The Banality of Evil

by Pauly Fongemie
July 22, 2015

The phrase, "the banality of Evil", which was spoken by Monica Crowley on the Bill O'Reilly FOX program so cogently, July 21, when addressing the selling of baby parts by PP of America, is derived from the Holocaust perpetuated and justified by the Nazi regime. The ironic term came into prominence following the publication of Hannah Arendt's 1963 book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, which was based on the trial of Adolph Eichmann in Jerusalem. That author's conclusion was that people who carry out unspeakable crimes, like Eichmann, a top administrator in the machinery of the Nazi death camps, may not be crazed fanatics, but actually, ordinary men who simply accept the duties imposed by the state and participate in them like good bureaucrats.

In other words, one murder is a tragedy; millions but a statistic; of the habituation of evil by gradual demoralization, so imperceptibly that there is no need for a turning point by which one opts for good or evil after careful consideration of the effects of such crimes against humanity: Committing what would normally be considered unspeakable acts of depraved turpitude with a highly systematic method "rests on 'normalization' " - the process whereby ugly, degrading, murderous deeds become routine and are accepted as "the way things are done."

Miss Crowley has it limned precisely!

Today the "banality of evil" has been revved up a few notches, for the killing machine, PP and its cohorts in crime are now approved of, gratis governments across the globe, not just in official fascist and communist regions.

While 21st century western countries refuse to recognize the rights of Christ the King in His Social Reign, through the willful banishment of the natural law - there will be no more Nurembergs this side of eternity - the false god of Moloch is honored and worshipped in the extreme:
The god of the ancient Phoenicians and Canaanites, Moloch had associations with a particular kind of propitiatory child sacrifice by parents.

But as the French say, "the more things change, the more they stay the same", or "plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose". The prophet in our midst who has continually warned the West of its penchant for self-destruction, the one and only prescient Patrick J. Buchanan, almost a quarter a century ago listed the weaknesses of the United States that had reached critical mass and required change to avoid steep decline. There were 24 essential evils requiring redress and it is staggering in scope to realize that these ills we have created are still with us, perhaps because he was rejected as President, although the evils that we harbor in our innards as a culture, political and otherwise, cannot be mitigated entirely by government, for government itself is the problem, including the schools which serve as mass merchandisers of the politically correct, including abortion. The wholesale harvesting of the parts of slaughtered babies for profit is illegal, while the actual killing of the same babies is not. This bespeaks a twisted mentality devoid of right reason, not to mention compassion and empathy. The irony abounds as it always does where the morally repugnant and all its unnatural grotesque consequences are left to fester like a cancer. The supporters of these morbid deeds claim that the aborting women are told that these "tissue donations" will help others, that they are being "compassionate". But what about the pre-born baby, his natural rights, where is the compassion for him???

A number of FOX journalists commented on the callousness with which the two so-called doctors, who have violated the Hippocratic [er, Hippocritical] Oath, talk about the "procedures". But, this is the natural progression of unmitigated evil, because it is unmitigated to begin with - it increases in depravity. And after a time people seem to get "used to it". Indeed, it affects all of us, including, I am sad to report, even Rick Santorum, once a fine Catholic gentleman, who is now on the record of favoring abortion to "save the life of the mother" because he says, "both lives are equal". Well, if they are equal, then why must the most innocent of the two - the baby - have to sacrifice his life for his mother's sake??? Is it not a part of the natural law that parents sacrifice themselves for their children, if need be??? Former Catholic, now Molochian, Santorum has undergone a "conversion". The culture of death at the very least tends to makes us tend to the crass in all things, surely the divestiture of the normal for the sake of the morally indefensible, if we do not consciously resist it with all our strength. That crassness which is more wicked than merely hollow, filters down into our daily demeanor and comportment with others. If Mr. Santorum can be this susceptible, cannot we all, if we are not on guard? This is frightening!

The GOP contenders for President are a case in point. There used to be the norm for what constitutes a gentleman. Ladies, too, but Mrs. Fiorina is ever a lady, so she is exempt from this discussion, a lady and pro-life, but she, is also somewhat confused, alas! [See infra.] Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal and John Kasich are also exempt because they are gentlemanly.

When we survey the political and public landscape we are made to witness one of the countless unintended consequences of nihilism - the culture of abortion: so few gentlemen to impart good examples for the young. I refuse to get involved with the fray currently making the rounds, other than to interject that there is something more than disquieting about those who are quick to praise themselves, it is demoralizing because we realize how flagrantly intemperate the culture has become. Modesty is apparently collateral damage, expected to be expendable. When modesty departs, the underlying components of virtue crumble, one by one, this is one of the given laws of human nature. Modesty is the natural companion of humility, which is the beginning of virtue, and without which virtue cannot flourish, but withers and dies on its vine. George Washington, had his faults, certainly, but above all else, he was modest and humble, and why he served so honorably. Those who rise to laud themselves so lavishly are automatically disqualified, for they lack basic wisdom, no matter how correctly they may grasp real problems caused by government awash in liberal nonsense.

In public life - I cannot, of course, speak for or about millions of private citizens who may be virtuous, but unknown to me, there are three gentlemen who stand out precisely because they are such fine gentlemen of modesty. In an other age, they would not be so remarkable for this quality, because gentlemen, of high and low station, would be normative:

The first two are not politicians or advocates in of themselves, but FOX News persons of renown, Brit Hume and Bret Baier. In the secular media, there can not be two more finer gentlemen; their modest demeanor, their honesty, their lack of self-pity when faced with inordinate personal tragedy or challenge, lifts us all up and calls us to be better men and women. Their bearing speaks for itself, and requires only silence from them. Noble worth and quiet virtue shine without the need of a spotlight, otherwise known as the unbridled tongue.

There is a video with Brit Hume on the brutality of abortion, here. It is excellent and I highly recommend it.

The third gentleman of modesty is none other than the aforementioned Pat Buchanan. He is feisty, because he is an advocate, fighting for the moral and political good as befitting the natural and Divine law, but it is never about himself, but what is right and what constitutes right reason. The 24 are, briefly, with special emphasis in bold, red text for those pertaining to the sanctity of Human Life:

1. America First - ceasing involvement in unwise wars, [such as Iraq], that make America's safety worse, and recognizing the necessity of refusing to pay the defense bills of our purported allies and even some of our enemies [Obama's "deal" with Iran - essentially enabling, including financially, a sworn arch foe].
2. Social Security - rather than reduce the payments to citizens who paid all their lives into a forced system, foreign aid needs to be reduced to offset these expenditures.
3. Global Trade Agreements - no more NAFTA sellouts of American workers, no more GATT deals benefiting Wall Street bankers, no more $50 billion bailouts of socialist countries, whether in Moscow or Mexico City.
4. Foreign Lobbyists - no sitting at the head of table in the White House. Jobs have to come home to America.
5. Defense - a military for the United States, not rogue nations, nor will President Buchanan ask such nations permission before building a defense missile system.
6. Free Trade - all deals judged whereby they protect American sovereignty, our interests, and insure a rising standard of living for all workers - no more sacrificing of jobs for the sake of transnational companies.
7.  Mexican Bailout - stopping the looting of America for the sake of the New World Order.
8. Jobs - Real incomes of American workers fallen 20% .
9. Taxes - Americans over-regulated, overtaxed, overburdened by government - any Balanced Budget must have a tax limit provision so politicians cannot raise the government's share of the people's income.
10. Judicial Reform - SC Justices grabbed un-Constitutional powers: strip them of these by term limits for the Supremes, voter recall of renegade federal jurists, and re-confirmation of Supremes every 8 years - must never forget that the US Supreme Court gave us abortion!
11. Equal Justice Under the Law - outlaw federal classification of citizens by race, ethnicity, ending preferential treatment.
12. Affirmative Action - must be a color-blind society - put an end to hyphenated Americanism - all one people with the same rights! [These two are really the same but were listed separately.]
13. Tax-Funded Arts and Monuments, Battlefield Symbols - protection of history, etc.
14. Education - Shut down Dept. Education - return parental rights.
15. Abortion - Reverse Roe v Wade; get the government completely out of the abortion racket; Presidency must promote traditional values, etc.
16. Defund Planned Parenthood - including not one dime to fetal-tissue research and research using human embryos!
17. Human Life Hearings - Congress must see to it that every American knows the truth about what happens in an abortion!
18. Victimization of Women - Congress must hold hearings on the harm done to women in abortion!
19. Heritage - return the schools to teaching eternal moral truths, not relativism.
20. Immigration Control - Illegal immigration halted and no welfare for illegals - complete closing of Southwestern Border - defense of our border a priority.
21. Reinventing Constitutionalism - Term limits on Congress, all federal judges. Too much mischief in high office.
22. Second Amendment - fully protect citizens' right to bear and keep arms.
23a. Sovereignty - reassert it politically, financially - alert on the IMF, World Bank, UN and WTO.
23b. United Nations - No American sent into battle except under the American flag and under American officers.
24. Tenth Amendment - Many functions of the government are de facto violations of this amendment - even some cabinet positions ought to be abolished and the duties they assumed returned to the states.

Nos. 10, 15-18, in need of remedy are part and parcel of Moloch now mainstreamed in American life.

Pat Buchanan knows he is a Catholic without compromise, and knows that he is an American; it is the One and Only God, first, then America, not only to save his own soul, but the "soul" of America as well. Since he proposed this platform, nothing has changed, except to grow worse and more urgent.

Until we stop child sacrifice to serve the needs of others, America will continue to decline as a great power and as a cohesive society built on trust based on the love of the natural and Divine law.

There is now talk of a "Fetal Protection Bill" of some sort or another - Carly Fiorina among others.

Well, I must ask, since no one else seems to be asking, how do we have such a bill passed and signed by Obama who is Moloch's right hand man? And pray tell, if the unborn baby - "fetus" is to be protected, by definition does not this mean he cannot be aborted?

Not only do we need to recall justices who violate the natural and Divine Law, we must insist that Congress, which has been granted the power to do so by the US Constitution, limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts, to only those disputes that do not involve the natural law, simply because no person, no entity, no government has any right to dispense with the natural law, ergo, all such "laws" are invalid on their face. For this we will need more stalwart men and ladies than presently constitute the do-nothing Congress only interested in re-election, counting on our ignorance and laziness. The few good men and women there now have been overshadowed by the contempt of the rest for real Constitutional government!

This bold initiative is a two-edged sword, for we need to wipe abortion and the promotion of sodomy and its special rights off the face of this blood-soaked debauched land in order to acquire enough grace from God to save America at all, and yet we require the grace from Almighty God to begin the former in the first place! Heaven help us! But how, every day we turn our backs on God, give Him the heave ho in public life and in private, while scarcely paying any attention to our blasphemy by preferring Moloch and all his iniquity, the god of Mammon and the juggernaut of Leviathan! Obama decides by himself, for himself and his god, Moloch, dedicated to Satan, who to turn loose from our prisons, what laws will be enforced and what may be broken with impunity. And what do we do? Virtually nothing! Moloch is our god, now, like the reference or not! It is he we pay tribute to every time we elect men and women to office who are Obama want-to-bes or his sociopathetic shadow!

Pat Buchanan was right all along. America was not given enough grace by God to recognize his wisdom and has sunk in its delusional swamp of misnamed "rights" ever since. Time to write in his name once more come November 2016! The most worthy and honorable, wise, effective, competent man or woman will most likely not be selected from the GOP list once more!

To sum matters up succinctly, I cite:

A woman who deliberately destroys a fetus is answerable for murder. And any fine distinction between its being completely formed or unformed is not admissible among us.

St. Basil the Great


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