Pornography Is Harmless Because Sexuality is Healthy and Many People Use It
by Pauly Fongemie
January 25, 2014
Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul

Part I

The recent news item about a Wisconsin school teacher who was fired after it was discovered he looked at pornography while in the classroom, and whose union sued the school, winning hundreds of thousands in back pay for him and classroom reinstatement afforded us more than one lesson. Although the school administration has given students the choice of opting out of the class for a study hall, the message that this union victory teaches is so appalling I shudder. How could any sane person think that a man who wills to be stimulated by such impure images in front of children is fit to teach, period?!! The story was a banner feature throughout the evening broadcasts of FOX News: the parental outrage and inexplicable behavior of the teachers' union. One guest commentator, supposedly a Christian, from the left, thought that the outcome was okay because she saw nothing wrong in the teacher's behavior. One would think that we had learned a thing or two from the experience of the Catholic Church - priests who saw nothing indecent about porn tended to practice the unmentionable with young men and boys. One does not have to be a behavioral psychologist to hear alarm bells going off. At least the very real possibility, even probability, that here we are refusing to deal with not only a pervert, but a menace in the classroom.

This was bad enough until one of the FOX hosts appeared as a commentator and legal expert on the O'Reilly Factor: she boldly claimed that porn was not a bad thing in of itself because "many people view it" or words to that effect, adding that sexuality was good, implying that porn is normal sexuality, etc. While she thought it was wrong for the teacher to look at porn in the classroom she was on the hustings to make sure the people are not judgmental about smut just as she is outraged to think that some people still believe that contraception is immoral [another program, but closely connected subjects]. Miss Megyn Kelly did not expand on what the purpose of the gift of human sexuality was for and in what context. Thus, the inference could be drawn that normal people can look at porn and be moral while remaining whole; that anyone who condemns the vice is to be condemned, a type of hypocrisy if you will. The fact that Miss Kelly, who otherwise appears to be a very fine young woman of considerable knowledge and talent does not recognize the insidious nature of all porn, its prurience and addictive nature, speaks volumes about the general mindlessness and ignorance of the public at large and the confusion about our sexual being as created by God. Now, I am certain that Miss Kelly strives to be a good wife and mother and that as best as she is able, she is succeeding; however she seems clueless and so much so that she does not know and she does not know that she does not know. She has plenty of company. We only have to look at all the conflicting opinions over the immutable nature of God-given sexual gender and general acceptance of certain types of operations, sometimes at public expense, to grasp how widespread this moral problem is, at its heart engendered by confusion, not always ill will. There was a time, not so long ago when there was recognition by most people that gender is not a project for transformation because of psychosis or identity crisis. But then these surgical procedures were not perfected, as if the possibility itself confers moral legitimacy and merits societal approval. A part of the natural law itself holds that we are not obligated to do everything that is humanly obtainable just because we can, but rather we ought to do what is right, that is morally permissible in recognition that human nature is not up for re-arranging, particularly in the purpose of sexuality and gender. Many years ago, when society was on the cusp of inversion, I coined the phrase, "gender-bender." Today it sounds almost flippant for the politically correct now dictates that society is obligated to go beyond mere recognition of making the abnormal normal, it must endorse it, or else those who refuse are deemed abnormal and indecent, to be shunned!

Man was created by God to spend eternity with Him. Since God is all holy, man has the obligation - which he must choose or reject through free will - to sanctify himself, to become as pure as possible, pure in thought, heart and body. Just as our bodies are what we eat, so our intellects become what we read or view in imagery. The intellect is one of the higher faculties of the soul and what we allow to influence and inform the intellect directly affects the soul and its condition before Almighty God. Impure foods pollute the body and impure words and images stain the soul as night follows day. This is so elementary that to fail to understand this relationship is sheer folly.

What is pornography [hereafter referred to as porn] and why is it so dangerous to the soul of the one who views it and to those he or she has relationships with?

As always, let us define our terms:

According to Webster's Third International Dictionary "pornography" comes from the Greek words, "porne,"meaning a harlot, prostitute, or whore, and "graphos," meaning a writing or depiction. Both words joined together mean a "A depiction or description of the activities of whores." Webster also defines this as "A depiction of licentiousness or lewdness," or "A portrayal of erotic behavior designed to cause sexual excitement."

Modern society generally categorizes porn into two types: "Soft" porn and "Hard" porn. The US Supreme Court has equated the latter with obscenity. There have been several incremental cases but the one most often cited is "California 354 US 476." Anything else may loosely be called "indecent" material, or "Soft" porn. Actually this is quite irrelevant as the one leads to the other and both destroy the soul and impact the human personality immensely.

What are the main harmful effects of Porn?

1. Harm to the Soul; 2. Harm to Personal Morality and Chastity; 3. Harm to Public Morality; 4. Harm to Marriage; 5. Harm of Violence Toward Women [Men]; 6. Harm of Degradation of Women [Ibid.]; 7. Harm to Children; 8. Harm of stimulations resulting in Rape; 9. Harm of Contracting AIDS and other Venereal Diseases in Peep Show Booths and Spreading the Same to the Public; 10. Harm to Performers in the production of porno films and videos; 11. Harm to Performers in Nude Dancing Establishments; 12. Harm to innocent persons criminally assaulted and murdered by those stimulated by porn, including Serial Murderers; and 13. Harm to those innocents who are forced to look at indecency and obscenity in public, everyday life as they conduct their necessary life activities.

This last is pertinent like never before because porn or smut is everywhere, without any semblance of the knowledge of shame as occurred to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Church has always taught that even the gaze at another who is partially unclad without the desire for arousal of venereal gratification, is still a venial sin. Imagine how many mortal sins objectively speaking are committed today because of the rampant indecency of ordinary folks in public. It is too much to contemplate! Simply entering the line at a supermarket cash out is an escapade that one dreads for all the impure images that assault one.

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