Join the Resistance!

by Pauly Fongemie
July 11, 2015

Saturday of Our Lady

It was predictable. Not content with the deviant perverting the vows of the Sacrament of Marriage, the latter day totalitarians are on the move with a vengeance. Nihilism cannot effectively endure without first making war on words and their indispensable meaning. Words mean something intrinsic as well as extrinsic. The nihilists of the left shrewdly know this. Marriage consists of both a husband and a wife.

The pretenders of marriage and its sanctity cannot stop with fraudulent weddings, they have to counterfeit every aspect of this Sacrament. Ergo, the precision of who and what constitutes a marriage has to be altered by word play. The falsifiers of language and the purveyors of manipulation through political correctness on steroids are now petitioning the government to remove "husband" and "wife" from all marriage contracts, etc. Once again, to wrest normalcy from our very memory, to rend it asunder, for the sake of the abnormal and the shameless, shameful pretenders of righteousness that putrefy everything within their marauding sway.

"Spouse" refers to either a husband or wife, in general terms. That's fine, actually, just as one refers to sons and daughters as children - generically. But would you not resist any effort to demand you not list your son or your daughter, specifically, in a will. I mean, who is going to call his adult son, his child? Come on!

When I look lovingly into my husband's eyes, I do not murmur, "My spouse, I love you." It is "My beloved husband." We as a couple are not generics, but specific persons ordered in and through grace as ordained by Almighty God, in roles that are not interchangeable! He cannot be as a wife, nor can I be as a husband, no matter what officials twist and spin and sputter. I know what is and what isn't!

I think and hope that you do, too.

What next, must the terms "male" and "female" go also, for the sake of those surgical eunuchs who have further polluted their bodies, created by God in His image? The god of depravity is never sated, never!

Resist, my dear people, resist. Join the resistance with all your heart, strength and mind. Don't let these spiritually diseased effetes change how you think and refer to those most dear to you, your husband, your wife, your sons and daughters.

Never let them make you say spouse, when you know that you are not married generically, but specifically to your husband or wife. Period! Keep repeating it as often as you can. Never give in.

Because if you let them make you surrender such common sense, nothing else will ever make sense again, but by then you will probably no longer care, and then you are but just a replacable cog in the wheel of anarchical thought disturbance. You will eventually lose your soul. The intellect is one of its higher faculties.

Resist with all your might.

What are they going to do, fine us all, put us in jail?

Time for some serious civil disobedience. When the natural law is spat upon, our duty is to resist. The word wars are another means of savaging the natural law. This is Word War IV: first it was the debasement of the little baby in the womb as a "blob of tissue" then to other indeterminate terms and how many have bought into it, including Catholics who should have known better? Then it was sodomite to "gay", and see how many of us use this political term to please the left which serves its agenda, not the will of the Blessed Trinity? Then it was all these fabricated "isms" to make criminals out of normal, God-fearing, decent people
; I wonder how many vote on this basis out of misplaced, irrational fear of hobgoblins who are the only ones who benefit? Now it is the war against marriage and everything it stands for and was instituted for by God.

Remember when they told us, while lying through their Gucci pants, that "marriage equality" would not change anything about our own relationships within marriage? It was never about equality but about destroying normalcy in order to put them above it - to make us as perverse as they are; to accomplish this they need us to reconsider reality itself - by war on words themselves!

Oh yes! And this is but the beginning, believe me; the killer sharks smell blood in the water!

Join the resistance, today, without delay!