by Pauly Fongemie
October 20, 2014
Feast of St. Paul of the Cross, Passionist Priest

In the sixteenth century a reformation was needed. Now there were two reforms possible: one was to reform faith, the other was to reform discipline. The faith was solid; it was the Faith of Christ. The discipline, however, was weak, for it was the discipline of worldliness. The reformers, who sometimes reform the wrong thing, reformed faith instead of discipline, and brought revealed religion to the present state of  "confusion worse confounded."

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, OLD ERRORS AND NEW LABELS, p. 82

Religion is actually not a crutch; it is a cross. It is not an escape, it is a burden; not a flight, but a response. We speak here of a religion with teeth in it, the wind that demands self-sacrifice and surrender. One leans on a crutch, but a cross rests on us. A coward can use a crutch, but it takes a hero to embrace a cross.

 Archbishop Fulton Sheen, THOUGHTS FOR DAILY LIVING, p. 119

The big squirm is on. The Family on the Synod, which has just closed, leaves the world and the faithful in a heap of confusion. According to The Voice of the Family web site []:

"Paragraphs containing controversial ideas on sexual morality remain in the published document, even though these paragraphs did not receive the required two-thirds majority of Synod members. The Vatican’s spokesmen made clear that these paragraphs remain subject to discussion at next year’s Ordinary Synod. Although the final report contains some significant improvements on the original draft, the voting numbers reveal that most Synod Fathers remain open to proposals contrary to Catholic teaching, such as Holy Communion for Catholics in invalid ‘second’ marriages." [Emphasis in bold added.]

The proverbial can of worms has been permanently opened, if human nature has anything to say about it!

If you are old enough to recall the pressure that was applied to the Commission that Pope Paul VI formed to study the "pill" and or contraception, the media was all abuzz about the possibility that the Church would alter her irreformable, unchanging moral doctrine, at least where this aspect of the natural law, that is. When the Commission did not conform to public expectations, both within and without the Church, the people and their lack-luster, sheepish shepherds took matters into their own hands and simply discarded any precepts hitherto heeded. After all, if it were even possible to hold an inquiry or a discussion on contraception, specifically the "birth control pill", then logically in the minds of those so easily swayed by public opinion and their own selfish needs, this must mean that morality can change, or why else bother with the Commission in the first place. And the rest is history as we all know. Although no bishop has ever said that contraception is morally acceptable now, the vast majority of the Catholic couples who are of child-bearing age, use some form of contraception while continuing to receive Communion, objectively-speaking a sacrilege! Meanwhile those who are divorced and "remarried" and who continue to attend Mass know they are not to receive, a double dealing thicket of hypocrisy, as not all grave sinners are equal before the law of the Church, which must not contradict doctrine.

Having been inoculated against Tradition and its unassailable, impeccable reasoning, mostly through two generations of the very Protestantized "New Mass" THE PEOPLE HAVE LEARNED TO ADJUST TO CONTRADICTION AS NORMAL.

Once the can of worms is upturned it becomes like Pandora's box, unmanageable, in strictly human terms. Apparently the Church hierarchy no longer felt the hot breath of the devil upon its neck, for they rashly discarded the Leonine prayer after every Low Mass, asking for St. Michael's assistance against the machinations of Lucifer. The prayers to Our Lady, Mother of the Church and Mediatrix of all Graces were banished as well, just to ensure that no trace of traditional piety remain, lest we "offend our Protestant neighbors."

That was then, which has become the permanent now. Fast forward to any time before the next session of the Synod. What do you think is going be the pragmatic reality? Divorced and "remarried" couples, will begin to defy objective norms directly related to grave habitual sin, and join their counterparts in sacrilege.  The Synod leaders distinctly left the impression that there is a possibility for approval at some point, or why else continue the discussion, if not otherwise? Thus, the people will take matters in their own hands anew. The Catholic faith "without the cross, without the teeth in it, the wind that demands -self-sacrifice."

The "reformers" of the present age, who always seek to reform the wrong thing, have once more brought revealed religion to the present state of  "confusion worse confounded."

The big squirm is on ... the more the Synod leaders attempt to explain, the more uncomfortable they sound, like the measly worms of "enchantment" they effect. Worms are wont to wiggle and writhe back and forth upon themselves. Anyone who has used them for bait upon a hook when fishing knows what we mean.

In the case of the unholy Synod, worms who have hooked themselves, while the fish will jump right out of the water into the frying pan of Hell!

Confusion? and then some!