Filed by Pauly Fongemie, June 1, 2012

It's Still the Same Baby Being Slaughtered!
The Absurdity of the Female v. Male Baby Debate

A pro-life group that conducts undercover investigations of the activities of Planned Parenthood garnered another coup this past week, wherein an employee of the murderous outfit assisted one of the pro-lifers posing as a pregnant woman how to plan to abort her baby if an ultrasound revealed it was a girl. Of course this set off the usual eruptions of moral outage from those purporting to be for life and the usual hypocrisy from the partisans of the left who recently claimed the "right" was making war on women because some of us do not want to pay for contraception against our conscience.

The usual pox on both of their houses. Is it just me, or are you also fed up with all this late-term abortion debate, its cruelty, compounded when abortion is used for sex selection ala China? Repeatedly we heard how horrible this was - and it certainly is - without considering that it is just as wretched and inhumane to abort any child who might be male, whatever the ostensible reason provided. I mean to say, in the end it is the same baby, no matter the reason, the same baby who will be killed without a fighting chance. Is it any less cruel to hire a contract killer to slay the baby in utero because it is thought to have an incurable condition, such as Down's Syndrome, whatever the gender is? Is it any less unjust to abort a baby because the woman prefers not to be inconvenienced for nine months whereby the baby could be adopted? And so forth. I mean, think about this, folks. By concentrating on the injustice of choosing to kill based on sex, we implicitly legitimatize the other rationales, at least as if they were less loathsome. Now, having posited this, in no way do I intend to let PP off the hook and their cohorts in the media and in politics. Truly they are hypocrites because they complained about a supposed [verily a false assertion] "war on women", then when an actual one emerged, they can't swallow their lying juices fast enough to clear their tongues to defend sex selection as a minor issue since "it is a seldom found occurrence" [with no such documentation for proof].

When all is said and done, It's Still the Same Baby Being Slaughtered!

If it is morally reprehensible to kill a baby girl because she is not a boy, why is not just as heinous and indefensible to kill any innocent baby for any reason whatsoever? Prevented from using sex selection the determined woman and her doctor will find some other way around their momentary conundrum. If the leftists had not entertained a "war on women" duplicity for political gain, then they would have logic on their side. That is, since they think abortion is a morally acceptable thing and that it should be the choice of the woman, and the baby merits no legal rights, then by their reckoning it does not matter if the reason is sex selection just as abortion is a form of contraception. They lost the logical high ground through their lying stupidity! But they are not the only benighted ones:

It Will Still be the Same Baby Being Slaughtered!

Truly we have lost the grace of God when our national debate has been reduced to this, precisely what we deserve for allowing mass genocide to continue for over a generation with no end in sight. The blind leading the blind nowhere good fast.

A corollary of all this madness is that the same pundits feigning outrage over sex selection abortions are by and large the same ones who favor contraception. They do not seem to perceive the connection and the ugly undeniable fact that we did not let loose the miseries of life from a mere Pandora's box of "privacy rights", but Hell itself on earth. This world as we have made it is the dominion of the devil and we have bowed down to him rather lift society up by serving God, acknowledging His just Kingship over us. One misstep - thinking we could survive contraception in our midst as a "right" - leads inexorably to the next, abortion on demand, rather than reduce the need for it. Evil has its own logic and trajectory. There is no such thing as a safe compromise or the choice of a lesser evil. We may fool ourselves, we cannot fool human nature even human nature decomposing from our licensed debauchery. And we chose the first sin because we had already abandoned our natural, inherent, righteous dependency and upholding of the natural law as the first law of all law. We rae unmoored from right reason itself!

If it is morally reprehensible to kill a baby girl because she is not a boy, why is not just as heinous and indefensible to kill any innocent baby for any reason whatsoever? Why cannot we see this? Because of the above pride and audacity.

It Will Still Be the Same Baby Being Slaughtered!