Grotesque art with religious themes is growing exponentially. Our age no longer honors self-imposed limitations on creativity; the rush to push everything to the extreme edge is now expected and accepted in too many quarters, as if dignity itself was a detriment to artistic representation. Perhaps the sine non qua example is that to be found in many a Novus Ordo parish's Breaking Bread combination "hymnal" and Mass prayers. The current 2013 edition is prima facie case #1. Copyright law permits under fair use practice the publication of copyright images if the image is no larger than a postage stamp. Since there are two sizes of stamps, we are using the larger of the two to allow you to view the hideous distortion of Our Lady's image with blue and red face: CLICK HERE.

There are five sins against the Mother of God that seriously offend God.

The Fifth Sin: Those Who Insult the Virgin Mary Directly in her Sacred Images 

"If the fourth stage of attack would abolish the future, the on-going performance of Our Blessed Mother's Sacred Office, the fifth sin would deprive her of that office today. She does have those loyal, devoted children who daily become her fit instruments, conscious and willing agents, entirely at her bidding. These, then, are the real targets, the ones he must destroy, using every weapon in his arsenal and any strategy which succeeds. They are the "seed" [of the woman] whose enmity Satan cannot tolerate or withstand, the "heel" [the lowest part of a body] by whom this Cursed One is to be forever humbled and trod upon: . . . and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel. [Gen 3: 15] 

Eliminate these special devotees, remove them as her agents dispossess the Holy Ghost of this means of sanctifying souls, and you ensure a monumental victory for Lucifer. It will certainly happen if the fifth sin is permitted to continue unbridled. Openly destroying and desecrating holy images of Mary is Satan's old trick, a positive sign of his weakness concerning these faithful offspring of hers. When all else fails, he resorts to tactics of shock, fear, and intimidation, indirect attacks, proving his inability to make a successful frontal assault against them. Wise in his evil ways, he knows that he cannot besiege them directly, for they are specially protected by the Immaculate Heart and remain beyond his power to win them over to his camp. Not able to tempt or dissuade them from their loyal service to their Mother, he must, at the minimum, cause them to reduce their activity in her behalf and then, much later, further induce them to abandon the battle altogether. He would cow them, jolt them into a state of near-paralysis, and sow the seeds of doubt in their hearts. The lives of the great Saints reveal this strategy on his part. How often he has used blasphemies, loud cursing, hideous visions, false apparitions, physical violence, and other similar deceitful methods to weaken these "strong ones," Mary's true channels of grace! The fifth sin is meant to dislodge these stubborn and valiant workers of hers." - Extract from fatima2b.htm

The artist who painted this ugly portrait, if it can ever be justly called one, is now dead; he executed it when the "Liturgical Movement" in the USA was in its infancy; already then he exhibits a loss of faith or devotion to Our Lady, objectively-speaking. We will not give his name in the hope that he was innocent and did not know what it was that he was doing, offending Our Lord and His Holy Mother. The Traditional Latin Mass could never inspire such art; only someone who longed for a truncated, Protestantized Mass could possibly envision Our Lady this way, which is what the "Liturgical Movement" has led to, its culmination being the Novus Ordo Missae of Pope Paul VI, of which that Pontiff admitted it was a novelty, something that can never be said of a Mass worthy of the name and the sublime dignity of the Immemorial Mass of all ages..

Whether he knowingly painted this image to be grotesque or not, reparation for such an image is required. With this in mind we publish a prayer from the Raccolta:

No. 337

Virgin most holy, Mother of the Word Incarnate, Treasurer of graces, and Refuge of us poor sinners; we fly to thy motherly affection
with lively faith, and we beg of thee the grace ever to do the will of God. Into thy most holy hands we commit the keeping of our hearts,
asking thee for health of soul and body, in the certain hope that thou, our most loving Mother, wilt hear our prayer.

Wherefore with lively faith we say:
Hail Mary three times.