By some stratagem yet devised, will he be successful in attaining a repeat of the Roosevelt era? I just cannot see him leaving the stage as he is the perennial campaigner and media personality. We ought to say the cult of personality to be accurate. But then, will America even still be here in one piece? since he is attempting to downsize the military to the level of a third-rate country. Three years is an eternity when things are in such a mess!

Oh yes!

The entire effort of the Obama mega-manipulation is directed towards the undermining of our legal system, whole and entire, without skipping a beat to pause and consider the possibility that he who lives by the sword dies by he sword:

The Senate, under the great horned-toad, Harry Reid, has successfully maneuvered the Senate rules so that there is a veritable lock on liberal appointments to the bench in order that the regime's agenda is backed up "legally". In conjunction with this, Eric Holder, #2 man of the autocracy, and I surmise a future Supreme Court Justice, err, Injustice, has already urged state attorneys-general to ignore laws they personally do not like! This is insurrection, sedition from within! Seditio and then some!

Obama only has to remain in power long enough to appoint more radicals to the Supremes, thereby absolutely gaining the advantage for generations to come that the revolution will be the disorder of the day. He won't actually need the Supremes if he and his minions can effect the collapse of our southern border and the squashing of sovereignty. There will be hordes of ready-made Democratic voters to permanently exile the GOP into the hinterland of humiliation and total marginalization. Since even he cannot be certain of various outcomes within a particular time frame, he is banking on both scenarios, leaving no proverbial stone unturned. And the GOP? Its establishment adherents cannot wait to help Obama do them in. Rank, contrarian stupidity is the least of their offenses. If it weren't so serious it would be laughable to the nth degree. I mean these anti-tea party types really believe the Democrats won't re-interpret any so-called brakes built into any legislation they foolishly endorse. The Democrats will lie, say anything to abet the revolution as peacefully as possible, if at all possible. They are nobody's fools.

For now there is only one moral authority large enough to rally any resistance, although that entity is so attenuated due to weak and or liberal-leaning Bishops who care more about open borders than the rights of citizens who obey the law and follow the rules, it is almost a joke at this point. As a lifelong, devoted Catholic I do not admit this lightly and with great trepidation of soul. But still, there is the once mighty Catholic Church to reckon with. This is why Obama must pursue a policy of Schrecklichkeit - harassment and low key terror or pestilence - to sap what little strength remains, to test, try, and tether the American hierarchy. This is what the contraceptive mandate was all about. If he can demoralize the Church on this point he wins lock, stock and barrel. He once said, "If they bring knives, we bring guns!" He wasn't kidding, euphemistically or not! It is but a show trial of sorts since the American bishops as a whole haven't effectively preached on contraception for over a generation now, which is why this generation is so much smaller in number and so enamored of the Zeitgeist. Obama is not stupid, he knows all this, even if the Bishops claim not to know, it is all a bluster while he waits for them to either fold, or the Courts to find some wriggle room a la John Roberts & Company. If per chance this fails - we are not sure of anything these days - he will simply have another trick up his sleeve to keep the bishops off their equilibrium. Remember they are solidly in his camp, but for abortion and contraception and the latter is perfunctory only; the former is a dead letter for now; having abandoned the flock to situation ethics because of their own cold feet, there is not enough fire in the belly for virtual martyrdom required on this front. Abortion is the law of the land first by black-robed decretal, now by complicity of the nation as a whole. There are no words strong enough in the English language to convey just how angry God is with us!

 Obama may not fear the Church to any extent, but he does fear Christ. The image of Christ is so fearsome to Obama that he insisted images of Jesus be covered when he spoke at a Catholic college early in his tenure. He knows the power of the Holy Face, the Corpus on the Crucifix more than many Catholics do, I am sorry to say.

Our feckless bishops' - except the handful, some of whom I have already lauded in previous columns - main mission is not the salvation of souls but the social gospel as our former Bishop told the Boston press years ago. Church finances, the ole parish two-step refined into a frenzied tango and media-friendly overtures are the perceived instruments for bare survival. It is almost redundant to say that they are in Obama's camp, but for the few stalwart shepherds true and inspiring that God permits us. When God is angry with his people as Tradition teaches us, He sends us bad priests and worse bishops. There is some hope because we have a dozen or so faithful, blessed bishops. There were only six ten years ago, now the number has doubled at least. There is hope, there is always hope. I not only believe in miracles, I have come to rely on them.

If only we knew how to bring Christ front and center to Obama. Not the faux Christ of liberation theology and its phony "social justice", but Christ in His Passion, Christ in His One True Church, Christ Crucified, Christ in the Sacraments, in the Blessed Sacrament, in His Sacred Heart. Is it God's further chastisement that thus far we have failed so? I do not know or if God is trying us to strengthen us for the martyrdom ahead, instead.

I repeat, it is Christ as He really Is that Obama fears most. By whatever means possible, the Light of Christ will be snuffed out, whatever vestiges of Christendom remain are scheduled for banishment. Make no mistake about this! Our religious freedoms are already waning - we only have to look at the pitiful conquest of Gov. Jan Brewer in Arizona and the rise of the Sodomite jackboot cliques and the swarm of idolizers that suffuse the air we breathe. Her rationalization was so incoherent she would do well in the Obama Cabinet, come to think of it. Arizona was a trial balloon that soared. Watch for the domino effect and faster than one can say Eric Holder, Eric Holder, Eric Holder.

If we will not have Christ in the public square we will have Obama, el Presidente Perpetuo ...

I am a realist and an ardent student of history:

La revolución, como se dice, devora a sus propios hijos.


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