As I have been predicting, those who oppose the "rights" of those afflicted with the attraction for sodomy, will be prosecuted and persecuted. Before this can be the official, publicly approved intimidation and suppression, trial balloons will be necessary [no pun intended]. This is the usual progression of evil on the march, the installment plan, whereby the people are slowly conditioned to accepting the abnormal as the norm, perversity for a type of virtue. Once a "balloon" is legitimatized as policy, the practice spreads in like-cultured countries and or within various states of the same nation.

Abroad the advance of sodomy is strongest in what was once Catholic Spain, now declared to be "a secular country." And, of course, having rejected the rights of Almighty God in the affairs of men, the attack will be fiercest on the Catholic Church and or its faithful members. has just informed us "A Spanish prosecutor has agreed to investigate Cardinal-elect Fernando Sebastian Aguilar after a national homosexualist group launched a legal action against him last month, accusing him of hate speech for calling homosexuality a 'defective way of expressing sexuality.'

"Aguilar, recently named as a cardinal-elect by Pope Francis, told the Spanish newspaper Diario Sur January 20 that sex 'has a structure and a purpose, which is procreation.'

“ 'A homosexual who can’t achieve procreation is failing,' he said. 'Our bodies have many defects. I have high blood pressure, a defect I have to try and correct in whatever way I can.'

"Members of Colegas, the homosexual group behind the complaint, say that the Cardinal-elect’s words 'clearly incit[e] hate and discrimination,' a crime that they say violates constitutional guarantees.

" 'Spain is a modern country and a secular one, and these types of declarations from the church have to be punished because [members of the church] are the least qualified to talk about sexual deficiencies, above all because they have hidden cases of child abuse and paedophilia,' Colegas president Antonio Ferre said after filing the complaint.

"Public prosecutor Juan Carlos Lopez has begun a preliminary inquiry 'to clarify whether the allegations constitute a criminal offence,'reported AFP.

"According to Colegas, this is the first time such an investigation has been opened.

"The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the official compendium of Catholic doctrine, states that while the 'psychological genesis' of homosexuality 'remains largely unexplained,' nevertheless, homosexual acts are 'acts of grave depravity.'

“ 'Tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved,' the Catechism states."

Precisely. The mere statement that some acts are against the natural law and therefore a serious sin is now held to be hate speech. The Truth is banned because those who are offended by it have more power than those who uphold Truth, which is immutable. Now, it is not certain how far this "investigation" will go or its outcome, but the threat that one's beliefs, not just one's actions can be prosecuted as a crime, is demoralizing, a harassment whereby those with less fortitude can be made to permit themselves to comply with coercion and into apostasy, itself. The fact that so few of us here and perhaps there can see the handwriting on the wall is also frightening. The implication is that the snowball effect will gather bulk quicker than matters use to in the recent past. There is almost no time for the good to rally against such invidious evil.

It used to be in Western countries, subject to the aegis of the natural law that a crime or prosecutable offense has to be on the books before it can be held against a citizen. Hate crime as a category is a nebulous thicket of thorns because so much depends on who is interpreting the law and why - the motives of those who presume to be able to ascribe motives to others they oppose. There is the odoriferous air about that ex post facto laws are in operation, a sort of double jeopardy without two actual trials. How does one defend oneself against a "negative" as they say?

In other words, this amounts to persecution, not only prosecution. Imagine the temerity to investigate a faithful Bishop for continuing to teach what the Church has always and will always teach about human virtue! There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that he advocates harm to those with the affliction or disorder of homosexuality, but is trying to assist those who want to attain salvation; they must first receive and respond to the grace of salvific truth. In fact, if he is a good prelate, he will instruct on the moral law, while practicing mercy, compassion, and the encouragement to remain in the state of grace through the Sacraments, condemning the sin but not individuals enslaved to it. Certainly the secular society seems to have abandoned all solicitude for the care and life to the soul, while subjecting itself to the demands of the physical, baser appetites and passions, the opposite of the practice of virtue. It is the virtuous habits, instilled in a populace overall, that is the ultimate strength and vitality of a country. What is Spain thinking of - other than immediate gratification, and to Hell with the nation? To Hell, literally.

Let us resolve here and now to begin to pray for Bishop Sebastian Aguilar and for the Pontiff. Pressure to retract and "moderate views" along with abject apologies, of which the world has been forced to witness far too much lately, the kind of pathetic apologies that are enervating and disquieting to say the least, will surely be exacted from those who will renounce natural law principles, and in such manner that the big squeeze will be on - a false choice between two so-called "goods" rather than good versus evil.

On the home front word comes that recent polls reveal a decline in the numbers of Catholics who believe abortion to be wrong, down to almost 60%. I don't know how accurate these polls are or the aim behind those who conduct them, but they can't be that inaccurate since almost 54% of supposed Catholics support "gay marriage" or "unions".

In union with "unions" and the like, the Department of Injustice under its brazen commissar, Eric Holder, has issued his latest decree, prohibiting states who do not approve of these "unions" and "marriages" to not enforce their duly enacted laws in order to comply with his edict that sodomites who claim to have equal rights with those who are married in accord with the natural law, be granted the same legal protections regardless of any state law.

The violation of states' rights is par for the course with this runaway regime, bent on imposing by executive branch "orders" that which cannot be obtained by legislative and sometimes judicial means. It is their way or else. We have a serious problem because there are so few good men to challenge this imperial, illegitimate "or else" threat at present. What do they have to fear? Imprisonment, forceful removal from office? Not likely, at least not in America, even in its stupor and socio-political malaise. As I have so many times indicated, this is a chastisement from God, the withdrawal of His grace as punishment for our initial cowardice in defending His Supreme rights over men.

A corollary to this defect in national character and virtue is the growing notion that truth is the personal property of each person, regardless of what is really true and belongs to Truth proper. We often hear today, the phrase from individuals with high positions of prominence, "My truth is ...." usually followed by "Your truth is ....", meaning truth is different for each one of us and this fallacy is no longer seen for the logical error it is in all too many places of established influence. Let us think of this for a moment: "My truth" and not, "The truth is ....". Where are the persons who have not lost all use of reason to rise up and object?!!!

The revolution continues unabated, picking up speed and Western societies are competing with one another to see who can self-destruct first and in the most vulgar dimension ....

Coming soon to a locale near you, open persecution of all faithful Christians. First, social condemnation, then onerous fines, then imprisonment? If you remain untouched, you ought to re-examine your conscience and your actions and or lack of them, for surely you will be part of the problem and a hindrance to your own salvation.

Faithful Christians in the West, not only in the Islamic East, have two crowns to choose, the Crown of Thorns, the glory of Martyrdom, or the dishonorable Crown of Despair and the domain of the Devil himself.

I know how I choose, and gladly, rejoicing that this great privilege of grace will not be withheld, let us pray that I and those who join me will not be wanting ....



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