Filed by Pauly Fongemie, October 12, 2012
Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar

This column examines two distinct, but integrally connected events, both occurring within an hour of each other: the Billy O'Reilly Factor on FOX and the VP debate in Kentucky last evening. One of the topics discussed with a panel of guests on O'Reilly was a recent ad scoring VP Biden --- who claims to be a proud Catholic --- for his political stances which are at odds with the Catholic faith, so much so, that objectively speaking, Biden is an apostate, de facto if not de jure.  After Biden debated Ryan, the US Catholic Bishops denounced him for lying about the contraception mandate, but curiously, not for his pro-abortion position. The ad featured a Catholic woman, a former Democrat, who left the party to save her faith when she realized how the party had changed over the years. Indeed, at one time, as late as the early 80's Biden himself was pro-life as once was Sen. Ted Kennedy. As the party became more radicalized into nihilism [the virtual denial of the natural law, thereby the gradual dissolution of any state or republic], Biden joined in the unholy chorus of "choice" and eventually announced his support for "gay marriage". O'Reilly was at odds with the two women panel who supported the right of those Catholics who put together the ad. Both women, it is noteworthy to observe, are quite liberal about social policy, interestingly, one of whom at least is not a Catholic. O'Reilly did not think the ad should be broadcasted because it focuses on religion, declaring that he thought "religion ought to be private." During the interchange he exhibited his clouded mind, devoid of reason, set against the faith in part. It is an infallible doctrine of the Church that there is no such thing as a little heresy as the faith is a unified whole. Any dissent from one article or aspect of doctrine renders the person so holding the error to be a heretic. One of the teachings of the Church is that the Catholic faith has a public component, it is not a private matter because we have three primary duties to society apart from the need to sanctify ourselves: to uphold the natural law which is by definition in accord with the Divine law, binding on society, not only on persons; to evangelize for the faith in order to win as many souls for Christ as is humanly possible --- there is no salvation outside the Church [the dogma of the faith] --- which means, by definition, a public activity to some extent, although generally conducted one upon one quietly. It is public because Catholics have to work to see that they remain free, without government harassment, to defend the Church and explain Her tenets when necessary; and lastly, Catholics have a responsibility as citizens to vote their Catholic conscience and as such to be an example for others, which almost always involves some public aspect to one degree or another. Mr. O'Reilly, unfortunately, did not receive a sound Catholic education after his early formative years. His thinking is a bit chaotic, because he thinks that only abortion has any theological aspect, unlike "gay rights" and that if Jesus did not preach on a topic in the Gospels, well, then we are free to choose what to believe for ourselves. Both panelists, while not challenging him on this --- they were there to offer an opinion about the ad, not O'Reilly --- showed through their body language, particularly their eyes, that apart from their own views about abortion and homosexuality, they knew enough to realize that O'Reilly was malingering as to the Catholic faith. The camera panned to their faces, slightly taken aback, at just the precise moment to reveal this. Truly incredible!

For the record, as instruction to the Factor and others of his ilk: the Bible clearly teaches us that while all that is in Scripture is worthy of belief [
2 Timothy 3:16], not all that we are to believe in order to be saved is found therein ["He taught them many things" which are not enumerated in the Gospels but were known to the Apostles, by definition (Luke 3:18) and (John 21:25): "But there are also many other things which Jesus did; which, if they were written every one, the world itself, I think, would not be able to contain the books that should be written." Meaning, as the Church has defined, that there are other things that Christ taught to His Apostles before He ascended into Heaven and were faithfully handed down. Catholics must accept in faith, in order to keep the faith, all that the Church teaches from the Apostolic teaching [both recorded and oral], Tradition which stems from these, not only the Bible and Magisterium.

The prohibition against abortion comes from the Apostles and the Fathers of the Church [the Didache, for instance] in the first few centuries, all part of Tradition, since the canon of the Bible had not been completed for almost 400 years after the death of the last Apostle, St. John. The Church has always taught that abortion is a grave sin [willful murder of the innocent], at one time absolution was reserved for a prelate, not just a priest; that the sin of sodomy is also. Both are two of the four sins crying out for vengeance by God. The latter sin is condemned by St. Paul in no uncertain terms in the New Testament, in fact. The Malefactor is under the impression that the vice of homosexual practice is not as "theological" as abortion. A pause to explain the use of the term malefactor as a pun: technically a malefactor is a thoroughgoing doer of evil. While it is a most pernicious thing to promote the unsavory and false palaver that the Irish Catholic O'Reilly does, and the great harm to the holy Catholic faith in such cavalier fashion, I know that this is not his intent. So I am employing the pun as a pun, yet do not want to imply he is bent on any harm. He honestly does not know any better at this time; the why is between God and him, although I do not think for a minute that even if he knew the truth, that he would be able to recognize it as such and embrace it, making the necessary sacrifices required to uphold and defend it as the pearl of great price. At least not now. It is one thing to know the truth, it is another to want to believe it and proclaim it without shame or nuance. The gift of faith is ultimately a gift of grace, unearned or merited by anyone; to have the true gift of faith if one has lost it or never had it, one must pray for it without surcease until it is given by Almighty God. Bill needs many many prayers by each of us on the Rosary if he is to become fully, unapologetically Catholic to the core in his heart.

Now for event two, the VP debate, an atrocious display of bias [the liberal moderator], outright lying invective, distortion, arrogance, deliberate rudeness and sneering contempt coupled with inappropriate laughter on the part of Biden, the supposedly affable fellow and one case of dereliction of duty in re the Catholic faith by the challenger, Ryan. The moderator let Biden interrupt several times almost every four minutes after the first fifteen minutes, allowing him to go over the time limit, while carefully, but not so deftly that we did not catch on to her game, holding Ryan to two minutes, if at that. Beyond even the usual crass disdain that her kind of liberal [Biden belongs to the same class] exhibits in the quest for total power and domination over others she considers beneath her. I know at least one Democrat who watched the debate and was appalled. He will not be voting for Obama for certain. If it weren't for the impossibility of voting for the Romney ticket, see new Life Lines article, linked by the forward button below, this Independent would be tempted to vote for the GOP slate just to put Biden in his place! In the course of the exercise of vulgar manners Biden proclaimed his Catholicism, while supporting abortion, saying "that he won't impose his beliefs on  .... and others".  He failed to keep in mind the hypocrisy here in light of the contraception mandate.  As well as that he added his conscience is in line with the Church on the social Gospel, which, of course he does not mind imposing on those of us who know what the authentic Magisterium is on helping one's neighbor in need. What an ignoble fraud he is! He is authentic in two aspects: Biden, the inchoate racist and tiresome court jester!

Regardless, his rationale is beside the point as usual as it usually is with liberals who give every evidence of having lost all ability to reason at even the most elementary level. It is an axiom that no one can impose a belief on anyone, which is internal and entirely beyond the scope of human power. But the natural law demands that we impose it on ourselves for the sake of ordered liberty and reason. The natural law is constituted of prohibited and prescribed actions for mankind as individuals and as a society, not only beliefs. Thus, part of the natural law is the ban on cannibalism, murder of the innocent, theft, etc. No one is required to accept as a belief that these are unconscionable acts in violation of the natural law, only required to abstain from committing them; they can believe anything they want to. Just as you are free to believe that zoning laws are stupid and ought to be done away with, and although zoning is not part of the natural law, it is not contra to it and permissible by government; until a particular zoning law is removed from the books, we are duty bound to observe it, paying a penalty for failure to do so. This is because zoning is not a part of the function of conscience as defined as conscience proper; it is not the same with murder and the other prohibitions; no one has the right to claim a right in conscience to rob, murder the innocent, and so forth. This is plain common sense among other salutary attributes. It is an action that can be forbidden or imposed rightly [not proscribed by the natural law], not a belief. Biden is certainly mixed up.

Ironically, one of his cronies, Hilary Clinton, our treasonous, prevaricating Secretary of State, who would resign if she had any conscience at all, has just signed a quasi treaty with the Caliphate that, if adopted by the US Senate, would ban any denigration of Islam by a US citizen, such prohibition being defined by the Islamists, not the US Constitution. None of us were consulted, it was done in secret, but as always this sort of connivance ends up being found out sooner or later. The denigration involves the statement of beliefs, not just actions. Yet, I am certain that Biden  & Co. will have no problem being for the imposition of those Islamic beliefs, however they are come to be redefined as in propaganda and manipulation of long standing meaning of real words!

As for Congressman Paul Ryan who does accept that he is bound by all the precepts and dogmas of the Church, went on to promise the debate attendees that Romney [and he by extension as his VP] would allow for the big three exceptions to abortion, while working to ban and or reduce other abortions. There are two flaws to his reasoning: One, he cannot serve as a conduit for any abortion, however restricted; he is not bound to run for office under such a policy and, in fact is bound not to do so, even though the exceptions were not his idea originally, I am certain.  The rules here are not the same for the voter who may in good conscience under some circumstances vote for the "lesser of two evils" because the voter has an obligation to vote, no one has the obligation to run for a specific office at any given time. Two, this supposedly moderate approach of reason is no such thing because the big three are actually the big all and any, every reason, because anyone can claim rape, who is to dispute otherwise? We have been accepting these exceptions for over a generation and we still have abortion on demand including all the more grisly aspects of this abomination!  I repeat there can never be a right to kill an innocent person, even to save the life of another innocent person. If anyone is to make a sacrifice to save the life of another, it has to be the mother for the sake of her baby, by definition. This has been part of the definition of motherhood itself until recently when man thinks he knows better than God and decided to redefine reality, hoping to have things both ways in order to superficially and falsely salve his conscience. The abortionphiliacs know this and exploit our Achilles heel each and every time. That is, they know we know that a baby is being killed, not a mass of cells that are part of the woman's body, so if we say we are for exceptions we are being hypocrites and rightly so.
Why should a baby be punished for the sin of his father? This is unconscionable!

What if Congressman Ryan had instead said to Governor Romney, "Sir, I cannot run at your side for national office because I cannot and will not support your efforts to keep abortion legal for the three exceptions." Romney, needing Paul Ryan, as his first, thereby best choice, would have had to respond. What else could it be from the pragmatic Governor of Massachusetts, after being witnessed to in all truth by such magnificent courage, rather than the cave-in? We will never know now, although I truly think that Romney could have been persuaded by the impressive Ryan.

Either way, this winter promises to be the winter of our descent, the winter of dissent, and ultimately, more discontent than ever ... a barren, cold tundra where Truth is banished as we not only have leaders who deliberately lie to us, we deliberately lie to ourselves. The only light in the setting sun is the Catholic Faith and its wisdom for all ages. Let those who can still see, see, those who seek to believe, believe, and woe to us who must endure the tyranny of those who no longer do so or want to do so any longer.