by Pauly Fongemie
January 19, 2017


As always our imperial, unduly rash, temperamental President strokes his unrestrained narcissism so as to simultaneously achieve two opposing policies. Of all his traits, the phrenetic paradox is paramount. One could say that he is a passive-aggressive progressive. To wit:

The Great Pretender exuded the appearance of good grace and hospitality when receiving the newly-elected President Trump, yet he and his wife refused the traditional joint family portrait, thus the passive-aggressive tactic that is so characteristic of him, especially when coupled with his declaration soon after that he would not be quietly leaving the scene as past Presidents have done, but would be taking up residence in Washington; he also called for active resistance so as to thwart President Trump in order to preserve his "legacy". Under the circumstances, to refer to this
paradox as magnanimity towards Trump is an understatement. Surely Trump must realize this despite his consistent statements indicating the contrary.

After the rout by Trump there was a mad scramble to come to terms with the Dems' defeat. First it was FOX News and Talk Radio's fault. Then it was the Russians, specifically Putin who is considered to prefer Trump to Hillary, much like Obama had his own favorite in Israel and it certainly was not Netanyahu.

For years, the Communist Chinese as well as the Russians have been hacking and leaking sensitive security data, but Obama played it down. His cohort in crimes against humanity [abortion support in over drive] mocked anyone who gave any hint that the election process was not secure. But then, that was when Hillary was considered a shoo-in against the likes of Trump. Like taking a rabbit out of a magician's hat, Russian interference had to be punished. Not so for the Chinese whose hacking has much more import for national security. The paradox is compounded by Obama's participation in a cabal to influence the Israeli election in the direction he and they hoped. Nothing like glaring, prodigious hypocrisy to shed light!

The paradox increased its intensity when the Great Pretender communicated the sentence of a supposed he-she ex-military person who leaked far greater secrets than John Podesta e-mails. Hmm?

The uproar is on interference with our election process. But then, is not this what the press, by and large, does day in, day out, by lying, deliberate distortion and other tactics to veil the truth we are entitled to as citizens and as men and women created in the likeness of God.

And it is truth above all that matters in this case. Yes, ordinarily we ought to be secure in our private correspondence and discourse. But no candidate and his supporters have any right to withhold the truth from the voters. No one is saying the Russians made up the contents of the leaks or altered them, unlike some of our press. And Wikileaks is denying the Russians were the source. Who knows, actually. But it is the truth that is at stake, the truth about what the candidates think about the American people. We were absolutely entitled to know that Hillary held deep contempt for devout Catholics, her plans to infiltrate the Church - talk about interference - why is this not wrong but the Russians are? We were absolutely entitled to know she has a strong dislike for ordinary Americans and on and on. Just as it is licit to break down someone's door to rescue a dying person, although we have to destroy property, because innocent human life trumps the material. So it is licit to reveal what the candidate was hiding in order to gain the election win. Her contempt is not part of her private life, which she rightly has, because it involves directly the rest of us, who may not be a part of her elite circle. The truth will out. Anyway, anyone so cavalier and with such hubris could write such things about us the voters on an unsecured server demonstrates not only her/his blackened character, but also their base stupidity - no such person merits the Presidency! Period!

Now that various federal agencies have been politicized beyond doubt, no one knows who to believe anymore. Some contradict others. What a mess! But the Great Pretender, the great Provocateur
of Paradox, wants us to pretend that we know it was the Russians and that Trump is not legitimately elected. Well, okay, then since the media lies like crazy by covering up for their pet candidates, interference on an epic scale, previous Presidents, such as Obama, by his own definition, was not legitimate either! Which is it?

Meanwhile, when are we going to be tired of electing so many officials who are not real grownups, but throw tamper tantrums to get their way???? Who needs Russian interference, we are our own worst enemy, here. We, too, are fond of playing, let's pretend, again and again and again. A people who no longer thinks of the natural law as binding, merits the mess it claims to be revolted by. Justice of a sort, too, will out.

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