by Pauly Fongemie
January 31, 2013

Over and over again we hear emphatically from various US Bishops, all of whom are no doubt most sincere, that they are prepared, if necessary to be imprisoned rather than obey the HHS contraception mandate that is embedded in Obamacare. They are to be supported and applauded in this noble effort and we must never cease to pray for each and everyone of them. But it is a little late actually and far too minimalist since their failure [we note an exception here and there] to preach to their flocks on the mortal sins of contraception, sterilization and in vitro fertilization, has empowered --- emboldened --- the enemy of Truth and Justice and just plain common sense and fair play, to impose such a mandate because after all, the "Catholic" people by and large are committing these crimes against the natural law with nary an objection from their prelates and priests, at least from the pulpit. I mean, think about this, really ponder the implication of bad example and cowardice:

Here we have the bizarre situation that glorifies contradiction, i.e.,  that on the one hand, to be forced by a governmental entity to fund intrinsic evils such as abortion and contraception under the guise of "medical care insurance", which are not authentic health care under the natural law and according to Church teaching is so offensive to these bishops that they are willing to be interned under captivity rather than comply; and on the other hand, for fear of the people being offended, some of the same prelates refuse to preach on the innate wrongdoing of these grave infractions of the Divine Law. In other words, the unspoken or tacit message, day to day, year in, year out, is well, okay, folks, these offenses against God are so morbidly sinful we must not pay for them or otherwise endorse them, but, you as private couples are free to choose on this matter and even pay for them out of your own pockets, just don't tell and we will not ask, and for agreeing to not ask, we won't tell. Is there anything more absurd, morally, reasonably speaking??? Any violation of the strictures of God as perennially taught throughout Tradition that are so heinous as to merit confinement in jail and usurious fines cannot be at the same time acceptable for private persons!!!

Two generations now have witnessed this glaring contradiction, the hypocrisy so overwhelming and unmistakable that even the worst among us wring our hands in disgust; those of us who are weakened in will and not given to a sacrificial way of life in union with the Saints before us will, of course go along, but, without actually respecting their leaders who proffer such bilge otherwise known as a silent apostasy. There is stupid and then there is stupid. Not by much in my experience. Ibid., for pro-abortion politicians receiving Holy Communion in their parishes. When a political candidate is otherwise attractive to them, the abortion disqualifier ceases, again with little wonder at all.

No it is too late unless the bishops as a body and as singular shepherds address the crisis as it really is without delay and beg the forgiveness of the people who have a right to the unblemished truth without the nuance that serves to water down that truth.

Our ruling regime has changed official policy, they no longer expect deviants applying for military service to tell and it certainly will not ask; It is time for a new mandate by the Catholic bishops:

You may not want to ask us, but we must tell you for your and our salvation, we owe you this at the very least. Contraception and related
acts are inherently evil and can admit of no exceptions without incurring mortal sin and the wrath of God. Not only do we refuse to pay for them or supply them through insurance guarantees, but we also forbid you to practice them yourselves. If you are now doing so, you must cease and the Sacrament of Confession and Absolution is necessary before you may approach the altar rail for Holy Communion. Period!!!!