Black Sunday at South Bend May 18, 2009

Family matters having kept me away from much of my web duties ---- with the Obama Express to Hell steamrollering through what is left of common sense, common decency, and just plain sanity, I know that some of you were expecting this column to have been updated sooner ---- I decided that the will of God provides opportunity in its own good time. And that time is today. There have been so many outrages that I could have written a dozen columns in a dozen days if I could have been at my computer for more than few minutes here and there and not exhausted. Perhaps it is more fitting that I decided to wait three days longer than originally necessary, until I heard "Fr." Jenkins, president of the once Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana, and still audaciously, brazenly bearing Our Lady's name, and the other president, who, when he applied for student aid as a young man bore a different last name and country of origin, that is, applied not as an American citizen, but as a foreign student, and who, now, by media smoke and mirrors and pernicious chicanery holds sway over what is left of our sovereign land, deliver his much vaunted, awaited address to the country with the ever expected "soaring rhetoric" --- that just as expectedly fell flat ---- which he is supposedly known for. Thus the title of this piece. An abomination!, or in this case, an Obamanation! One scarcely knows where to begin for there seems no end in sight to the spectacle of cowardice, sheer double-talk [lying to deceive in an earlier, more honest age], apostasy, heresy, blasphemy, arrogance, self-flattery rather than self-mastery, the banality of evil on the installment plan, and crass ignorance and godless ideology marketed as compassion or empathy. And always the irony, so much a hallmark of the past few weeks, that one cannot catch one's breath, to think that one would live long enough to behold such disorder in human affairs. While an earthquake erupted Sunday in Los Angeles, a greater quake sundered South Bend, that of de facto schism, if not as yet de jure status.

Behold the character of such a man, that he, invited to speak at another nominal Catholic institution of "lower" [formerly known as higher] learning, Georgetown University, the oldest such school in the United States, imagine this!, and the price he demands for his august majesty's appearance as the media "anointed one", is that images of Christ and His symbols be covered with cloth. It was hardly a Good Friday of Tradition! Imagine that such a man, claiming to be a Christian of some odious liberal spirit, is so offended by the sight of a representation of Jesus Christ, that he is driven to extortion of this kind. Imagine and then behold, even more, the "Jesuits" there complying!!!!! Compare this with his reverential bow to a Moslem king! There must be a word in the English lexicon to describe such infamy but a research team could not find one, for never before has a western nation had the temerity and folly to conceive even the very idea, let alone its execution in broad daylight! At least I give the dangerously incompetent, the charlatan, Obama credit for one authentic and capable attribute, he knows the lay of the land and the mood of the elite insisting that they are still Catholic ---- they will cave every time, and he will be accorded approval for seizing the moment to insulate himself from the people at large who are stirring in opposition, by cloaking himself with the shield of Catholicism's "blessing", having been thrust into power by 54% of the benighted Catholic people, thanks to all the parish priests who voted by their side and too many quisling and or craven bishops still. I would never deny Machiavelli's Prince his due, and neither will I do so for the "son" of Saul Alinsky and His Rules for Radicals.... Put another way, to know Saul Alinsky and his offspring, ACORN & Company, is to know Obama. The defiant crowd who preferred Barabbas over Christ on Good Friday, is very much the same in tone, tenor and anti-truth to the crowd on Black Sunday who gave us Baraccas who prefers anyone but Christ it seems.

Behold another college in the South, a non-Catholic one at that, which does not confer an honorary degree on his highness! The reason, he had done nothing to merit one as yet. Common sense peeking around the corners of the debris of modern desensibilities!

Behold the slumbering ---- apostate ----   university named for Our Lady on the Leftie side of South Bend, with its nickname, the "fighting Irish" and which failed to muster a fight worthy of the name. No university is compelled to invite any specific speaker at commencement. Indeed, how many local colleges had guest speakers who did not hold the highest office in the country? Did this fact tarnish the office of the Presidency? Of course not. Consider that the US Bishops' policy is that a Catholic institution is to not only not honor those who do not uphold the inviolate tenets of the Catholic faith, as well as the natural law, which is binding on all men and which is written in their hearts, in their very human nature as men, it is also forbidden the act of "providing a platform" for such a person. The last I checked a dais is a platform. Or has that been reversed by executive fiat, too? Now behold and consider that not only is our hapless buccaneer-in-chief being invited to speak to the graduates in order to inspire them [inspire them???? or confirming them in Catholic dissent while saving the earth????], he is being feted and lauded with an honorary law degree. A law degree!!!! He, so infamous for his violation of the most basic rules of the natural law, so enslaved to ideology, that he was the only Illinois state senator to vote against a bill that would have ensured babies who survived abortion medical treatment!!! The same ideologue who spurned those whom he disagrees with as "ideologues" in his less than stirring speech centered on self-justification and basketball, yes basketball, to the fighting Irish of football fame, after a mere perfunctionary mention of the "controversy" over his appearance and award. Beyond belief, but so true to all things Baraccian, he complimented president Jenkins for saying "what I could have said, but more eloquently". What did he say to introduce Obama? How wonderful he was although he favors abortion. His wonderfulness upholds all the left's goals and as supposedly endorsed by the Catholic Church if we are to decipher the Jenkinsian code of sloganeering. Obama was being awarded in order to seal the deal with the harbingers of socialism so favored by the left. And, in other words, Obama was thanking Jenkins for praising him, that is, he could have praised himself!!!! How can anyone who is complicit in mass genocide be praiseworthy? Am I wrong or do you agree with me that Jenkins and his treasonous cohorts would not have been so inclined to honor Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler? Just a thought ... Well, okay, maybe Stalin, but never Hitler who murdered far fewer than Uncle Joe. Duplicity, you two, all is duplicity.

Behold and consider the demoralizing and scandalous spectacle of the rationale for the honorarium: because he seeks to unite religious and political factions among other goals, another of which was that he was the first "African-American" president. Even this is a lie, he might as well be adulated for being the 45th White or 1st Cherokee Indian as president. But the hard-core racists among us, who denigrate Caucasians and Mongolians [American Indians are a subset of the Mongoloid race] in favor of the superior and preferred race "Black" [Negroid] hope we won't notice or if we do, that we will not object. The nuns taught us the definition of racism in the forties and fifties: either the preference for persons based on race or the preference of a race itself as superior over that of other races and treating others on this basis. It was and is a mortal sin. In essence, Obama was awarded in the spirit of that racism! As far as the unifying force he is supposed to be, never has the country been more divided and a civil war [soon to be uncivil] is now beyond control. Oh, not that Obama caused this, he is merely the most extraordinary synthesis of the great divide, not an unifier!!! Ironic does not begin to describe the subterfuge at foot. Alan Keyes, see below, is of the opinion that this degree was pay back for something worked out behind the scenes or words to that effect. I would not put it past the Orwellian, thoroughly corrupt powers that be, the man who pirated the presidency and his motley crew of sycophants, and most especially, the unseen hand of power behind the ship of state tossing about on the shoals of perdition. 

But even more to the point, the only true unifier of religion is the Catholic Church, the only true Church of Jesus Christ. "For I have other sheep, and them, also I must bring." "Thou art Peter and upon this rock, I will build My Church." Any other effort to unify outside of the Church is sheer folly leading to an amalgamation of the spirits of the age, the worst sort of paganism and meaninglessness which engenders despair, the very revolution of man's self-will over Truth itself and the rights of God. Anyone with only a few brain cells operating can see for himself the sorry results of the modern ecumenical or maniacal movement as I prefer to call it: mass confusion over what to believe, a veritable tower of Babel of syncretized dogmas that serve the powers and principalities of Hell and those beholding to them here and now. Oh great is the confoundment among men, and great the disdain for the unity of Truth. Men think of saving themselves by being saved by human efforts and the new faith or religion has only one liturgical color, Green! Go Green, unify America! The old paganism worshipped earth deities among the Parthenon of gods. 

The new paganism worships the earth itself. Its high priests and priestesses will brook no dissent on the meaning of brooks and other natural beings and climatic forces. There is no one more dogmatic than the man claiming to despise the dogmas of Catholic Truth and the once true scientific method. No one more absolute than the man proclaiming there is no more absolute truth, a self-contradicting claim. This is why the truth of the American constitution has been gutted slowly over the past few generations until now no one hardly bothers to question Obama's insistence that his new Supreme Court Justice's primary qualification is empathy, a code word for what ever the left wants it to mean, when it wants it to mean what it wants and why it must mean what it wants it to mean. The old revolution was the rise of the proletariat, the new revolution is the rise of the oligatariat on the court who will do the bidding of the internationalists to end national sovereignty, a right from almighty God and an inherent good in of itself. The natural law, now in tattered shreds, will be finally incinerated. Oh do not weep for a few poor pro-lifers, disparaged in the media and the halls of power, but weep for yourselves America, and for your children, the few you choose to conceive!

Enter stage right, a few days before the profane proceedings a small band of stalwart foes of the culture of death, the champions of the culture of the sanctity of human life, most noteworthy among them four good men and true: Archbishop Raymond Burke of the Vatican Signatura, the Supreme Court of the Church, Ambassador Alan Keyes and now ambassador-at-large of common sense, Operation Rescue's gentle lion, Randall Terry, and the undaunted heroic and holy simplicity of Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. There was a fifth man, an alumnus of the university in South Bend, whose name I did not catch who was part of the defenders of the Faith being interviewed and or arrested for peacefully praying. Norma McCorvey, who was so cynically and cruelly used in Roe v Wade was also there and arrested, but I did not have a chance to hear her speak or be interviewed. The alum summed it up, when asked by an interviewer on Fox News why it was so few of the student body were protesting [80% favored Obama in all his heinous glory]: He was not surprised because he acknowledged that the college had been undermined from within by heretic professors and even outright apostasy for years.

 Archbishop Burke, interviewed by EWTN's Raymond Arroyo the Friday before Black Sunday, said that the Catholic people for more than a generation had not been properly catechized. In no uncertain terms he laid out Church policy in order to avoid scandal, Obama should not at the very least been awarded the law degree and why. I hope he will not be silenced or prevented from further action by others higher up through a false sense of their duty in these times. I am a Mainer born and sure, but in practice I am from Missouri. By their fruits you shall know them.

Alan Keyes, when asked if the use of dolls in baby carriages covered with fake blood was an effective means of protest, responded by witnessing to the truth that when people outraged over lynching and slavery protested, they showed the real thing in its effects to catch people's attention. One can only witness to the truth by being as true and forthright as holy means allow. A picture is worth a thousand words, more succinct and self-explanatory. He spoke of the betrayal of men within the Church. No holds barred. When asked about the apparent silence of the Vatican, he answered that the Pope is a head of state and that heads of state tend not to condemn other heads. And that the Vatican had spoken through Archbishop Burke. This is the only point on which I differed. Yes, the Pope is a head of state, but he is first and foremost the Vicar of Christ and the Shepherd of Souls, including Obama's and Jenkins' souls ultimately, Catholic or not.

For, as a Protestant family activist, also interviewed by the same man on Fox, said, the Catholic Church has always been in the forefront of morality, even when Protestants were somewhat lagging behind. He did not use these precise words, but this is what he meant, in capsule form. Randall Terry, who was interviewed by the same man once again, said in his own way what the Archbishop and ambassador said. 

Who was this man from Fox who interviewed these men? The erstwhile Catholic, Sean Hannity, who is for abortion in the first three months of gestation for rape, incest and life of the mother, for contraception, and who along with the duped Glenn Beck joined the chorus of betrayal to support Obama's speech, if not award. Imagine the irony, not to mention the hypocrisy of the feigned outage of Sean Hannity, when having these faithful Catholics on his program and "sharing" their pro-life tenacity! As an aside, having nothing to do with the betrayal in South Bend with its fawning allegiance to the West Wing, Fox, home of the Trojan Horse American style, has a new commentator, the former Republican governor of Arkansas, Huckabee; on one show on "gay marriage" this so-called student of history, but apparently not the natural law, said that if the people vote in "gay marriage", well then that's okay, just so long as the courts don't legislate from the bench. No one has the right, not even the people to veto the natural law. This is why the supposed right is so often a failure, it is more wrong than right, inarticulate in defending the natural law. And why there so many former Republicans, myself included.

Another Fox show, a Sunday News program had two priests as guests that morning: the heretic Father Richard McBrien and the noble, humble, Father Frank Pavone. McBrien obfuscated as usual by misquoting out of context Church teaching and discipline to support Obama's award and appearance. Why he has not been defrocked by now is a mystery to me, this is the man who had a scandalous column casting doubt on the Divinity of Christ and by writing about all of Jesus' "sexual urges". McBrien is one of the apostate heretics of South Bend the above alum referred to. He was no match for Father Pavone! Father cut to the proverbial chase, the matter of the law degree, that Obama is unfit to receive such an honor because he violated and continues to violate the natural law in its most elemental form. He focused on the issue of abortion which was being diminished in the media, quite unwittingly perhaps. The last is my opinion, Father did not say this, but he wanted the evil of abortion itself to be front and center, and he accomplished it for the few minutes of air time he was permitted. Modern electronic media is not designed to shed light but to bring infernal revenue from the hucksters of the dark among other merchandisers. Fox hosts condemn NBC's alliance with GE's move to control medical information in the age of socialism --------- disingenuously named Healthymagination, while circulating ads for the same because they want the revenue GE brings. Beyond hypocrisy! The interviewee is pressed to finish a sentence before the reporter says, "we have to go" and on and on it goes. Bravo Father Pavone! You, faithful servant, have not prostituted yourself to the American buck soon to be the Amero; your show on EWTN is not a continual interruption of logic that needs more than a few minutes to conceptualize in the mind to fully flower. Noble ideas and beliefs have consequences, and so does the diminution of them by such unnatural constructs as the three minute rude, overly loud commercial interspersed between five minute news spots.

Behold the three day spectacle of peaceful protesters, a small handful in comparison to those who could of and should have joined them if they had the sensus fidelium of an elderly priest who was carted away on a stretcher for saying the Rosary near a banner of Patroness of America, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Imagine a Catholic institution that calls on the police to round up Janet Reno's would-be "terrorists" armed with the Holy Rosary and haul them off to jail like so much unwanted trash. More like inconvenient truth that might mar the bigger spectacle of perfidy in all its vainglory and thereby prick the consciences of men who will to have dead souls. 

May 17, 2009 is a day that will live in infamy, like that of January 22, 1973. May is the Month of Our Lady, Notre Dame, and to have her holy name associated with such treason and blasphemy is an evil of great magnitude. The South Bend school should be stripped of all canonical stature in order to avoid further scandal and the loss of souls. They can drape the mantle of esteem and legitimacy on Baraccas, but they cannot clothe their shame! It is an abomination crying out to Heaven for redress, an Obamanation crying out for reparation!


Let's see now, if we have this correct, shall we? During the campaign we were told by the audacious, contemptuous elites in power that it was racist to ask questions of the future POTUS concerning his Muslim background. Ann Coulter, who dared to use his middle name of Hussein was excoriated as a xenophobe and worse. Most Americans, duty bound to the god of political correctness, forsaking the naturalness of common sense, obliged with the new regime's regimen of see no Islam, hear no Islam, know no Islam.

After the fraudulent election Barack Hussein Obama went abroad in an attempt to be all things to all, except to devout Christians, that is, proclaiming that America is not a Christian nation, meaning the majority of Americans have put aside their Christian morality in the body politic. Not much argument there, actually, if the Tea Party participants' complaints are any indication ---- their grievances were all economic and those related to personal liberty, not the dissolution of the soul of America itself, our decline into barbarity and general lawlessness ---- the anarchy of personal amorality apart from the natural and Divine law. Yet the majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians and in this sense they were offended by the insouciance of BHO's proclamation to those who do not necessarily care much about America. And then the bow before a Muslim king, whose country abets Jihadists!!!

Back home in the heartland, with the sting of betrayal still burning, the anointed, messianic one ["I will change the world"], comes peddling and backtracking on the Messiah, Jesus Christ, when his aides insist on the Crucifix being covered when he delivers an address at once Catholic Georgetown. More contempt, the same sort of self-assured disdain expressed in his memoir, regarding the Catholic nuns who taught him briefly back in the days. If only Americans could still read and grasp what it is they are reading, then maybe November, 2008 would not have sealed our date with doom.

We are no longer a Christian country he says, yet seeks out another Christian school to drape himself with legitimacy in eternal, paternal campaign mode, being all things to those who ought to know better, Notre Dame, now our shame.

Yesterday he is once again abroad aggrandizing his global sway. This time, he does not bow; last time he insisted it was not a bow, but that because he is tall and the king is shorter, it was necessary to stoop to shake his hand. Apparently the Muslim king of a country that persecutes Christians and women in general, has grown several inches in two months. And the tag line? Oh, would you just know it is that ---- America with 2/3 of the population Christian in identity and less than 2% Muslim, why we represent a Muslim country! Right! Perhaps this is why BHO nominated a Christ hating-Allah loving federal judge to the circuit court of appeals. Now, that B. Hussein has hijacked the presidency, it all comes out, oh how Muslim are his roots and it seems, his real identity. Muslims despise the Crucifix.

Hey, media spin meisters, you glory boys and gals of the News-favoring Barack Corporation, the All for Barack, Corporation, etc., is it okay now for Ann Coulter to say Barack Hussein Obama, and for the rest of us, too? After all, the almighty one has spoken, we are no longer Christian but Muslim ...


In a speech at Cairo University, B. Hussein Obama committed utter blasphemy, saying triumphantly that for hundreds of years, Islam has been the light of the world!

Jesus Christ is the Light of the World and there is no other name by which we may be saved!

I am looking for volunteers to say an extra Rosary a day in reparation, lest the wrath of Almighty God be increased upon us!