The Chicago Shuffle - the Contraception Deception
and the Establishment of the Secular Coliseum
[the Dethronement of Christ the King]

by Pauly Fongemie

"The Catholic Church, that imperishable handiwork of our all-merciful God, has for her immediate and natural purpose the saving of souls and securing our happiness in Heaven. Yet, in regard to things temporal, she is the source of benefits as manifold and great as if the chief end of her existence were to ensure the prospering of our earthly life. And, indeed, wherever the Church has set her foot she has straightway changed the face of things, and has attempered the moral tone of the people with a new civilization and with virtues before unknown. All nations which have yielded to her sway have become eminent by their gentleness, their sense of justice, and the glory of their high deeds.

"And yet a hackneyed reproach of old date is leveled against her, that the Church is opposed to the rightful aims of the civil government, and is wholly unable to afford help in spreading that welfare and progress which justly and naturally are sought after by every well-regulated State. From the very beginning Christians were harassed by slanderous accusations of this nature, and on that account were held up to hatred and execration, for being (so they were called) enemies of the Empire."  [Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei]

"Moral liberty is not ... an absolute; it is all relative to the Good, that is the law. For it is the law, and firstly the eternal law, which is the divine intelligence, then the natural law, which is the participation in the eternal law by the rational creature, it is the law which determines the order put in by the Creator between the ends He assigns to man ... and the means assigned to obtaining these ends. ... Certain Liberals, making an absolute of this moral liberty, precisely advocate license, the freedom indifferently to to do good or evil, to advocate indifferently to the true or the false. ..."  [Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, THEY HAVE UNCROWNED HIM]

" ... central planning is not about rationality and reason. It is not about knowledge and experience. It is about illegitimately exercising power over others. It is about the deceit of moral relativism and situationalism. It is about the coercive imposition of a hopelessly impossible utopian ideal ... its direction is certain, steady and one-way - tyranny, in one form or another." [Mark Levin, AMERITOPIA]

I held off this column until the Obama administration responded to the outrage over the "contraception" edict, which ordered Christians - Catholics specifically [and others] - to violate their consciences, reject the practice of their deeply held beliefs. The delay was only what my father used to call "good form". I already knew the outcome, the die had been cast long before, for I have been in the trenches a long time, both as a soldier of Christ and as an observer of the social and political landscape. Some would say I am a cynic, but a follower of Christ cannot be thus, although he must be realistic if he is to press on, knowing which battles are worth fighting. A cynic has lost all hope, a realist will never be accused of optimism, but there is always hope, most importantly, the hope which lies elsewhere than in mere human strategy. To say the least this was the week of reckoning.

A few scant years ago I wrote in various columns that the time of the persecution - and prosecution through onerous, impossible fines, if not imprisonment - of the Church in Her individual members was upon us. Today we know that for now, the fines are integral to the new fiat structure. Some had opined that I was over-reaching, declaring the sky was falling, that things were not as bad as I made them out to be. They plainly could not see, certainly understandable, given human nature and the distribution of the four temperaments among men conjoined with all the strife of modern life and the ideal of American optimism so readily internalized. A determination buoyed by an inner strength I did not know was there in reserve urged me onward, neither disquieted, dissuaded nor deterred, bound to run the race, accepting heavenly appointments and Divine dispensations in complete trust in almighty God and not in myself, in serenity and complete docility accomplished only with the grace of Almighty God. Two past columns [slightly modified for syntax in relation to the whole piece], included:

"Government mandated, ideologically induced rationed health care has nothing to do with economic stimulus and everything to do with socialism. It's a stimulus plan for certain, [to speed us headlong] into a disaster so huge we will accept the slavery of national socialism for a mere pittance of bread, given human nature. And our human nature already diminished by Original Sin is ever more weakened because we have been lied to and cheated by our leaders for so long with virtual impunity, that our demoralized [condition] has left us feeling helpless. Right where these scoundrels with meglomaniacal visions want us. It's a crime to lie to Congress, but it's not one for Congress (and the President a la the new Cardinal Dolan of New York) to lie to the people. And to think there are still some people who think the world remains right side up. Now we don't even have to catch them in a lie, because they are so clever about being sneaky they can tell the truth and only they can fine-tune the definitions while we learn the truth the hard way, after it is too late. Deceit down to a science, forget mere art or common chicanery." [From MORAL CONCEIT AND POLITICAL DECEIT February 13, 2009] The aside in parentheses above was not in the original column, but appended after hearing the Archbishop's comments to the media.

In other words, as dependent on government as possible that fear alone will triumph over our God-given dignity and ordered liberty, the very freedom of man to choose the good which he ought.

  " ... symptomatic of the problem with the supposed health care plan. It is not about health care, it is about the control of people for the sake of the race of supermen, the elite in Washington and the co-opting of the Catholic hospitals so as to destroy the Church finally." [From OF SCOUNDRELS, CARP AND MEN August 6, 2009]  Text in bold for emphasis here.

This last was highly denounced as far-fetched as was deemed the possibility of the socialist tendencies of our "historic" President. But on Thursday last, a prominent priest who writes on economic and related topics said almost the same words during an interview on television. At last some are beginning to realize the apocalyptic dimensions enveloping us in a vise, pressing us in to legally pulverize us [albeit illicit, morally speaking], much like St. Margaret Clitherow was martyred in Elizabeth I's England by being crushed to death between two heavy stones, because she resisted the government dictating which Mass she would be allowed to attend: the ancient Roman Mass, rather than the Novus Ordo of her day.

A New Jersey Congressman, on the same program, said, [I am slightly paraphrasing],
that the Obama Administration's direct assault on conscience protection is to pave the way for a future where "abortion will be construed as preventive health care" and "religious hospitals will be squeezed out." Precisely. There is simply no way to permanently enshrine the culture of death as the national will without smashing the Catholic system for charity, for it is too large to ignore or put wryly in the manner of the administration, "too big to succeed." I say this despite all the public rhetoric from the President and any so-called promises he may have implied to Archbishop Dolan while in private. Obama is the media President and he is skilled at saying what he thinks we want to hear, but not meaning them. He has convinced himself that this is a moral practice because the dogma of socialist transformation he observes so religiously requires indefensibly that: "the means is justified because of the ends." Obama is the sort of fraud that is willing to desist from just wars, even when he could do so with licit, just means, while engaging in the unjust kind and doing so with all self-righteousness. At this moment I am speaking of the war against innocence [purity of school children] and the war against the sanctity of human life - all human life.

The Church is the only bulwark, however attenuated in the 21st century, of any consequence that still insists on the necessity of the natural law, written in the hearts of all men, even if a majority of Her supposed faithful disobey. I write attenuated because the body of American bishops as a whole are guilty of culpable negligence for the span of almost two generations in this regard. The trumpet has been uncertain at best with mixed signals both to their flocks and society. It seems at times that the leftist agenda has been front and center most of the time, in violation of first principles.

John Vennari, without doubt the premiere patriot of our time - the finest of Catholic gentlemen with a brilliant, incisive intellect possessing an encyclopedic capacity, the heart and soul of which propels him as the darkness descends now on us all, and who exemplifies the selfless, often thankless task of the often misunderstood virtue of patria, has written extensively on the real aims and tactics of Obama. In a partial reprise of his exhaustive research on Saul Alinksy and his book, RULES FOR RADICALS, dedicated to Satan, Obama's bible or political manual, if you will, on his website, CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS: We find the following [in red], which I have excerpted for the sake of brevity by removing the footnotes, which are available in the original article as currently posted on the CFN site. Note any text underlined by me is for emphasis.

"It seems the bishops finally feel the beast breathing down their backs. Yet this latest affront by Obama should surprise no one.

"Obama was a student of the ruthless tactics of Saul Alinsky, the left-wing agitator whose landmark Rules for Radicals was dedicated to the devil.  Mike Kruglik, Obama's Chicago instructor in Alinsky methods, said Obama was the best student of Alinsky tactics he ever had.

"David Alinsky, Saul Alinsky's son, applauded Obama's successful implementation of Alinsky methods. Immediately after Obama's acceptance speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, David Alinsky wrote a letter to the Boston Globe in full praise of Obama as one who learned well his father's methods.

"Even Obama zealot Chris Matthew's, in a December 2010 broadcast of 'Hardball', referred to Obama as 'the guy who comes from Saul Alinsky'.

"As is stated in his Rules for Radicals, Alinsky's foundational principles are:
1) There is no such thing as dogma, all truth is relative: 'For the organizer, everything is relative and changing,' said Alinsky. The organizer 'does not have any fixed truth.' This places the organizer in a superior position, Alinsky insisted, because he is 'free from the shackles of dogma.'
2) There is no such thing as a fixed rule of ethics. For Alinksy, the end justifies the means, and all ethics are elastic according to the situation you are in or the strategy you need to employ. Alinsky taught, 'Ethical standards must be elastic to stretch with the times.' If you need to lie, you lie. If you need to make promises you know you won't keep, you do it anyway.
3) Corruption in the leader is a kind of virtue: 'To say that a corrupt means corrupts the ends is to believe in the Immaculate Conception of ends and principle', Alinksy blasphemously asserted. 'The real arena is corrupt and bloody. Life is a corrupting process. He who fears corruption, fears life.' Alinsky castigates the leader who places his personal conscience and personal salvation above the needs of the people, claiming that such a leader 'does not care enough for the people to be corrupted for them'.

"This is the school in which Barack Obama was formed: no dogma; no objective truth; no fixed standards of ethics; the end justifies the means; and corruption in the leader is raised to the level of virtue.

"How can anyone believe anything Obama says? There is no fixed standard of ethics preventing him from lying to achieve whatever aims he deems fit.

"As a student of Alinksy (as is Hillary Clinton), Obama will think nothing of stamping out those who stand in the way of his Party's agenda. In his 1946 Reveille for Radicals: Alinsky wrote that if the radicals become stronger than the opposition, they must
'crush the opposition'."

After the uproar from Churchmen on the contraception ruse, and some secularists also, the regime seemed to become intractable to the point of irascibility. Without any doubt, RULES FOR RADICALS in operation, or as I call it, the Chicago Shuffle, a feint, an end run by twisting the meaning of things to suit the occasion - the ends justify the means - or to put it more bluntly, be prepared to lie boldly while effecting surprise, as if to say, we have been misunderstood, we didn't mean ..... all the more ruthlessly "to crush the opposition" in deferred version. People would ask, this is an election year, why would he do something so stupid as this? Obama is inept in that he does not give ordinary Americans enough credit, but he is anything but stupid or ill-informed. In fact he is literally dangerous. On the contrary, although he may not always say what he means if he suspects it is imprudent at the time, he does, however mean to do everything that he does. He is on a sacred mission, to "transform America" into his vision of the utilitarian state of bland conformity and the worship of the ignominious, of all that is dehumanizing, in the name of "humanizing". Let me put it this way, Bishop Barack is cut from the same cloth as those who sermonize on "tolerance" while failing to live up to their own standards by violating them every time they cry foul, condemning this intolerant attitude or another, continually. If you do not think like they do, you are "intolerant!" Which is pretty intolerant, would you not say? We are not supposed to even say such things because they cannot bear the insensitivity of being accused of the very crime they claim the rest of us are guilty of. The new Neros. Sort of like a man expressing his dislike of people who tend to be "impatient" with others, admitting he has no patience with them, himself. It can not wash. If it did not have repercussions for the common good, it would be laughable.

Before I proceed, I want to stop for just a moment to once again mention John Vennari, by way of a small tribute. The greatest act of ordinary patria - i.e., apart from martyrdom and or the laying down of one's life in defense of one's country - is a life well-lived, in the pursuit of the Good as established by the eternal law, as a member of the citadel of God, and in the natural law as a citizen of the earthly city, to live in holy rectitude, without deceit and vainglory, with modesty, prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude, in the reverence of honor and the sublime dignity that rightly belongs to those who keep watch over their souls and those in their charge, so that they live in a perennial state of grace; this is a grave duty incumbent on each one of us who aspire to live as men were created for. Those of us who had the privilege and the honor of meeting Mr. Vennari, if only for a moment, years ago, as in my case, have never forgotten him. There was already about the man the mantle of greatness, without the pealing of carillon or fanfare, or the self-consciousness of ego. And now that we know how he conducts himself in all human discourse and daily affairs, the quiet sacrifice he makes to raise his Catholic family for the glory of God and the good of this nation, his intrepid dedication to the cause of Truth itself and the truth, he inspires us all whenever we become a bit discouraged or worn down by one infamy, one insult to God and His Church after another and the betrayal by Catholics in public life who sully the very name, Catholic. If the republic is to stand at all, it will be in large part due to his efforts, although many an American, including Catholics, have never heard of him, nor read any of his newspaper, and he himself would disavow it. It is enough that those of us who do so are moved in such way that we become his third hand, adding our small voices to his certain, mighty one. All America owes him a debt we can never repay, but then, neither would he expect to be, for he knows no other way to be. From whence does such a man come, to be among us, by what merit do we share this part of the globe with him? Only God can measure such things and account for them, and only His Goodness, His Mercy, His boundless generosity can provide for us through the patient, unassuming, most unpretentious John Vennari, who seeks not to be served, but to serve the only God Who Is and will ever Be, right where God placed him, in the time He has chosen. That time is now and we are the better for it. I do not know the outcome of the cataclysmic conflict before us, between the good and the anti-good, the unveiling of the "mystery of iniquity" in the immediate offing before us, [of course we ultimately know in the end time of time the victory is Christ's] but while I still have a chance I want to acknowledge this man among men. Would that all men were but his shadow. May God bless Mr. Vennari for his heroic charity on behalf of us all, for the sake of the Kingdom of Christ the King and His Social Reign, and God bless his magnificent family - his wife and children - who assist him in the commission appointed by Heaven Itself!

By the time the week that should never have been had passed, the administration pulled the razzle-dazzle of the perpetually mutating Chicago Shuffle, appearing to cave in with a "compromise." A chimera designed to defuse and obfuscate. The compromise consists in this: the Church will not be forced to "pay" for contraception and sterilization, etc. The insurance companies will be compelled to offer these "services" for free. This is an act of war itself in all truth on Truth and conducted in all arrogance and unmitigated hubris. Now, the culture of death advocates, as typified by their poster girl, the apostate Katherine Sebelius, [1] who is in charge of redefining all that used to belong to the domain of reason, common sense and justice par excellence, counts on us sighing in relief, oh, free is good. Insurers are not charities, they have to make a profit. The high cost of "free" is passed on to either the taxpayer or are embedded in the premiums, then passed onto the other insured. Then, too, the charade is further embellished when one realizes that many companies and organizations, including Catholic ones, are self-insured, hence there is no such thing as a "compromise" to begin with. How can one make concessions to pure evil, that which is always objectively a mortal sin?! Only if one is prepared to sell one's very soul
for a modicum of recompense at that. A priest who appears regularly on FOX News told the audience that he could not accept this so-called compromise, for this very reason, it was an impossibility, and if need be, he was prepared to sacrifice his very life, rather than render to Caesar that which Caesar has no right on earth or under Heaven to exact. And to pour salt into an inflamed wound, Catholics are given a year to decide how to apostatize "gracefully". Beyond reason!

Ostensibly, according to Sebelius and Company it is all about access to contraceptive devices and so forth. Her self-serving rationale is indeed suspect to me in that before Obamascare women were not rising up, claiming a dearth of access, for it is self-evident that our culture is bombarded, suffused with every evidence of a plethora at a cheap price in relation to other services and commodities, including free handouts like candy in the government schools of compulsory indoctrination into amoral lifestyles and the habitual consideration of the right to the unnatural and perverse of every sort, often against parental knowledge and or approval. Now suddenly, if we are to believe the bureaucrats and their cronies, we have limited access with which to sully ourselves in an unholy alliance between those who only pretend to care about the rights of all Americans and those who brazenly cast aspersions on the minority of Christians who strive to live according to the natural law, so as to intimidate anyone of the majority who may have lingering doubts and might recant about the enterprise of total subjugation to lawlessness under the guise of the law.

For once the Bishops seemed united and excised enough to be a plausible phalanx on the issue of religious liberty, instead of the usual liberal disaster and accompanying nostrums and phony bromides that have guaranteed the advancement of the new religion, the secular state, to whom all must fall down in worshipful obeisance when not outright fear of reprisal And at this they are only half right. Sure, religious liberty is at stake. But it is the Truth that sets men free. When we are cavalier about upholding the Truth in order to satisfy ill-conceived ideas about tolerance, the mayhem that men wreak audaciously in their utopian schemes, we demonstrate our cowardice before those who are not so predisposed and are therefore prepared to take advantage of such egregious omissions, the most glaring, most profound and damaging to the Social Reign of Christ of which is our negligence in insisting on the natural law as the foundation of all human law, the redoubt of the family, the fortress of the good. We must not be so insouciant that we fail to recall that it is and was the conference of Catholic Bishops in general [duly noted there are wonderful exceptions] that was unmindful at best of the insidious peril that was Obama from the onset. Having deserted the vineyard for two generations, refusing to preach on the abject immorality of contraception, they are perplexed. How could this have happened? Why would Obama display such confidence in infamy without shame? His shamelessness is their shame, they own it by gross default. Why not, after all, 54% of Catholics, marooned on the isle constructed from forty years of neglect and silence, awash in the churning sea of relativism that is the unhappy confluence of an increasing pagan society and the leftist aspirations of the majority of the American prelates, voted for Obama. Even after Black Sunday at Notre Dame and other insurrections against the moral order, Obama continued to be defended by so many Catholics who otherwise would have known better in another era. And this is why 64% of so-called Catholics support the mandate, as unbelievable as it may seem. Our local paper carries letters to the editor from cultural Catholics in support of the man who pontificates on what Jesus would do in re taxation etc.

The pundits and mediaperts assure us ad infinitum that over 90% of Catholics use birth control, a little high by my own internal polling, but close enough. They want us to draw the same absurd conclusion portending their ideological imperative, that numbers make right what is always wrong. It is actually 70% if you factor out those too old to bear children and those who are unable to have their own because they are either infertile or partially so, and lastly those who are faithful. Now let me stop here to stress something important, a real distinction. I proffer statistics, not condemnation of any one couple - their state before Christ is none of my business and I presume nothing of any couple. Who is to know who is infertile and who is not? Unless I have actual knowledge - because a couple tells me, unsolicited - I always think the best, period.

It is not relevant how many sin, we are all sinners, but rather what is Truth? And what is our only reasoned response to it, acting as moral human beings in accord with the natural law? This is too inconvenient for those who have other designs on human nature, so everything that pertains must be distorted, deformed, to subvert the natural order and redirect our focus to induce us to choose unwisely and sinfully. It is demonic, with no apologies to Ann Coulter.

Actually the Obama contraception deception is really all about contraception in of itself not access, apart from the violation of already constitutional grants to religion. We are long past the time when the powers that be are willing to tolerate any more dissent on this matter, even when the resistance is as puny and ineffectual as it has been. I am sure they were taken a bit back by the bishops, given their spotted record in the Notre Dame scandal, for starters. Knowing that the majority of the Mass-attending or self-identifying Catholics were for contraception, using it themselves, they most likely expected the official response would be a little commotion, a tepid sputter before dying out, especially since the bishops continued to support government health "care" in the main, forgetting that care of the sick and the dying has always been the proper purview of the Church in its charity, so much so that an extensive network of hospitals and other organizations of aid and relief was developed, throughout the world and never more so than in America, in keeping with the Catholic social principle of subsidiarity. The inherent dangers that lay elsewhere - in governmental decrees -were all too apparent when Churchmen still availed themselves of the use of reason in concert with a grasp of past experience in other countries. What the regime meant when it demurred that they didn't really mean what they do intend, all disclaimers aside for public consumption, was that it was not prepared for the intensity only.

The rise of an oppressive all-encompassing phenomena as the Obamarama in all probability would not be possible without the seemingly benign yet scurrilous neglect of, the utter abandonment by the US bishops, the people asking for bread to be given stones, to use the phrase. In 1968 when Pope Paul VI issued the encyclical, Humane Vitae, in which he upheld the constant and unchangeable teaching that contraception [sterile sex to be explicit if we speak ontologically, i.e., a type of sodomy if you will as in unnatural] is condemned, the American [and Canadian] bishops en masse refused to promulgate it, thereby sealing our fate henceforth. It was all but over, except for the wailing and gnashing of teeth. It wasn't that they proclaimed with one clamor, we will disobey, but they conspired in silence to avoid the implications of
Humane Vitae, by pretending it was a mere encyclical along the lines of one disseminating the virtues of a special devotion or that of a Saint. He who is silent before evil, gives consent and is thereby morally complicit. Of course this approach defied one of the doctrines of the Church, the one that teaches that which the Church has taught, even in Her ordinary decrees, throughout history, and held and believed everywhere by the Church - faithful and sacerdotal - is to be believed with an assent of faith and the practice of which is to be passed on faithfully as received, including that which is contained in oral Tradition from the Apostles without fail. When confronted with the Apostolic mandate as officially supported by this encyclical despite a groundswell of opposition, the bishops' profane silence was and is inexcusable! Thus, the devil, who prowls unceasingly like a hungry lion searching for prey - the downtrodden unwary upon which to feast with his blandishments - had little to do but wait in open ambush so unbelievably believable!. As the darkness fell, he danced in the half light, darkness being the dominion of his principality.

St. John Chrysostom said, "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops!"

I could not say it better than the following excerpt:

"This evil has festered and grown because it has been promoted and protected by a false spirituality with its roots in the "spirit of Vatican II". An astounding and diabolical pride has allowed us to turn away from the spiritual values that have made saints for 2000 years to embrace a false theology promoted by a false church and presenting a false god. This new god simply blesses whatever our desires, passions, and appetites crave. This god wants us to be happy and such things as sacrifice; penance and self-discipline are non-values. This is the god of the "group hug", "we are the church", and if you complain - "Don't be judgmental" This "god" is a god of love, but not the burning self-sacrificing love we see on the cross, but a phony and sick imitation, a daytime TV talk show morality, which is preached from too many pulpits and is fooling "even the elect"! It's a god for slaves and enslavement. It has found a home deep in the heart of the Church and the Church seems incapable of dealing with it!

"If we wish to survive these days with our faith intact we should learn the lessons of history. We live in a time when the laity must rise up to save the true Church. This is very difficult because we are coming out of an age when the laity looked to the hierarchy for guidance. But as it was in the time of King Henry the VIII, you may follow your pastor or even your bishop and as a result find yourself outside the true Church. This is not an age that will suffer weak faith. Soon there will only be two kinds of Catholics - strong Catholics and ex-Catholics." [From the website, ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITHFUL -  http://rcf.org/docs/bluntwordscatholics.htm]

As the darkness descends, we behold the American coliseum: a monument to blasphemy, with its pantheon of the depraved gods of secularism, paganism and unnatural "naturalism", emerging in our midst. Its erection, brick by brick, is gratis the wholesale naiveté of the bishops: that discordant refrain by which to appease the gods of the politically correct, the gods of Mammon itself, let us not offend, let us be trusting in the good will of others, no matter the evidence before our eyes - of a conspiracy of imprudent caution at the bare minimum; in any case I suspect that in some hierarchical quarters it was the teaching itself that was being rejected as being too impractical for modern man so enlightened by the liberal elites. This coliseum has no need of wild animals to punish the Catholic faithful through martyrdom, for the time being, for we are being martyred in slow degrees by our very own, betrayed by those who are pledged to safeguard the fortress of Truth and righteousness, not the "American Way". Those who ought to be martyrs have essentially passed that honor to those laymen who persist on the Social Reign of Christ the King and the just dictates of the natural law.

I repeat, St. John Chrysostom said, "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops!" not without justification!

Behold also the bishops, with one voice they decry the mandates, insisting it isn't about contraception but religious liberty! Like Sebelius, self-serving at the very least and far too convenient. In order to perpetuate their willful blindness they issue two letters to be read from the churches on consecutive Sundays, without nary a mention about the evil of contraception itself! Perhaps the Americanized, ever-morphing Catholics knee-deep in sin are supposed to somehow mystically deduce or intuit that it is only wrong for Obama to dictate the providing of contraception, not contraception itself, forgetting that the violation is about conscience, indeed, but that conscience is based on something real, quantitative. Well, what conscience, may I dare ask, if 70% see nothing sinful enough to refrain from Holy Communion? What a colossal miscalculation! I say intuit, because when it comes to "social justice" the priests are falling all over themselves to mount the pulpits to promote incessantly what sounds very close to the Democratic party agenda, the left most wing of it. Here they dare not risk any lapse in our ability to intuit. The hypocrisy!

If I come across as harsh in my excoriation, let it be so, I, too, cannot compromise, this time on the truth itself! My cries are also out of compassion for the salvation of souls, first and foremost, including those of our prelates. Moreover, I recognize that some of the bishops are new to the chair, not part of the original conference, they deserve some leeway in the learning curve. Momentarily they are exempt.

As we ponder the holy season of Lent upon us once again, let us contemplate our Blessed Redeemer nailed upon the Cross pleading with His Heavenly Father that He "forgive them, for they know not what they do," let us prevail upon Him for the knowledge of what it is we have done and failed to do and beg once more for His Infinite Mercy. Let the bishops open wide the doors of the chapels, the churches and cathedrals throughout the land, declare a Holy Year of national reparation in partial atonement. Let them do so on their knees asking not only Jesus' forgiveness but ours, too. Let them ascend their ambos with renewed vigor for all the truths of our holy Faith, proclaiming the inviolability, the absolute necessity of the natural law as the underpinning of all man made law, in what it consists of and the firm limits it puts to human actions. Then and only then, with the age-old teaching of Holy Mother Church in hand, we beseech them to preach as they have never preached before, with fervor, and repentant hearts, on the evil of contraception et al. The priests, if need be, and mostly this is the situation, will have to be commanded to preach likewise, uncompromisingly, without dubious nuance or embarrassed subtleties that render moral truth meaningless.

Because you have not chosen the mitre of martyrdom - the Crown of Thorns, His Glorious Crown - but rather the cope of the quisling, you have, indeed, uncrowned Him.

Oh my bishops, oh our priests, I implore you, remember that you are man, and remember man you are dust and to dust you shall return. Even the slime of the earth knows:

There is only One God, One Faith, One True Church of Salvation, One Law-Giver, One Eternal Law, One Divine Law, One Natural Law, and there is but One more opportunity to thunder forth in joyous proclamation this saving Truth in all trust of Almighty God and His abundant grace!

Ah, yes, Churchmen ... but before you don the robes of penitence and amendment, lest the people perish, there is one essential task at hand, the work of restoring justice to the Church itself, in all charity, that of the ancient sacred rite of the Immemorial Mass of all ages as the center of ordinary Catholic worship.

In the autumn of 2011 the Catholic periodical, THE REMNANT, published an article about a Fr. Michael Rodríguez, a devout priest in Texas who had come to embrace Tradition, including the Holiest of Masses, what is commonly known as the Traditional Roman Mass, and who was preaching about the sins of homosexuality, contraception and so forth. He had come "under fire" for his fidelity. I was so impressed, moved to the point of tears, I wept in thanksgiving. In the same month, it was October as I recall, for the firmament was a crystal clear blue as only the sky in October in Maine can be and the air was crisp with the cold, the kind that does not chill, but clears the atmosphere of one's thoughts so that one sees things as crystal clear as that sky, and finding myself so enveloped a great sense of peace overcame me, so much so that I was struck with awe, only to weep in thanksgiving anew. I had occasion to address our young curate, very much in the mold of Fr. Rodríguez, but as yet without the full grasp of Tradition. The priestly bearing, the humble dignity of our new curate was and is unmistakable, so that if I had not known better, I would have thought he was an FSSP priest. I had printed out THE REMNANT piece which I gave him, beseeching our young priest to seek always Tradition in all things, remembering the counsel of St. Paul and to follow in Fr. Rodríguez's footsteps. The subject of the Mass had come up, along with abortion. I told him that the first sanctuary was Mary's holy womb, wherein she adored her Savior from the first moment of His Conception through the Holy Ghost. Mary's second womb is the Holy Tabernacle in every Catholic sanctuary. But because Churchmen cast aside Sacred Tradition in their rush to modernize and update, giving us a concocted Mass of sorts, we had violated the womb of the sanctuary just as surely as abortion violates the sanctuary of the womb in every mother. That it was no coincidence that shortly after the promulgation of the New Mass as the norm, abortion on demand became the new norm of society, one transgression robbing us of the grace to repel the other from our midst. I ended my plea by saying:

"Restore the Ancient Mass as normative, restore the Tabernacle, undo its desecration, that is, return to the original orientation, with the traditional offertory and Canon, Communion kneeling and on the Tongue administered by a priest or deacon only in keeping with the dogmatic precepts of The Council of Trent, then our prayers to end abortion will be received and answered!

Sister Lucy, the eldest seer of Fatima once said that the Church was experiencing a diabolical disorientation. It is only now I fully begin to comprehend what she meant.

The Breton Stigmatist, Julie Jahenny, was told by Christ that a New Mass was in the offing, which words were "odious to Him". Was it the NO Mass He referred to? I am inclined to say yes."

Without the restoration of the Mass of Ages as normative, there can no grace enough to uproot the incursion of all that is unholy before us and in us.

There is but One last chance. If you remain obdurate, hardened in pride and the desire for the respect of the secular world, the darkness will descend until there is no more light at all, save but the few candles that pierce any darkness, the light of Tradition ... These candles will burn as for a type of Requiem Mass, for the suicide of a nation and its people at the hand of the Catholic city, when it should have been its one certain centrifuge. Do not linger, Your Excellencies, for the time of Christ's Mercy is not necessarily unlimited as St. Alphonsus Liguori teaches, the Hand of His chastisement can no longer be stayed. Choose now and choose wisely. As I wrote in an earlier column, If we spurn this last, second chance, then almighty God has already spoken, for He will be delivering us up to the mystery of iniquity ...

And this is, my Brethren, the Word of God upon me this Ash Wednesday, in the year of disgrace, I pray it will be one of the glory of grace, 2012.

1. Her bishop in Kansas City, KS., Bishop Nauman, a true shepherd, prevailed upon her to desist from presenting herself for Holy Communion. When she remained obstinate, he had to publicly state that she was not to receive Communion. Would that all bishops were so forthright in their duty before God and mankind.