Warning: Politically Incorrect Material

by Pauly Fongemie
January 19, 2015

In Perugia, Italy, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas, a man was kneeling in prayer before the beloved statue of Our Lady, dressed in blue and white, when five Muslim immigrants attacked him, ripping a small photo of a loved one he was holding from his hand. This was apparently not enough for members of the Islamic clan that so deplore any affront to their own revered images as we have witnessed elsewhere. They were hell-bent on smashing the statue in noticeable rage. Still yet, they were not done with venting their fury. They then urinated on Our Lady's image now in pieces. By the time the police came the Islamics had fled. Not only were they not willing to declare their act as a victory for Islam which brutalizes the innocent in the non-Moslem world, in particular Catholics, by staying to challenge the police and accept their punishment as "martyrs", but they reveal themselves to be the complete and utter hypocrites that they most certainly are. They use their adopted countries' freedoms to do the very harm they insist others cannot do against their sacred images. According to Sharia law, if the Islamics gain the majority, we all know those very freedoms, often abused, unfortunately, would disappear over night. Part of the problem is the timidity of the West and its leaders, including at least one Roman Pontiff. A dog can sense fear and lunges all the more boldly and viciously at his victim.

There are five sins associated with the Fatima prophecy that especially offend God, one of which is the act of degradation and dishonor to Our Lady's images, which are sacred. Those of you who are familiar with this website know that we offer many reparational pages for blasphemy and sacrilege and offenses against holy Catholic images.

In a sense we can say that this little article is more than reparation for the barbaric crime committed in Perugia, for Islam itself, is the "great and enduring heresy" according to Hillaire Belloc. It did not begin as a "new religion" as such, but as a heresy; it was not a pagan or alien influx but a perversion of Catholicism; rather than deny all of the Christian Faith, it adapted portions of it and then used those in an abusive and destructive manner. It also differed from other heresies because it did not originate with a lapsed or misguided Catholic but began with a man named Mohammed, a pagan. One of its central tenets is the denial of Christ as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity and most especially in its hatred of the Mass and the Holy Eucharist, even worse than the Protestants of the 16th century. Now we can add hatred of Our Lady to this growing list of barbaric crimes done in the name of Allah, so ironic because it is Our Lady of Fatima who came to that locale of Portugal, once overrun by the Moslems, then regained for Catholicism, named for the revered daughter of Mohammed, Fatima. There are Moslem women who pray to Our Lady of Fatima or have some devotion to her. They are a tiny number but the smallest prayer is powerful if said sincerely and according to the inner disposition of the soul of the person. Mary has a special love for the Moslem people who persecute her children as everyone belongs to her as she is the Mother of all men, willed to her at the foot of the Cross. Her appearances at Fatima are simply not coincidence!

What gave Islam its vitality, beyond the power of the sword, was its simplicity, although in later centuries Sharia law would greatly complicate matters as we now know, and thus the reliance on the sword and other atrocities that instill fear, raw terror.

I will cite a brief passage from Belloc's work, THE GREAT HERESIES:

"Now when Islam came with its first furious victorious cavalry charges springing from the desert, it powerfully reinforced [this tendency] of Asia to reassert itself. The uniformity of temper which is the mark of Asiatic society, responded at once to this new idea of one very simple, personal form of government, sanctified by religion, and ruling with a power theoretically absolute from one centre. The Caliphate once established at Bagdad, Bagdad became just what Babylon had been; the central capital of one vast society, giving its tone to all the lands from the Indian borders to Egypt and beyond." [pp. 61-62.]

It also had great wealth, another source of power. In the early days Islam held its intolerance in check until it gained a majority in the regions it conquered, freeing slaves, only to enslave whole nations centuries later.

The old Islam is no more, for it is blood-thirsty and totally intemperate. Even westernized Muslims appear to have few objections to Islamic jihad. Perhaps because they, too, are afraid, but more likely they recognize they are as yet not the majority so wait for the world wide caliphate reign, not wanting to reveal their hand, although a minority of present day Muslims actually abhor the present means of establishing that reign. But like their western counterparts they will come to adjust to hypocrisy and contradiction. It is all madness now.

Islam is a great heresy, an ugly one and every day that it is a scourge in any land Catholics are bound to make reparation. We do not retaliate in kind except in immediate and proportionate self-defense, but instead we pray for the Islamic jihadists who rape and butcher Christians as a regular occurrence. We pray for the conversion of all non-Catholics, which include Moslems.

To speak this truth is charitable, for it does not patronize, rather recognizes the inner dignity of each person created by God in His likeness and image. Political correctness despoils that dignity because it is really telling others that we think they are too inferior to recognize the truth, to savor it, and take it to their bosom. When truth is denied, charity, not only justice is denied.

We forgive individuals, but unlike our wayward Pontiff, we do not, I repeat, we do not "absolve Islam" itself. We cannot. It is a grave affront to Jesus Christ, His Social Reign as King, and when attacks as described above are instigated, a grave affront to Our Lady in her sacred images. She is the Mother of God from whom He took His Sacred Humanity.

Blasphemy should never be a right since there is no right to offend God and that which pertains to Him, period! There is, by definition and necessity of Truth, only one blasphemy possible, that against the only God Who Is,Will Ever Be, Has Ever Been. Allah is a false god, no matter how many Moslems believe otherwise. There is no god Allah, he is a fiction conceived in the twisted mind of Mohammed. There, I said it. This is not polictically correct, thanks be to God!

While the comics of Mohammed et al, are hurtful to Moslems, they do not constitute blasphemy! However, it is bad form to insult others who may be sincere. Pray for them, convert them if it is possible, but there is no need to be cruel. I have no fear of reprisal, but I would not ever demean an image held sacred by another, just as I would not want to mock a picture of someone's mother, even if I strongly disagreed with that person. It is simply uncharitable. But I also refuse to recognize Islam as such. Because it is not true. Because it rails against Almighty God. I do not judge individual adherents who may be sincere and truly naturally good in their own way. I judge the system of belief.

Someone has to be forthright about the truth and not dabble in fables, which have so captured the minds and hearts of millions of moderns who pride themselves on their so-called tolerance.

All praise and thanksgiving to Our God, the only God, the undivided Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

Holy is the Son, Jesus, and His Social Reign!

And praise Almighty God for Mary most pure, Mary inviolate, Co-Redemptress and help of Christians and hope of all sinners who turn to her.

NOTE: The "crescent" is under her heel in the banner image:

Pray the Rosary daily, through it The Battle of Lepanto which saw the rout of the Turks, which should have been lost in human terms, was won against all odds!

One day Islam will be defeated through the Virgin Mary; her statues will no longer be crushed for She herself will crush all heresies from the face of the earth, especially the heresy of Islam!